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Srixon’s ZX7 Mk II Driver: The Perfect Balance of Workability and Forgiveness

When it comes to golf equipment, drivers are perhaps the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag. A driver can make or break your round, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your game.

Srixon’s ZX7 Mk II driver is the latest addition to their lineup. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ZX7 Mk II and compare it to the original ZX7 and the ZX5 Mk II.

We’ll also explore its suitability for different golfers and the importance of making an informed purchase.

Comparison to Original ZX7 and ZX5 Mk II

First, let’s compare the ZX7 Mk II to its predecessors. The original ZX7 driver impressed golfers with its adjustable hosel, allowing players to fine-tune their loft, lie, and face angle.

The ZX7 also featured Srixon’s “rebound frame” technology, which increases ball speed by flexing at impact and returning energy to the ball. However, the ZX7 was relatively unforgiving on mishits, making it a better fit for skilled players.

The ZX5 Mk II, on the other hand, prioritized forgiveness over workability. The clubhead was slightly larger than the ZX7, resulting in a higher MOI (moment of inertia) and greater stability on off-center hits.

The ZX5 Mk II still featured adjustable hosel and rebound frame technologies but was more suited to mid- to high-handicap golfers. The ZX7 Mk II attempts to find a middle ground between these two designs.

Like the original ZX7, it has a more compact clubhead and is geared towards skilled players. However, it also features an updated rebound frame that increases ball speed on off-center hits and improves forgiveness.

The ZX7 Mk II also offers a new sole design that provides better turf interaction and improves shot-making.

Suitability for Different Golfers

So, who is the ZX7 Mk II best suited for? As with any club, it’s important to consider your skill level and playing style when choosing a driver.

The ZX7 Mk II is likely to appeal most to skilled players who prioritize workability over forgiveness. Its compact clubhead and adjustable hosel make it easier to shape shots and fine-tune your ball flight.

The updated rebound frame and sole design also provide some forgiveness on off-center hits, but this driver requires solid ball-striking to get the most out of it. For mid- to high-handicap players, the ZX5 Mk II is probably a better fit.

Its larger clubhead and higher MOI will help reduce the impact of off-center hits, resulting in more consistent distances. However, for those players looking for a more workable driver, the ZX7 Mk II could still be an option if they have the skills to take advantage of its performance.

Importance of Informed Purchase

Whether you’re a skilled player or a high-handicapper, it’s important to make an informed purchase when shopping for a driver. With so many options on the market, it can be tempting to just go with the club that looks the coolest or has the most marketing hype.

However, taking the time to understand your own game and the strengths and weaknesses of different drivers can make a big difference in how well you play. One crucial step in making an informed purchase is to read reviews from other golfers.

Reviews can help you understand the performance, feel, and playability of a driver from the perspective of someone who has used it in real-world conditions. Of course, reviews are just one piece of the puzzle, and it’s always a good idea to try a club out for yourself before making a purchase.


So, what are golfers saying about the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver? Here’s a summary of some of the key feedback we’ve seen:

Positive Feedback

– Skilled players appreciate the workability of the club and its ability to shape shots. – The updated rebound frame technology provides better forgiveness on off-center hits.

– The sole design improves turf interaction and shot-making.

Negative Feedback

– The compact clubhead may not be forgiving enough for mid- to high-handicap players. – Some golfers struggled to get consistent distances with the club.

– The sound and feel of the club may not be to everyone’s liking. Sources of


– Golf Digest gives the driver 4.5 stars, praising its workability and forgiveness.

– MyGolfSpy also gave the club high marks, calling it “one of the best options for better players.”

– Customers on the Srixon website have given the driver an average rating of 4.9 stars out of five.


In conclusion, the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver offers a blend of workability and forgiveness that will appeal to skilled players. However, mid- to high-handicap players may find the clubhead too compact and unforgiving for their game.

Making an informed purchase, including reading reviews and trying out clubs for yourself, is crucial to finding the right driver for your game. At the end of the day, the right driver can make a significant difference in your performance on the course.


The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver boasts a range of features that aim to improve performance for skilled players. Here’s a closer look at some of the key technologies integrated into the club:

Rebound Frame: The ZX7 Mk II features an updated version of Srixon’s rebound frame technology.

The frame wraps around the front of the clubface, flexing at impact and returning energy to the ball. This results in increased ball speed and distance, even on off-center hits.

The added forgiveness of the rebound frame should appeal to skilled players who value workability but also want some margin for error. Variable Thickness Face: The face of the ZX7 Mk II is designed with varying thicknesses, allowing for a larger sweet spot and optimal ball speed across the face.

This feature combines with the rebound frame to produce enhanced distance on solid strikes, making the driver ideal for golfers who are looking to maximize their ball speed for greater distance. Star Frame Crown: The ZX7 Mk II’s crown is reinforced with a Star Frame structure.

This feature redistributes weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, resulting in higher MOI (moment of inertia) and greater stability on off-center hits. The Star Frame Crown also lowers the center of gravity, making it easier to achieve a high launch angle with a lower spin rate, two essential factors in achieving optimal driving distance.

Adjustable Hosel: Keeping with the standard of adjustability of their woods, the ZX7 Mk II driver has an adjustable hosel that offers 8 different settings to fine-tune your loft, face angle, and lie. These settings allow you to customize the driver to your swing and playing style.

Two-Weight Ports: The driver’s two weight ports in the sole allow you to add or remove weight to manipulate ball flight and achieve optimal performance for your swing. Adding weight to the rear port results in a higher launch angle and more forgiveness, while adding weight to the front port produces a lower launch angle and more penetrating flight.

