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Unleash Your Game: The Complete Review of the TaylorMade M1 Driver

The TaylorMade M1 driver is one of the most impressive golf clubs on the market today. Released in 2016, it has continued to be a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels.

The M1 driver has been praised for its combination of distance, feel, and adjustability. This article will take a deep dive into the TaylorMade M1 driver and review its overall performance and features.

Review of the 2016 TaylorMade M1 Driver

The 2016 TaylorMade M1 driver has been praised for its blend of distance and forgiveness. The driver is made up of a seven-layer carbon fiber crown, which enables maximum weight savings.

This crown allows for weight to be redistributed to achieve optimal center of gravity placement and forgiveness. The pieces of the M1s newly designed T-Track are made up of two sliding 15-gram weights, which allow golfers to customize their ball flight based on their swing and the course they are playing.

Additionally, the M1 driver has a windshield wiper shaped slot found in the sole of the club. Named, the speed pocket, this slot has been engineered to increase ball speed on off-center hits.

The M1 driver comes in two different head options, the 460cc and the 430cc. Though both drivers provide similar adjustability, the 430cc head appeals to the better player who wants a lower launch and spin.

The larger 460cc version is better suited for the average golfer who wants more forgiveness and a higher launch. The driver’s adjustability allows for four-degree adjustments in loft, as well as adjustments to the lie, face angle, and weight distribution.

The adjustability provides a range of options to enhance the club’s performance and achieve the optimal ball flight.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the TaylorMade M1 driver is a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. The customizable T-Track and the speed pocket on the club’s sole allow golfers to personalize their launch conditions and achieve maximum ball speed on off-center hits.

The mixture of distance and forgiveness in the M1 driver has made it a popular option for golfers looking to improve their game. The adjustability options that the driver provides offer ample opportunities for golfers to fine-tune their drives to their exact liking.


– Customizable T-Track

– Maximum distance

– Excellent forgiveness

– Wide range of adjustability


– Higher price point

– Some may find the customization confusing

– Lack of adjustability for left and right dispersion

In conclusion, the TaylorMade M1 driver is a club that offers golfers the opportunity to fine-tune their drives to their exact preference. Its adjustability makes it an excellent option for golfers of all skill levels.

While it may come with a higher price tag than comparable drivers, the features and adjustability justify the M1’s cost. For golfers looking to improve their game and elevate their performance on the course, the TaylorMade M1 driver is an excellent club to consider.

Recommended For

The TaylorMade M1 driver is a versatile club that can benefit golfers who are looking to add some distance, forgiveness, and adjustability to their game. It is targeted towards golfers of all skill levels, and its extensive adjustment system allows players to fine-tune their ball flight, making this club suitable for those who want to perfect their drives.

The M1 driver’s adjustability suits golfers who want to customize their launch conditions. The T-Track system allows golfers to adjust weight distribution and achieve the desired launch angle and spin rate.

For golfers who struggle with off-center hits, the speed pocket on the colf’s sole can help increase ball speed and reduce the negative impact of less-than-perfect contact. The adjustability allows golfers to create their optimal ball flight, making the M1 driver suitable for golfers at any level to achieve next-level performance.

While the M1 driver is suitable for golfers of all abilities, it is particularly useful for golfers who tend to slice or hook the ball. The driver’s adjustable weights can offset an incorrect swing path and correct the flight trajectory.

The adjustable hosel system also affords the golfer excellent control over the clubface angle, which can further assist in straightening out a shot. Furthermore, the M1 driver’s features make it a great option for players who want to dominate the tee box.

The combination of distance and forgiveness makes it ideal for golfers who want to maximize their yardage without losing accuracy. The adjustability gives golfers an edge over those who use standard drivers while retaining the same level of forgiveness as any other mainstream driver.

Best Places To Buy Online

Finding the right place to buy a golf club can be a challenge, but thanks to the internet, online shopping has made it easier than ever before. Two of the best places to purchase the TaylorMade M1 driver online are

Global Golf and


Global Golf

Global Golf is an excellent e-commerce website for golf enthusiasts. They have a wide selection of both new and used TaylorMade M1 drivers for golfers of all skill levels.

Their prices are highly competitive, and the website offers free shipping for all orders, making it a great option for consumers who crave affordability. Customers can research the club’s specifications, compare them with other brands, and view customer ratings and reviews before making their purchase.


Global Golf offers a 30-day playability guarantee on all their products, so customers can return the club if it does not meet their expectations. All clubs purchased from their website come with a certificate of authenticity, highlighting

Global Golf’s dedication to providing genuine products.

