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Unleash Your Game with the Callaway Apex Hybrid: Features Reviews and Pros and Cons

Callaway Apex Hybrid Review: Features, Reviews, Pros and Cons

Hybrids are designed to provide the beginner and experienced golfers the forgiveness and distance of a fairway wood and the accuracy and control of an iron. And the Callaway Apex Hybrid promises just that.

In this article, we will examine the Callaway Apex Hybrid in detail, looking at its features, reviews, and pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will know if this hybrid is worth a place in your golf bag.

Features of Apex Hybrid

The Callaway Apex Hybrid comes with two prominent features; the

Forged Face Cup Technology, and a

Neutral Bias.

Forged Face Cup Technology

The club’s face features 455 Carpenter Steel, known for its strength and durability. The Forged Face Cup technology contributes to the face’s flexibility giving it stronger ball speed, traveling a longer distancewhile providing forgiveness.

Callaway’s unique design puts hot spots in the areas of the face that golfers tend to mis-hit, resulting in a hybrid that is more forgiving. Furthermore, Face Cup technology drives higher ball speeds and provides long-distance benefits.

Neutral Bias

The Callaway Apex Hybrid has an internal standing wave that significantly lowers the center of gravity to create a neutral bias. This design helps things like ball speed decreased spin and increased launch and optimizes the weight distribution of the hybrid.

This technology allows for versatile shots with different outcomes and helps in making the hybrid easiest to hit with consistent results.

Stock Info

The Callaway Apex Hybrid comes with a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Hybrid shaft. The stock shaft weighs at around 70 grams, coming in four different flex points; Regular, Stiff, X-stiff, and Ladies.

It features a mid-to-low launch with a mid-to-low spin. The hybrid’s grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 that comes in standard, midsize, and jumbo sizes.

Reviews of Apex Hybrid


Many golfers that tested the Callaway Apex Hybrid mentioned its distance. Players received anywhere between 10 to 20 yards more in distance from their current hybrids and or irons.

The reason for such length came from the combination of the face’s flex and the club’s faster head speed. The Apex hybrid’s versatility to hit high and low shots, and straight or shaped ball flights also contributes to longer-distance outcomes.


Testers experienced help in their mis-hit shots. Many noticed how well the club’s Face Cup technology performed in reducing side spin and launching the ball with straighter ball flights, resulting in less lost shots.

The low center of gravity provided the club with a better sound and feel. Ball Flight/


The neutrality provided the Callaway Apex Hybrid better shot versatility, whether players needed a lower ball flight, a high trajectory, or the ability to shape the ball.

Some testers felt they were much more capable of speciality shots such as chip and runs or running shots than with their previous hybrids. Look/Sound/Feel

When it came to the Hybrid’s design and sound, many testers expressed high satisfaction.

They found the club looked good at address. The sound of the ball coming off the face instilled confidence, as it was relatively muted and not loud nor distracting.

The feedback provided in the shot’s feel was appreciated, with players feeling the club’s weight and impact. One reviewer noted an effortless swing as the club had a perfect balance between head weight, shaft, and grip.

Pros and Cons of Apex Hybrid


The Callaway Apex Hybrid has a slight left bias, making it ideal for golfers that have troubles with the right miss. However, if golfers are already fighting deadly left pull, this bias may not work for them.

Additionally, users may notice the club’s slightly larger head and the harder time getting through rougher lies.


The Callaway Apex Hybrid is incredibly versatile, with its easy ability to shape and control the ball flight. Golfers looking for a higher golf ball flight may struggle with it unless they adjust the Hybrid’s loft.


The club is exceptionally forgiving, and it encourages golfers to become more confident in their shots. It may take some time to adjust to the Apex Hybrid’s visuals, but one will find the feel and feedback to outweigh the quirkiness of the hybrid.

Shot Bias

As mentioned, the Callaway Apex Hybrid provides a slight left bias, which is ideal for High handicappers and mid-handicappers, but experts may find this bias frustrating. Mis-Hit


Mis-hits and off-center strikes are amongst the greatest strengths of the Apex Hybrid. During reviews, testers consistently expressed their appreciation for how forgiving the Hybrid was when they hit the ball poorly.

