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Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver: A Comprehensive Review

Golf is a sport that definitely requires skill, experience and of course, the right equipment. In this article, we take a closer look at one of Callaway’s popular golf drivers, the MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver.

Here, we will provide you with an overview of the product, discuss who the target audience is, and take you through a series of reviews from various sources.

Overview of Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver was launched in January 2020 as part of Callaway’s new MAVRIK lineup. The Sub Zero utilizes advanced technology to deliver optimal performance, especially for those in search of lower spin.

One of the standout features of the MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver is the unique face architecture. The manufacturer has made use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the design of the face.

The design helps to promote faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness. The compact size of the clubhead, with its 450cc volume, makes it easy to hit and appealing to better golfers.

Target Audience for Sub Zero Driver

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver targets golfers who are looking for lower spin for longer and straighter drives. The design of the clubhead ensures that players are equipped with great shot shape workability.

The driver caters to players with high swing speeds, who are focused on optimizing launch conditions and gaining maximum distance in their drives.

Purpose of Review

This review aims to provide readers with a clear understanding of what the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver has to offer. We will explore the feedback from golfing enthusiasts worldwide and explore both the pros and cons.

This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether the Sub Zero Driver is suitable for you.


Positive Ratings and Reviews

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver has received an immense amount of praise from golf enthusiasts worldwide. The most commonly mentioned positive attributes in reviews are the distance gained, forgiveness features and the adjustable hosel system.

Golfers have found the driver to be incredibly easy to hit whilst experiencing an excellent balance of distance and control.

Critics and Professional Reviewers

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver has been favorably reviewed by golf critics and professionals worldwide. The driver was included in the best golf drivers of 2020 list by GOLF Magazine, GOLF Digest, and MyGolfSpy.

The clubhead was also voted as a top pick in major golfing publications such as GolfWeek,, and Golf Monthly.

Pros and Cons of Sub Zero Driver


– AI-designed face architecture, providing increased forgiveness on mis-hits

– Adjustable hosel system, allowing golfers to optimize launch angles and bias to favor fades or draws

– Excellent workability and control, allowing golfers to shape shots while maintaining distance

– Lower spin for longer drives


– Impact sounds may not appeal to some golfers

– Not the most forgiving option for those with low swing speeds

– Slightly high price

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver is an excellent choice for golfers looking to achieve lower spin with a clubhead that promotes higher ball speeds. The adjustability of the driver allows golfers to optimize launch angles and control while shaping shots with immense precision.

Despite a slightly high price, it has still managed to secure a top position on the best golf drivers list of major golfing publications worldwide. If you are a golfer with high swing speeds, the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver is a serious contender for your driver slot.

Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver: Features and Stock Info

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver is a technological wonder that has made it to the top of the golfing world. It utilizes a range of advanced technologies to deliver a driver that is optimized for lower spin and increased forgiveness.

In this article, let’s delve deeper and look at the intricate features that make up this remarkable club and discuss its stock options.

Similarities with MAVRIK Standard

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver has several similar features to the original MAVRIK driver, such as the Flash Face SS20 technology and Jailbreak Technology. The Flash Face SS20 technology makes use of artificial intelligence to deliver unique face designs that are optimized for ball speed.

Jailbreak Technology incorporates two internal bars that help stiffen the clubhead, making it more efficient in transferring energy from the face onto the ball. These shared features provide increased forgiveness and distance to both drivers.

Differences in Head Size, Shape, and Weighting

One of the primary differences between the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver and the standard MAVRIK driver is in the head size and shape. The Sub Zero driver has a more compact head, with a volume of 450cc, compared to the standard MAVRIK driver’s 460cc volume.

This design helps to enhance workability and control for more accomplished players. The Sub Zero driver’s weighting is distributed differently from the standard MAVRIK driver, with more emphasis on the front portion.

The weighting system creates a more forward center of gravity for a reduced spin and more control over shot shape. Flash Face SS20, FS2S Titanium, Jailbreak Technology, T2C Triaxial Carbon

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver features the innovative Flash Face SS20 technology.

