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Unleash Your Potential with Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood

Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood: The Future of Fairway Woods

There’s something special about hitting a ball flush with the sweet spot of a golf club. For most golfers, that sensation is as good as it gets, and fairway woods are no exception.

They’re a tricky club to master, but when you do, the results can be extraordinary. That’s where the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood comes in – a game-changer for amateurs and pros alike.

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at its features and technology, reviewing the ratings received, and discussing its pros and cons, stock info, performance, look, sound, and feel.

Features and Technology

The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is equipped with Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology that enhances ball speed and distance. This tech separates the head into two separate pieces, which are then connected by a stiff carbon fiber bar positioned behind the face.

It, in turn, generates a lot of energy that is then transferred to the ball at impact. The

Tungsten Speed Cartridge is a weight insert that enhances the club’s balance and maintains its stability at impact.

It helps in producing a lower spin and high launch, resulting in increased distances. The A.I. Optimized Face produces an excellent sweet spot that offers greater distances and spin control.

Engineers use a supercomputer to simulate the impact between the ball and the clubface. And with data available on billions of combinations, the design becomes more advanced with each passing day.


C300 Face Cup produces even more ball speed across the face. With the combination of Jailbreak, A.I. optimized face, tungsten speed cartridge, and C300 face cup, you get one of the most technologically advanced clubs on the market.

Reviews and Ratings

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood has received a Gold Medal from the Golf Digest Hot List. In addition, customers have rated it 5/5 and recommended it to other golfers.

Pros and Cons

One of the standout features of this fairway wood is its workability. The clubface is designed to hit both higher and lower shots, allowing golfers to adjust the trajectory of the ball as they see fit.

It’s also quite forgiving; mis-hits tend to lose very little distance compared to other fairway woods. The spin produced is optimal for golfers seeking more control over shot shape.

However, the cost is an issue for some. The Rogue ST LS is at the upper end of fairway wood pricing when compared to other brands.

Additionally, some golfers may require a more substantial clubhead to feel confident in their swings.

Stock Info

The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood comes in three loft options: 13.5 degrees, 15 degrees, and 18 degrees. The shaft options are Project X EvenFlow and HZRDUS Yellow.

In addition, the grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet.



The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood produces an optimal spin rate and ball speed, leading to increased distances. The Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology increases ball speed by 2 mph, while the A.I. Optimized Face produces even more distance.


The clubhead’s neutral bias is a notable feature that makes the Rogue ST LS Forgiving, and mis-hits don’t lose much distance. Playability/Trajectory

The club’s removable weight in the sole allows golfers to adjust the weight distribution on the club to change the launch angle and spin.

The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood’s turf interaction is excellent due to its tungsten speed cartridge.


The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood has a traditional pear shape with some added modern aesthetics like gold accents.

Sound and Feel

At impact, golfers will hear a tight smack that delivers a feeling of solidness and explosiveness.


The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is a technologically advanced club that delivers optimal ball speed, forgiveness, and distance. It is a perfect option for golfers seeking precision and better performance on the course.

The club is not cheap, but for golfers that can afford it, it will change their game for the better. Introducing the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood:

Features and Technology for Optimal Performance

When it comes to fairway woods, Callaway has a reputation for producing exceptional clubs.

Their latest offering, the Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood, builds upon its predecessors’ success with new features and technology that deliver higher ball speeds, greater distance, and improved accuracy. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at these features and technologies, including Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology,

Tungsten Speed Cartridge, A.I. Optimized Face, and

C300 Face Cup.

We’ll also examine the club’s stock info, including loft, shaft, and grip. Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood features Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology.

This consists of two vertical bars located directly behind the clubface that connect the crown and the sole. The result is increased stiffness in the clubhead, which increases the stability and flexibility of the face.

The Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology also maximizes ball speed by directing more energy to the ball upon impact. By stiffening the structure of the clubhead, this technology reduces energy loss to produce more ball speed and longer distances.

Tungsten Speed Cartridge

The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood also incorporates a

Tungsten Speed Cartridge, which is positioned low and deep in the head to increase the club’s center of gravity. This cartridge is made up of high-density tungsten to provide maximum spin consistency and ball speed.

The cartridge increases the clubhead’s weight, which in turn leads to better control and higher spin rates. A.I. Optimized Face

The A.I. Optimized Face is yet another technological innovation incorporated into the Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood.

The clubface is designed through artificial intelligence, which simulator studies data on trillions of potential designs to determine the optimal structure and architecture of the clubface. The result is a clubface with higher ball speed, better launch angle and more consistent spin rates.

The A.I. Optimized Face also features a unique design that helps preserve ball speed on off-center hits, thus maximizing the overall distances produced.

C300 Face Cup

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood also has a

C300 Face Cup made from high-strength maraging steel, which wraps around the face of the club. The

C300 Face Cup provides the necessary power, stability, and distance needed to improve ball speed and spin consistency.

This allows golfers to hit shots with more confidence, knowing that the club will generate more of the energy needed to produce powerful, accurate shots.

Stock Info

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is available in four loft options: 3+W (13.5), 3W (15), 3 HL (16.5), and 5W (18). Golfers looking to optimize distance and forgiveness can select between two different shaft options: Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue (65/75) and the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV White (75/85).

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip, which provides superior feel and comfort.


The loft options that come with the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood are ideal for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their fairway wood game. The loft of the 3+W is set at 13.5, which is perfect for golfers who are seeking lower launch angles and need more distance off the tee or the fairway.

The 3W (15) loft is best suited for golfers who need versatility in their fairway wood and want to be able to hit the ball off the tee or the fairway. The 3 HL (16.5) is a more precision-oriented option, designed for higher ball flights and greater spin control.

