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The Best Indoor Putting Greens for Golfers to Improve Their Game

Putting is an integral part of golf, and when it comes to lowering scores, it is arguably the most important skill. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, practicing good putting can enhance your game remarkably.

This is where indoor putting greens come in. With an indoor putting green, you can practice rain or shine, anytime, anywhere.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of good putting and the benefits of indoor putting greens. Additionally, we will look at the range of budget options available, the criteria for great putting greens, and delve into one of our top recommendations – the

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green.

Importance of Good Putting

Good putting is the ability to hit the ball accurately and at the right speed into the hole. A good putter has a consistent stroke, good alignment, and reads greens well.

A few strokes saved on the green can make a significant impact on your scorecard, and therefore it is essential to practice your putting skills. By doing so, you can become more confident and accurate in your putting, and ultimately score better on the course.

Benefits of Indoor Putting Greens

One of the main advantages of indoor putting greens is that you can practice putting whenever you want, without having to travel to the course. Rain or shine, you can hone your putting skills in the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, with an indoor putting green, you can practice your stroke without distractions or interruptions. This allows you to focus entirely on your putting technique, making it easier to spot any flaws or inconsistencies.

Range of Budget Options

Indoor putting greens come in a wide range of options, catering to different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or high-end, there are solutions available to accommodate your needs.

For example, simple putting mats can be purchased for as little as $20, while more advanced options, such as our recommended

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green, can cost several hundred dollars.

Criteria for Great Putting Greens

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a putting green. Firstly, the quality of the turf is crucial.

Look for turf that mimics the roll of a real green, feels comfortable underfoot, and is wrinkle-resistant. Secondly, the size of the green is a vital aspect.

It should be large enough to allow for a variety of practice shots, but still fit comfortably in your home. Thirdly, the ability to play break is an essential feature of any good putting green.

Finally, you want a putting green that is durable and long-lasting.

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green

Out of all the indoor putting greens in the market, the

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green stands out for several reasons. Primarily, the turf quality used on this putting green is of a tour-quality standard, and as such, it was used by PGA Tour player Sean O’Hair to practice his putting.

The turf material is a nylon that imitates the feedback and behaviour of a real putting green. Another impressive feature is the patent-pending multi-make cups.

These robust plastic cups function just like real golf holes and can fit regulation golf cups, allowing for realistic play.

The custom backstop of the

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green is made of FSC-certified walnut, which enhances the aesthetics of this product.

It can be designed to fit the shape and angle of your choosing, and it helps prevent balls from rebounding or blocking your next putt.

Moreover, the edge markers on the

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green are positioned at three-foot intervals and allow for practicing specific distances.

This ensures that you work on different areas of your putting game, including longer and shorter putts.

In conclusion, indoor putting green is an excellent investment for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the benefits of practicing your putting skills cannot be overstated. Consider the range of budget options available and the criteria for great putting greens when making your choice.

For those seeking a high-end model, we recommend the

PrimePutt True-Roll Putting Green for its tour-quality turf, multi-make cups, custom backstop, edge markers, and overall quality of the product.

Camry Golf DIY Putting Green

Camry Golf is a brand known for providing high-quality golf turf to PGA Tour pros. Now, they have released their DIY putting green, which provides an affordable and high-quality option for golfers who want to practice their putting at home.


Camry Golf DIY Putting Green kit comes with everything needed to build a putting green, and its features make it stands out from its competitors.

Description and Features

The Camry Golf turf used in this putting green is of excellent quality, providing a realistic experience similar to the premium greens found on golf courses. The shades of green and brown blades are combined with a charcoal gray colour that gives the turf a realistic look and sets it apart from the other putting greens in the market.

The turf is durable and can withstand long hours of practice, ensuring that it can be used iteratively by golfers of all levels.

DIY Build Plan

The kit comes with a DIY build plan that makes building a putting green an easy and enjoyable experience. The build plan instructs users to create a 2×4 frame using horizontal beams, then covers this frame with particle board and a plywood sheet.

Using a hole saw, holes will be cut in positions to fit the regulation cups. The turf is then attached to the boards using carpet adhesive.

The kit comes with hole reducers that allow golfers to practice with smaller holes, increasing their accuracy and confidence.

Additional Info

For those who don’t want to build the putting green themselves, Camry Golf also offers pre-built putting greens with similar quality at affordable prices. The pre-built greens come with a rubber-backed base, a tall backstop, and are just as durable as the DIY option.

SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green


SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green is an innovative product from Indoor Golf Shop that is perfect for golfers who want to practice at home or in their office or garage. This putting green has several features that make it stand out from other indoor putting greens.

Description and Features


SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green is designed to fit comfortably in most rooms and spaces, making it accessible to more golfers. The straight-putt design of this putting green makes it ideal for putts up to around ten feet.

Additionally, this green has two cup locations, one centered and one off-center, which gives golfers the opportunity to practice putts that break both left and right.

Turf Mimics Well-Manicured Bentgrass

The turf used in the

SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green is a unique blend that mimics the texture and characteristics of well-manicured Bentgrass. The turf provides an almost lifelike roll, resulting in a realistic and authentic putting experience.

This turf rolls at 10 on the USGA Stimpmeter, making it firm but not too fast for practice purposes.