The AI-designed face creates a unique design that is optimized for ball speed regardless of the impact location. The face’s FS2S titanium construction heightens ball speeds, and the Jailbreak Technology further enhances energy transfer for increased distance and forgiveness.

The Sub Zero driver also features the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown, which reduces the weight of the crown and redistributes it elsewhere, improving the overall moment of inertia.

Stock Info

Available Lofts and OptiFit Hosel Adjustments

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is available in lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees as default options. However, the manufacturer offers additional options through their custom fitting program.

The OptiFit hosel technology allows golfers to adjust the clubhead’s loft and lie angles by up to two degrees, in one-degree increments, enabling a more personalized fit.

Stock Graphite Shaft and Grip Options

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver comes with an Aldila Rogue White or Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shafts, both of which are top-of-the-line graphite materials. The Aldila Rogue White is designed to enhance the feel and consistency of the player’s swing, while the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green provides optimal stability in the swing, creating a penetrating ball flight.

The Sub Zero driver comes standard with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip, a classic choice known for its firmness, traction, and performance benefits.

Specs of Sub Zero Driver

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver has a variety of technical specifications that contribute to its overall success as a golf driver. Its clubhead volume of 450cc is smaller when compared to the standard MAVRIK driver’s 460cc.

The driver weighs about 318 grams with an adjustable OptiFit hosel. The Sub Zero driver’s swing weight is D3, which is slightly heavier than most standard driver weights.

Final Thoughts

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver has all the features that make it one of the most highly regarded golf drivers in the modern era. The AI-designed Flash Face SS20 technology, FS2S titanium construction, and Jailbreak Technology combine to deliver a unique design that can match the needs of accomplished players.

Regardless of the club’s target audience or their swing speeds, there is no denying the Sub Zero driver’s performance gains. If you are in the market for a new golf driver, the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is certainly one of the best options worth considering.

Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver: Performance, Look, Sound & Feel

In the previous sections, we discussed the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s features, target audience, and stock info. In this article, we will look at how the driver performs on the course, discuss its forgiveness and playability, and evaluate how the club looks, sounds, and feels.


Distance and Launch Conditions

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s performance is always notable regarding distance, thanks to its advanced technologies. The AI-designed Flash Face SS20 provides a high COR (coefficient of restitution), which augments the energy transfers between the clubface and the ball, allowing for great speeds across the hitting area.

Additionally, the Sub Zero driver features a low-spin design that helps generate a penetrating flight and maximizes control over shot shapes, ensuring players gain consistent distance and accuracy.

Forgiveness and Playability

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s weighting system increases playability and offers excellent forgiveness for golfers. The front positioning of its weight helps facilitate ball speeds on low-face hits.

The driver’s high MOI (moment of inertia) head design also allows for directional control, even on off-centre strikes.

Impact of Interchangeable Weights

The interchangeable weights on the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver allow golfers to adjust the club’s swing weight and CG (centre of gravity) location. The adjustment system comes in two 2-gram weights, that can be installed in the rear and front of the head.

The CG location determines the overall club direction, with the back offering a higher ball flight, and the front position providing a lower flight. Therefore, the weights enable golfers to sufficiently fine-tune their launch conditions and control their ball flight.

Look, Sound & Feel

Description of Sub Zero Driver’s Appearance

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver has an elegant and sleek appearance. The clubhead comes with a matte black crown with appealing graphics that showcase the club’s advanced AI-designed Flash Face SS20.

Additionally, there are subtle red accents on the clubhead and shaft that add a touch of personality to the driver.

Sound and Feel of Driver When Hitting Ball

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s sound and feel at impact are distinctly solid, powerful, and unique. The clubhead’s Jailbreak Technology ensures that the sound is sharp and audible without feeling overly aggressive.

The sound also increases the novelty and overall aesthetics of the driver.

Comparison to Other Drivers in MAVRIK Line

When compared to the other drivers in the MAVRIK line, the Sub Zero driver exhibits an even more reduced spin rate, making it the ideal choice for golfers seeking to reduce their ball spin. The design of the Sub Zero driver’s weighting system also differs from that of the standard MAVRIK driver, with its emphasis on the front of the clubhead.