Overall, with their wide selection, competitive pricing, and customer-friendly policies,

Global Golf is an excellent source to purchase the TaylorMade M1 driver.


eBay is a go-to online shopping destination for many, including golf enthusiasts.

eBay’s vast network of sellers offers a significant variety of new and used Taylormade M1 drivers, which gives consumers the opportunity to find a deal of their liking.


eBay’s bidding system allows buyers to purchase the driver at a price that suits their budget, which can be helpful for those looking for a bargain.

eBay also offers customer protection policies, such as the

eBay Money Back Guarantee and an account feedback system, which allows buyers to read reviews from past customers before making a purchase. Buying from

eBay can be a great option for consumers who are comfortable with the auction format and want a wide selection of options at competitive prices.


The TaylorMade M1 driver is an outstanding club that provides golfers with distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. It’s a perfect option for golfers who want to elevate their performance on the course and dominate the tee box.

Global Golf and

eBay are two of the top-rated online retailers to purchase the TaylorMade M1 driver. Both retailers offer significant benefits such as a wide selection, excellent pricing, and customer-friendly policies.

Overall, the combination of the M1 driver and these two online retailers makes purchasing this club easy and affordable for golfers who want the latest and most reliable equipment for their game. What are the Reviews Like?

The TaylorMade M1 driver has received high praise from both professionals and amateurs alike since its release in 2016. This driver has been lauded for its quality construction, distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

Let’s explore the customer feedback and overall ratings of this driver. Many reviewers have expressed satisfaction with the driver’s head shape, which some golfers believe looks more traditional than other models on the market.

The combination of the Multi-Material Construction and the TaylorMade’s Carbon Composite Crown helps lower the center of gravity, while the high-MOI design provides greater forgiveness. Additionally, the M1 driver’s adjustability options, including both front and back T-Track systems, give golfers the ability to customize their ball flight for optimal results.

Regarding distance, the M1 driver has proven extremely valuable among golfers due to its reduced spin and high launch angle. This combination has resulted in long and consistent drives for many players with varying swing speeds and skill levels.

The claims of distance are magnified by the driver’s Personal Fit System, which allows golfers to customize their club’s performance according to their specific needs. This personalized approach provides golfers the ability to select the ideal combination of loft, lie, and trajectory to match their swing speed and style.

Customer feedback regarding the M1 driver’s sound and feel has also been overwhelmingly positive. Players who have tested the driver have reported that it offers a solid feel and powerful sound.

The feedback has also shown that there is a significant reduction of vibration on off-center hits. This reduction is in part due to the weighting system, which helps stabilize the clubhead at impact.

What are the Features? The TaylorMade M1 driver is designed for golfers looking to craft their ball flight according to their swing style and skill level.

This driver’s features stand out in the market due to its high degree of adjustability, which allows golfers to customize their club according to their specific needs. Let’s explore the features that make the M1 driver such an impressive club.

Personal Fit System: The TaylorMade M1 driver’s Personal Fit System is a revolutionary feature that helps golfers customize their club’s performance based on their specific needs. Golfers can adjust the loft sleeve in 0.4-degree increments to dial in the perfect loft and trajectory.

Furthermore, the driver’s weight tracks allow for additional customization, including swapping the heavier weight between the front and back tracks, altering the spin rate, and shaping the ball flight. Multi-Material Construction: The driver’s Multi-Material Construction showcases a carbon composite crown, titanium body, and two adjustable weight tracks.

This combination results in a clubhead that is not only lightweight but also extremely stable. The high-MOI design increases accuracy and minimizes sidespin on off-center hits.

T-Track System: The T-Track System, with two sliding weights, is a signature feature of the TaylorMade M1 driver. This system allows golfers to adjust the club’s weight distribution to control trajectory and spin.

The front track controls loft and trajectory, and the back track controls spin and correction. The T-Track system is a unique feature that gives the M1 driver exceptional adjustability and versatility.

Stock Shafts: TaylorMade offers a range of custom shafts on the M1 driver to match any golfers swing. The Fujikura Pro shaft comes as a standard option for the M1 driver.

This shaft provides a medium-stiff flex with a mid-high launch. Carbon Composite Crown: The M1 driver’s lightweight Carbon Composite Crown allows for weight savings to be redistributed for optimal center of gravity placement.

This placement results in a higher launch and lower spin. The carbon composite material also reduces unwanted vibration for improved feel.

Front Track and Back Track: The Front Track on the M1 driver controls the club’s launch and spin performance, while the Back Track controls the golfers draw and fades bias. The two weight tracks act in coordination with the adjustable loft sleeve to deliver customized ball flight.