However, the degree of forgiveness decreased on off-center hits.


Here we have established what makes the Callaway Apex Hybrid unique and useful in the game of golf. Its design makes it easy to shape shots, provides good ball speed, distance, and forgiveness making it a valuable addition to any golfer’s bag.

However, its design may not work for those playing on tougher courses or those looking for higher ball flight outcomes. Despite this, the Callaway Apex Hybrid is a fantastic club and can surely become your new go-to hybrid once you adjust to its visual quirks.

If you are thinking about switching out your current hybrid or are looking to upgrade in general, the Callway Apex Hybrid is worth considering. Performance of Apex Hybrid:


Forgiveness, Ball Flight/

Playability, Look, Sound & Feel

The Callaway Apex Hybrid is an excellent club that promises to deliver impressive performance on the course. In this article expansion, we will examine in more detail how this club performs in terms of distance, forgiveness, ball flight/playability, and look, sound, and feel.


The Callaway Apex Hybrid provides excellent distance, designed to be long and draw-biased hybrids for players seeking the utmost in distance. With high launch and low spin, the ball travels far off the clubface, and the design allows for maximum distance off the tee.

This feature is particularly useful for golfers who have trouble hitting long, straight drives.


One of the main selling points of the Callaway Apex Hybrid is its forgiveness. It features Mis-Hit Preservation, making sure that moderate mis-hits have less impact on the ball’s trajectory and distance.

For severe mis-hits, the Hybrid is still relatively forgiving, quickly getting the ball airborne and getting it out of trouble. Additionally, its directional forgiveness ensures players are confident that off-center strikes will still fly in a straight direction, reducing the impact that slight mishits can have on the scorecard.

Ball Flight/


High and straight ball flight characteristics make the Callaway Apex Hybrid an attractive option for golfers looking to improve their game further. The club’s design allows for a penetrating flight, making it particularly useful in windy conditions while still providing the player the ability to stop the ball on the green.

The Apex Hybrid has an alterable ball flight that allows golfers to control the trajectory of the ball, giving more options on particular shots. Tee shots, as well as short grass hits, were consistent for reviews.

Still, more versatility was shown in fairway bunker shots, where the club was much easier to hit than hoped. Look, Sound & Feel

The Callaway Apex Hybrid has a visual design that is stylish and luxurious.

It has a slim, sleek iron-like profile that makes the club look like a classic iron. The matte black crown gives it a modern, sophisticated look.

When it comes to the sound and feel of the club, the Apex Hybrid hits all the right notes. Its confident, premium sound makes using the club a pleasurable experience.

The feedback of each shot felt natural and smooth, giving players the reassurance of knowing precisely where the ball was hit and how it will perform.

Where to Buy Apex Hybrid Online

Now that you know the benefits of the Callaway Apex Hybrid, you may be looking to add one to your golf bag. Luckily, there are many places where you can purchase the club online.

Here are four options:

Official Callaway Website

The official Callaway website sells the Apex Hybrid but without custom orders. It’s a great option for those who are happy with the standard options.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned

This is the official Callaway used club marketplace. On this site, you can find certified pre-owned Callaway Apex Hybrids that come with a warranty and a buy-back policy.

They also come with a headcover included.

Global Golf

Global Golf is an online retailer that offers a wide range of golf clubs at competitive prices. They have a large selection of Callaway Apex Hybrids with excellent customer reviews and a reputation for fast shipping and good customer service.


eBay can be an excellent place to find sweet deals on golf clubs like the Callaway Apex Hybrid. Just be sure to do your research and purchase from a highly-rated seller with a good track record.

In conclusion, the Callaway Apex Hybrid is an impressive club that strikes a balance between distance, forgiveness, ball flight, and aesthetics. If you want a versatile club that can help you improve your game, the Apex Hybrid is a great choice.

And with the popularity of online shopping, it’s now easier than ever to get one. The Callaway Apex Hybrid is one of the best hybrids on the market, offering outstanding distance, forgiveness, and ease of use.