Better players may prefer the Sub Zero driver’s workability and control over the standard MAVRIK driver.

Final Thoughts

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is a technological triumph, designed for accomplished golfers in search of forgiveness, playability, and control. It features advanced features such as the Flash Face SS20 technology, FS2S titanium, and Jailbreak Technology that work together to deliver a high-performing driver.

The clubhead’s matte black finish, along with its personalized red accent, offers a touch of elegance and a more modern appearance. Additionally, the driver itself has a solid and powerful sound and feel when hitting the ball.

Overall, the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s performance, look, sound, and feel render it an outstanding choice for golfers seeking a technologically advanced driver that provides playability and control. Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver: Where to Buy and


So far, we’ve explored the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver’s features, performance, and overall look.

In this section, we discuss where to buy the driver, recommended places to purchase online, and conclude with a summary of the driver’s strengths and weaknesses.

Where to Buy

Availability of Sub Zero Driver

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is available for purchase from Callaway’s website, authorized retailers, and golf stores that carry Callaway products. It’s also available online on popular retailers such as Amazon and Globalgolf.

Recommended Places to Purchase Online

Callaway’s website would be the recommended place to purchase the driver, mainly because they offer brand-new, authentic, and customized options for the driver. In addition, authorized Callaway retailers and golf stores that carry Callaway products are also reliable options where to purchase the driver.

Online retailers such as Amazon and Globalgolf also offer the driver, but it’s vital to check that they are selling the authentic product and research buyer reviews. Alternatively, you can confirm the authenticity of the product by running the product and authorized dealer’s name through the Callaway website.

Price and Warranty Information from Specific Retailers

Callaway’s website has the sub-zero driver listed and is found to be approximately $499, which is in line with most premium drivers’ pricing. Purchasing from Callaway directly also means that there is a chance for customization, which is always an excellent benefit.

The authorized retailers and golf stores carrying Callaway products may offer the driver at a slightly lower price point. Amazon has the driver listed at a moderate price point, which can vary based on the seller and stock availability.

GlobalGolf is a reputable seller that offers the driver at a lower price point. It’s worthy of noting that Callaway provides a two-year warranty for all golf clubs that protects against defects in workmanship or materials.

It’s essential to identify the specific warranty information from the specific retailer where the driver is purchased.


Summary of Sub Zero Driver’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is a proficient driver that delivers an excellent combination of distance, control, and workability. The advanced AI-designed Flash Face SS20 technology ensures higher ball speed even on mis-hits and reduces spin, enabling more consistent distance and enhanced accuracy.

Additionally, the low CG (centre of gravity) and high MOI (moment of inertia) head shape ensure optimal workability, while the adjustable weighting system and OptiFit hosel provide personalized fitting options. Regarding weaknesses, some golfers may find the sound of the Sub Zero driver at impact less attractive than other drivers.

The driver’s reduced spin rate may also be challenging for golfers struggling with generating height and carry distances.

Importance of Trying out Driver for Personal Experience

It’s essential to try out the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver for the personal golfing experience. While reviews and online demonstrations are useful, there is no better substitute for hitting test swings in a preferred golf store’s/distributor’s simulator or on a driving range.

Testing the driver’s feel, sound, and performance can help one determine if it’s the right driver for their specific needs.

Final Thoughts

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is an excellent option for golfers seeking a technologically advanced driver that offers control, workability, distance, and high forgiveness levels. While it may not appeal to every golfer’s preferences, the features, and design make it a top-performing driver in the market.

We hope that this review has provided enough information regarding the driver to make a well-informed decision regarding its purchase. The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is an advanced golf driver ideal for accomplished players seeking reduced spin-rate, control, and playability.

With its AI-designed Flash Face SS20 technology, low CG, high MOI, customizable weights, and OptiFit hosel, the driver enables personalization, precision, and enhanced performance on the course. While the driver may not suit every golfer’s preferences, trying it out for a personalized experience is imperative before making a purchase decision.

The Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is

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