The TaylorMade M1 driver is a high-performing club that offers golfers a great combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. This driver’s adjustability is unmatched, providing golfers the ability to customize their ball flight for optimal results.

The features that the M1 driver offers, such as the Personal Fit System, Multi-Material Construction, and T-Track System, make the driver an attractive option for all golfers. The Carbon Composite Crown also reduces the club’s overall weight, which is an excellent feature for golfers with varying swing speeds.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the M1 driver has the features to help you take your game to the next level. How Does the Driver Perform?

The TaylorMade M1 driver is a versatile club that offers an impressive combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability, ideal for golfers of all skill levels. Let’s look at how the driver performs in terms of distance, forgiveness, and playability.

Distance: The M1 driver is engineered to improve ball speed, which helped many golfers achieve consistent driving distance. The T-Track System, adjustable settings, and low spin provide golfers with the ability to customize their launch conditions and achieve the highest swing speeds possible.

The low spin rates also produce a more penetrating ball flight, which results in better distance and accuracy. Forgiveness: The Moment of Inertia (MOI) built into the M1 driver enhances the club’s forgiveness, even on mis-hits.

The driver’s adjustable weighting system allows golfers to adjust the weight distribution of the club to their preference, which can help correct poor ball flight and straighten out shots. The driver is designed with an effective sweet spot, offering more forgiveness than some other TaylorMade models.

Playability/Trajectory: The M1 driver allows golfers to customize the trajectory and shot shape based on their preferences. Golfers can adjust the driver’s weighting, front and back rails, and loft sleeve to suit their needs.

The driver is known for producing high shots, which is excellent for golfers who need additional trajectory. It is also possible to adjust the driver for a low spin, making it possible to achieve additional length on each drive.

Appearance, Sound, & Feel

The TaylorMade M1 driver not only performs well, but it’s also a visually appealing club that provides an excellent sound and feel. Let’s take a closer look at these aspects of the driver.

Appearance: The M1 driver is designed with a split-colour crown, which makes it stand out amongst other drivers. The alignment aid, located on the crown of the club, makes it easy for golfers to line up their shots accurately.

Additionally, the positioning of the weight tracks on the sole of the driver adds an extra touch of elegance. Sound: The feedback on the M1 driver’s sound is generally positive, and many golfers report that it produces a powerful and satisfying sound on contact with the ball.

Even off-center hits produce minimal vibration, thanks to the weighting design of the clubhead. Feel: The driver is purposely constructed to deliver a solid feel to the golfer upon contact.

This solid feel is made possible thanks to the club’s front and back weight tracks that help stabilize the clubhead at impact. Apart from the solid feel, the driver produces a comfortable grip with a range of flattering colors to choose.


The TaylorMade M1 driver is a highly rated club that boasts distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. The M1 driver is engineered to help golfers achieve the highest swing speeds possible while delivering a solid feel and sound upon impact.

This driver’s design considerations and adjustability make it an exceptional club for golfers looking for personalized ball flight. The driver provides both high trajectory shots and a low spin, making it a great fit, irrespective of the golfer’s skill level.

Additionally, the driver is visually appealing with its split-color crown, alignment aid, and sleek design. Ultimately, the TaylorMade M1 driver is a great option for golfers looking for great performance combined with an attractive look and feel.

Where Should You Buy This Driver Online? The TaylorMade M1 driver is an exceptional club that provides golfers with distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

Finding the right retailer is critical to ensure that you get the best value, customer service, and guaranteed authenticity of your purchase. Let’s look at the best places to purchase the M1 driver online.

TaylorMade’s Website: One of the best places to purchase the M1 driver is TaylorMade’s website. TaylorMade is a highly regarded name in golf equipment, and buying from their website assures customers of authenticity.

Furthermore, the M1 driver purchased from their website comes with a warranty, which ensures golfers receive a quality product. The customization of the M1 driver and purchasing it from the source allows buyers to include their custom options and receive a club tailored explicitly to their exact specifications.

Retailers: Buying from credible golf retailers, such as PGA Superstore, Golf Galaxy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, is an excellent option for golfers. These retailers provide the ability to test the M1 driver before purchasing, which allows golfers to get a feel for the club and determine if it’s right for their game.

Retailers offer valuable advice on the driver’s design and true-to-life experiences to help evaluate the club’s features before purchase. Additionally, these retailers provide customer services, quality assurance, and competitive pricing.

Online Marketplaces: Amazon and

eBay are online marketplaces that offer the M1 driver at a competitive price. These marketplaces abide by certified seller profiles, feedback ratings, and much more stringent market standards than other sellers provide.


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