In this article expansion, we will examine the pros and cons of the Apex Hybrid, as well as the kind of players who would benefit best from using this club.

Pros and Cons of Apex Hybrid


Monstrous Length – The Callaway Apex Hybrid produces impressive distances due to its versatility. Accuracy – The club provides excellent accuracy on straight shots, making it an attractive option for golfers who are looking to improve their game.

Workability – The Apex Hybrid’s design allows it to be an excellent club in the field, with ball flight control that’s responsive, customized to various angles, and aided by its

Neutral Bias design.

Playability – The club is very forgiving, making it easy to use for golfers of all skill levels.

Shot Bias – The Apex Hybrid helps left-handed golfers to deal with their swing tendencies, significantly more so than other clubs. Premium Sound/Feel – The Apex Hybrid sounds and feels good, providing a pleasurable experience when used.


Limited Draw – The Callaway Apex Hybrid comes with a limited draw-bias design. Slightly Larger Head – The club’s slightly larger head makes it more challenging to hit through rougher lies.

Best Suited for

The Callaway Apex Hybrid is best suited for professionals with low to mid handicaps. These golfers will appreciate the club’s design and its ability to hit straight shots, giving golfers increased flexibility and greater accuracy in challenging shots.

With low spin-off the clubface and high launch, the Apex Hybrid is an excellent choice for mid- to low-handicap players.

Value for Skill Levels

As previously mentioned, the Callaway Apex Hybrid is an excellent club for all skill levels. High handicappers and intermediate golfers will appreciate the help from its forgiving nature, while expert golfers will enjoy it’s standing wave technology.

With workability, accuracy, and monstrous length, the Apex Hybrid is a club that all golfers can appreciate.


The Callaway Apex Hybrid is highly recommended for players of all skill levels. Its advanced features make it a club with exceptional performance on the course.

The club’s design and its ability to deliver great ball flight make it an excellent choice for a vast array of golfing scenarios, including tee shots, short grass, fairway bunkers, and rougher lies. The Apex Hybrid’s sold performances have earned it a 5-star rating.


In conclusion, the Callaway Apex Hybrid is a fantastic club that performs admirably on the golf course, and is highly recommended to try. With its monstrous length, accuracy, workability, playability, shot bias, and premium sound/feel, it stands head and shoulders above the competition.

It is for this reason that for professionals, low to mid handicappers, the Callaway Apex Hybrid will be a fantastic addition to their golf bags. And with its value for skill levels, it’s great for beginners and improvers alike.

In conclusion, the Callaway Apex Hybrid is a top-performing club that provides excellent distance, forgiveness, and versatility. The club’s primary features, such as the Forged Face Cup technology,

Neutral Bias, and stock options, provide players with an exceptional on-course experience.

The Apex Hybrid is best-suited for professionals, low to mid-handicappers, and it’s great for all skill levels, making it a worthy addition to any golfer’s bag. In purchasing, it is essential to do ample research on where to buy, costs, and features to ensure excellent results on the golf course.


– What makes the Callaway Apex Hybrid special? The Callaway Apex Hybrid’s top features include monstrous length, accuracy, workability, playability, shot bias, and premium sound/feel.

– Which skill levels suit the Callaway Apex Hybrid, and why? The Callaway Apex Hybrid is highly recommended for professionals, low to mid-handicappers, and is great for all skill levels, including beginners and improvers.

– Where can I purchase a Callaway Apex Hybrid? Some of the best places to purchase the Callaway Apex Hybrid are official Callaway websites,

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned,

Global Golf, and


– What is the primary use of the Callaway Apex Hybrid? The Callaway Apex Hybrid is a versatile club with excellent ball flight, extraordinary distance, and forgiveness for use in different scenarios, including tee shots, short grass, fairway bunkers, and rougher lies.

– Is the Callaway Apex Hybrid a draw-biased club? Yes, the Apex Hybrid comes with a limited draw-bias design, providing left-handed golfers invaluable hitting assistance.

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