Interlocking Polymer Plastic Tiles


SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green is designed to be easy and quick to assemble. It has an interlocking polymer plastic tile, which comes numbered to provide ease of installation.

Once assembled, this putting green is stable and durable, providing hours of practice time and entertainment.

What is Included

When purchased, the

SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green comes with high-impact panels that are both lightweight and durable. The panels are pre-drilled, and everything needed for assembly is included in the kit.

The turf is of high quality, and two cups are provided. The base assembly instructions are also included, and for those who want additional challenge, the foam undulation kit is optional.


In conclusion, putting greens are essential for any golfer looking to improve their game and practice regularly. With the

Camry Golf DIY Putting Green and

SIGPRO Tap-In Putting Green, there is an option that will accommodate every golfer’s budget, free time, and space.

Whether DIY or pre-built version, there is more than one way to access quality greens in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, both options are durable, realistic, and offer a valuable opportunity for practicing different aspects of putting.

These greens are sure to provide ample entertainment and help improve your game.

PuttView P7 Putting Green


PuttView P7 Putting Green is a truly innovative and interactive putting green that includes green-reading technology. It is aimed at golfers of all levels, from recreational golfers, professionals, and coaches.

This interactive putting green comes with several features that make it stand out from other putting greens in the market.

Description and Features

The PuttView P7 interactive putting green is installed with a high-end technology projector and ball-tracking camera to provide a unique and immersive experience for golfers. Through an integrated touchscreen, golfers can select a point on the green and generate a putting line.

The contours of the green are analyzed, and the technology generates a line that shows the ball’s trajectory, velocity, and direction for that specific putt.

How it Works

The PuttView P7 interactive putting green uses augmented-reality technology to project a virtual image of the putting line onto the green surface. The technology generates an accurate and realistic depiction of the break and slope of the green, ensuring an optimum green-reading experience for golfers.

With this green, you can also enjoy several interactive games, including a putting competition with friends or family. The PuttView app connects to the P7 putting green, allowing you to view historical data and statistics about your putting accuracy.

Additional Info

The PuttView P7 interactive putting green comes in two different versions: Basic and Pro. The Basic version has all the essential features, including the projector, ball-tracking camera, and touchscreen display.

The Pro version includes more advanced technology, such as the ability to generate a 3D analysis of your putting stroke.

The green comes as a self-assembly kit that can be easily installed by yourself.

Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green


Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green is a putting green that does not disappoint, balancing durability and performance perfectly. This large putting green provides ample space for practicing putting, chipping, and pitching techniques in an authentic environment.

Description and Features

The Country Club V2 green has a large surface area, up to 6×12 inches, providing more than enough space for golfers of all levels to practice their putting techniques. The green is designed to incorporate the True Roll Technology, ensuring that the ball rolls true and consistently, providing an authentic putting experience.

V2 Improvements

In the latest version of the Country Club V2 Green, Big Moss has introduced significant improvements to take the putting experience to a higher level. This version includes a stadium-like backstop that raises the rim of the green, preventing the ball from rolling off the edge while working on putting.

The rubber-backing of the green provides adequate support and stability, preventing any sliding while working on putting, chipping, or pitching. Additionally, the green features branded break pads that provide different levels of breaks and contours to the green, allowing golfers to practice different types of putts.

The surface of the green has been treated with advanced wrinkle-free materials, ensuring that the green looks new and pristine even after years of use.

What is Included

The Country Club V2 Green comes with a chipping mat and limited-flight chipping balls that allow golfers to improve their chipping performance. Hole reducers are also included, which fit the regulation holes and can be used to create a smaller target area for practicing accuracy during putting.


In conclusion, these two putting greens are making big waves in the market for all kinds of golfers. While the

PuttView P7 Putting Green appeals to those who have an affinity for cutting-edge technology, the

Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green provides durability and performance for those who prefer to keep it traditional.

Both greens offer distinct features that are priced differently between the two and definitely catering to specific needs. Regardless of your budget and preferences, the importance of having a putting green to practice your skills should not be overlooked, and with these two products being available, you are assured of a valuable, realistic, and efficient golf green-reading experience.

In conclusion, indoor putting greens are an essential investment for golfers of all levels who want to improve their game and practice regularly. With different options available to cater to varying budgets, space availability and preferences, choosing the right green to suit your needs is just a few clicks away.

From DIY to innovative, interactive features, getting used to golf greens has never been easier. It’s worth noting that having a putting green in your home provides ample entertainment, saves money and time from traveling to golf courses and, most importantly, hones your putting skills.


1. What are indoor putting greens?

Indoor putting greens are golf equipment that allows golfers to practice their putting indoors. 2.

What are the benefits of having an indoor putting green? Indoor putting greens provide golfers with the ability to practice their putting skills rain or shine, in the comfort of their own home.

3. What should you consider when choosing an indoor putting green?

Factors to consider when choosing an indoor putting green include the quality of the turf, size, ability to play break, durability, and budget. 4.

Are indoor putting greens affordable? Indoor putting greens come in a range of budget options, from simple putting mats to high-end models with advanced features.

5. Can indoor putting greens help improve my putting skills?

Yes, practicing on an indoor putting green can improve your putting skills through consistent practice and feedback on your technique. 6.

Are indoor putting greens easy to assemble? Most indoor putting greens come with instructions that make assembly easy, and some even require no assembly at all.

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