Lastly, the 5W (18) loft is built for golfers who want the highest level of forgiveness and maximum launch off the tee and fairway.


The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood comes with two different shaft options: the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue and the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV White. The TENSEI AV Blue is an excellent option for golfers seeking a medium launch with balanced control and accuracy.

The TENSEI AV White is designed for players who have a faster swing speed and need a more stable and powerful club that produces a low launch and less spin.


The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip provides excellent texture and grip to golfers. The 360-degree design ensures that the golfer’s hands stay in their proper position throughout the swing.

The Tour Velvet 360 is a lightweight grip that is comfortable to use, even during long rounds of golf. In conclusion, the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is an exceptional club that has been engineered with the latest technology for optimal performance.

The club’s features, including the Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology,

Tungsten Speed Cartridge, A.I. Optimized Face, and

C300 Face Cup, result in a club that delivers greater distances, more forgiveness, and a more consistent ball flight. Golfers can select from different loft and shaft options, knowing the club is designed for golfers of all skill levels.

All of these qualities combine to provide an outstanding fairway wood that will be an invaluable addition to any golfer’s bag. Optimizing Performance: Discerning

Look and Unmatched Performance of Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood

The Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood offers golfers of all skill levels optimal spin rates, forgiveness, and adjustability features, resulting in an exceptional gameplay experience.

This article explores the club’s performance, including its capability to maximize distance, forgiveness, and playability features. We will then dive into its traditional pear-shaped design, along with gold accents, and how it optimally complements its unmatched performance.


When it comes to distance, the Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood puts golfers in the driver’s seat. The club’s spin rate coupled with a golfer’s swing speed has a direct impact on how far the ball travels.

The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood utilizes innovative features like the Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology,

Tungsten Speed Cartridge, A.I. Optimized Face and

C300 Face Cup to help overcome learning curves. The jailbreak technology allows for greater stiffness, stability, and flexibility in the clubhead, increasing ball velocity upon impact.


Tungsten Speed Cartridge lowers the center of gravity, promoting higher ball launch and optimum spin control.


Golf is a sport that demands accuracy. The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood meets this demand with exceptional forgiveness capability.

Mis-hits are common in this sport, but the club’s neutral bias helps to mitigate the effect of these hits, reducing dispersion and providing a straighter ball flight. Golfers experience less hook, slice, or other undesirable spin types, thanks to the club’s forgiving design.

Golfers can also adjust the club to help counteract any undesired side spin, providing a greater level of control over the ball flight. Playability/Trajectory

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood boasts moderate spin rates, perfect for those challenging shots that require more precision over distance.

The club features a low and forward center of gravity, providing optimal ball launch and spin control. This design is particularly useful when you need to hit high arcing shots off the tee or overcome obstacles on the fairway.

The club’s adjustability allows golfers to modify the club’s setup to match specific playing conditions, providing even greater playability.


The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood offers optimal performance, even when golfers encounter challenging lies, thanks to the club’s compact and traditional pear shape. Traditional pear shapes feature lower center of gravity and larger CCs, which means less turf drag on the clubhead during ball contact, resulting in a clean strike.

Additionally, the club’s footprint is smaller, providing greater workability and control over the shot.

Gold Accents

The Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood features a sleek, traditional pear shape that is paired with gold accents, making it a stylish option for golfers who appreciate aesthetic appeal while playing. The accented gold sole accounts for its elegant look, and its classic pear-shape design is pleasing to the eye.

The designers managed to blend form and function seamlessly, producing a club that not only performs well but looks stunning while doing it. In conclusion, the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is a game-changing piece of equipment, ideal for all skill levels.

Its optimized distance, forgiveness, and playability features are a result of the innovative technology incorporated into its design. The club’s traditional pear-shaped design, equipped with a mix of gold accents and compact size, adds a contemporary and refined touch to the golfer’s style.

With all its bells and whistles, the Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood is a club that golfers can depend on to deliver unparalleled performance, and look good while doing it. Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood:

Sound and Feel That Deliver Greater Confidence and Performance

The Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood may be full of innovative features, a sleek design, and optimal performance, but its sound and feel are no less important.

The sound and feel of a club on impact give golfers the necessary feedback, and the right sensations to take their play to the next level. In this section, we dissect the club’s sound, feel, and feedbacks, and highlight how golfers can use them to enhance their gameplay further.

Sharp, Tight Smack

The sound of impact is the first thing golfers hear when contact is made with the ball. The Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood produces a sharp, tight smack that echoes excitement and consistency.

The sound of this club is audible for the golfer, the playing partner, and everyone in close proximity. The sound of its strike is designed to give golfers the necessary confidence and feedback to adjust and improve their swings.

Solidness and Explosiveness

The sound and feel of a club’s impact help golfers judge its strength. The Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood is engineered to provide golfers with a sensation of solidity and explosiveness on impact.

Solidness refers to the sensation of your clubhead’s descent into the ball, and the sense of how well the clubface is returning to a square position. The Rogue ST LS provides a solid, heavy feel that lets golfers know that they made great contact with the ball.

Explosiveness, on the other hand, refers to the sensation of the ball exploding off the clubface. The club’s Jailbreak A.I. Batwing Technology and

C300 Face Cup deliver a swift and powerful sensation on contact, generating the optimal ball velocity required for greater distances.


The Callaway Rouge ST LS Fairway Wood provides exceptional feedback. The feedback is the quality that allows golfers to understand the club’s strike location.

The feedback indicates where the clubhead strikes the ball on the clubface, even if it’s not in the exact sweetspot. The club’s A.I. Optimized Face and

Tungsten Speed Cartridge combination help to reduce the feeling of distance loss even on mis-hits.

The club provides a high level of feedback through its innovative features, ensuring that golfers can use feedback information to adjust their swing and hit the ball

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