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Unconventional Golf Swings: From the PGA Tour to Celebrities

Weirdest Golf Swings on the PGA Tour

When it comes to golf, the swing is the most important part of the game. While everyone has their own unique swing, some PGA Tour players have developed some unconventional styles that are difficult for the average golfer to replicate.

Here are some of the weirdest golf swings on the PGA Tour. 1.

Matthew Wolff – Weird Backswing

At only 22 years old, Matthew Wolff already has a unique swing that has caught the attention of golf fans around the world. While he has a smooth and steady approach to the ball, it’s his backswing that sets him apart.

Wolff’s elbow bends in an awkward position and he brings the club straight up before starting his downswing. It may not look pretty, but it seems to work for him as he recently earned his first PGA Tour win at the 3M Open in Minnesota.

2. John Daly – Enormous Backswing

John Daly is known for his wild personality, but his swing is just as unconventional.

Daly takes an enormous backswing, bringing the club well beyond parallel with the ground. He also has a very strong grip and hits the ball with a lot of power.

While his swing may look wild and out of control, Daly has had a successful career on the PGA Tour, winning two major championships. 3.

Jim Furyk – Close Stance, High Backswing

Jim Furyk is widely recognized for his unorthodox swing. He has a close stance, takes the club back with a very high backswing and has a looping motion on the downswing.

Furyk’s swing has certainly worked for him, as he has won more than 20 tournaments on the PGA Tour and was the 2010 winner of the FedEx Cup. 4.

Paul Azinger – Super Strong Grip

Paul Azinger has a swing that’s known for its super strong grip. He holds the club with his left hand turned so far to the right that you can see all four of his knuckles.

Azinger’s swing has been described as “aggressive,” but it certainly worked for him, as he won 12 times on the PGA Tour and was a member of the 1993 Ryder Cup team. 5.

Lee Trevino – Left-Aim, Three-Step Shuffle

Lee Trevino has a swing that is all his own. He starts by aiming left of the target, then shuffles his feet back and forth three times before taking his swing.

Trevino’s unorthodox routine has been described as “quirky,” but he has won six major championships and more than 25 tournaments on the PGA Tour. 6.

Bubba Watson – Long Backswing, Wide-Open Stance

Bubba Watson’s swing has been described as “funky.” He has a long backswing and a wide-open stance that is quite unusual. Watson’s swing also has a lot of power, as he can hit a ball more than 350 yards.

He has won two major championships and more than 10 PGA Tour titles.

Weird Golf Swings of Non-Pro Golfers

These days, golf is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, but not everyone has a perfect swing like the PGA Tour professionals. Here are some of the weirdest golf swings of non-pro golfers.

1. Charles Barkley – Ugly Swing

Charles Barkley is a former NBA player who is known for his poor golf swing.

His swing is so bad that many people have described it as “ugly.” Barkley’s swing is full of jerky movements and he often misses the ball completely. Despite his poor form, Barkley continues to play golf and even hosted his own celebrity golf tournament for charity.

2. Donald Trump – Herky-Jerky Swing, Low Handicap

Before he became President of the United States, Donald Trump was known for his love of golf.

While he has a low handicap, Trump’s swing has been described as “herky-jerky.” He has a lot of movement in his swing, which can result in some inconsistent shots. Despite his unorthodox swing, Trump has played golf with some of the biggest names in the sport, including Tiger Woods.

3. Lawrence Taylor – Stiff Swing, Two Gloves

Lawrence Taylor is a former NFL player who has a stiff swing when he plays golf.

He also wears two gloves, which is unusual for most golfers. Despite his unorthodox swing, Taylor enjoys playing golf and has competed in several celebrity tournaments.

4. Snoop Dogg – Bad Swing, Missed Shots

Snoop Dogg may be a talented rapper, but his golf swing is nothing to brag about.

He has a bad swing and often misses the ball completely. Despite his poor form, Snoop Dogg enjoys playing golf and has been spotted on courses around the world.

5. Kylie Jenner – Poor Swing, Missed Shots

Kylie Jenner is a reality TV star who is known for her fashion sense, but her golf game leaves a lot to be desired.

She has a poor swing and often misses the ball completely. Despite her lack of golf skills, Jenner enjoys playing the sport and has been seen hitting balls at driving ranges in Los Angeles.


In conclusion, there are many weird golf swings out there, and they can be seen at all levels of play. PGA Tour players like Matthew Wolff and John Daly have developed their own unique styles that have brought them success on the course.

Non-pro golfers like Charles Barkley and Snoop Dogg may not have perfect swings, but they enjoy the game nonetheless. Whether you have a perfect swing or not, one thing is for sure: golf is a fun and challenging sport that can be enjoyed by anyone.

So pick up your clubs, head to the course, and have some fun!

This article explored some of the weirdest golf swings on the PGA Tour, such as Matthew Wolff’s unique backswing and John Daly’s enormous backswing, as well as the unorthodox swings of non-pro golfers like Charles Barkley and Donald Trump. Despite their unconventional forms, these players have still found success on the course and demonstrate the importance of individual style and technique in the sport of golf.

Takeaways include the importance of finding what works best for you, regardless of whether it conforms to traditional golf norms, and that golf can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their skill level or swing style.



Are unorthodox golf swings common among professionals? – While most top-level professional golfers have swings that follow a traditional form, there are some players who have developed unorthodox swings that seem to work for them.

2. Can non-pro golfers still enjoy the sport even with poor swings?

– Yes, golf can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their skill level or swing style. The most important part is having fun!


Is it necessary to have a “perfect” golf swing to succeed on the course? – No, there is no one “perfect” golf swing.

It’s important to find what works best for you and practice consistently to improve your skills.

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