These weight ports aim to provide golfers with further customization options, allowing them to make the driver that perfectly aligns with their playing style.

Customization Options

Along with the adjustable hosel and weight ports for adjustability, the ZX7 Mk II also offers a range of customization options. Golfers can choose from three different shaft options: the Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX, the Tensei AV Raw Blue, and the Mitsubishi Diamana TB.

The stock shafts come in a range of flex options, so you can find the one that matches your swing. Golfers can also choose from six different grip options to get the feel they prefer.

Customization options extend to the driver’s aesthetics, with the option to choose from two colorways: a “Tour Reserved” white and grey or an “Onyx Black” look.

Stock Info

The ZX7 Mk II driver is available in three different lofts: 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees. This range allows golfers to find the right combination of loft and shaft to maximize their launch and spin rates for optimum performance.

The driver is come with free Arccos Smart Sensors pre-installed, which enables golfers to track their shots automatically, providing data on performance after every round. The sensors work by pairing with a golfer’s smartphone through a free app that provides analytics on every round of golf played through the course of a one-year trial.

The sensors help golfers and their coaches identify areas for improvement in their golf game. The club also comes with a year’s worth of app support for the Arccos Smart Sensors.

The sensors can also be paired with other clubs in the set, giving you data on your performance on par 4 and par 5 courses. The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver offers a combination of technology, customization, and performance that is unmatched in the market.

Srixon’s commitment to this model with technology that can automatically measure your shots is evidence of the manufacturer’s dedication to providing golfers with the best drivers money can buy.


The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is a well-designed club that offers a range of features suited for skilled players. From the adjustable hosel to the variable thickness face, the driver contains design elements that are both forgiving and customizable.

Furthermore, it’s customization options give golfers the ability to hone their swing while personalizing the look and feel of the club. The ZX7 Mk II driver is a fantastic option for golfers who want to fine-tune and customize their driver and improve their overall performance.

With its combination of technology, design, and features, the ZX7 Mk II is one of the more versatile drivers on the market.


The performance of the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is impressive, thanks to the sophisticated technologies integrated into its design. Here are some ways in which the driver excels on the course:


Golfers will appreciate the increased ball speed provided by the updated rebound frame and variable thickness face. The driver produces a higher launch angle and lower spin rate compared to its predecessor, the original ZX7, resulting in improved distance.

Golfers who were fans of the original ZX7 will appreciate the slightly higher launch and lower spin characteristics of the ZX7 Mk II because it’s ideal for golfers who seek more forgiveness in their club. Reviewers have noted that the driver produces an average distance similar to that of other drivers on the market.

However, with the customization options offered with the weights in the sole of the club, golfers can achieve a variation of distances producing control of their game.


The ZX7 Mk II offers significant forgiveness on off-center hits, similar to the ZX5 Mk II driver. The updated rebound frame and variable thickness face minimize the loss of ball speed on mis-hits, resulting in fewer yards lost on drives that are struck towards the toe and heel of the club.

The forgiveness offered by the driver makes it suitable for a wider range of golfers than the original ZX7, considering that the club is equipped with the customizability of the weight ports, golfers can find the perfect balance of forgiveness without losing the workability of the clubhead. Playability/Trajectory

The driver’s slightly higher launch and lower spin characteristics can produce a penetrating ball flight depending on the weights placed in the sole.

The two weight ports in the sole allows for fine-tuning, producing a repeatable and consistent ball flight for golfers of all skill levels. However, the real key to this club’s playability depends on the golfer’s skill level and understanding of their preferences in shot shaping.


The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver has a sleek, elegant look that will appeal to golfers who prefer simplicity and workability over flashiness and bright colors. The crown of the driver is a deeper matte black color with subtle highlights that won’t dazzle golfers who prefer classic looks.

The lack of color on the drivers crown focuses on the performance of the driver, making it easier for golfers to align their shots without any distractions.

Shape and Design

The ZX7 Mk II driver has an updated shape and design that offers a refined and polished look. The clubhead is slightly more rounded and compact than the original ZX7, with an improved Star Frame crown structure that enhances the driver’s performance and sound.

It still maintains the classical look that impressed golfers with the original ZX7 model, but now looks sleeker with the new updates. Srixon’s focus on workability is reflected in the driver, the shape, and design of the club head and should appeal to skilled golfers who prefer traditional looks over gimmicky designs.

The new-look provides golfers with an appreciation of the driver’s performance characteristics backed by Srixon’s innovation and technologies.


The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is an impressive and customizable club that performs well on the course. With features that prioritize workability and forgiveness, the club is suitable for a range of golfers, from skilled players to mid- to high-handicappers.

The driver’s sophisticated technologies, such as the rebound frame, variable thickness face, and Star Frame Crown, deliver improved distance and forgiveness while maintaining the ability to work the ball on demand. The driver’s look is elegant and traditional, reflecting Srixon’s commitment to performance and workability over flashy designs.

In conclusion, the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is a high-performing and versatile club that offers customization, workability, and forgiveness backed by Srixon’s innovation and design know-how. This driver aligns with Srixon’s mission for providing consistent performance to golfers of all skill levels while maximizing their playability and enjoying the game.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of a driver during impact can be just as important as its performance on the course. Here’s what golfers can expect from the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver in terms of sound and feel:

Impact Sound

Most golfers enjoy the sound of their driver hitting the sweet spot. With the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver, the sound is responsive and crisp, thanks to the updated Star Frame Crown structure that optimizes energy transfer.

The sound produced at impact is decidedly quieter than many drivers on the market, making it appealing for golfers who prefer a more muted sound when hitting their drives.

Feel of Titanium Construction

Golfers will also appreciate the feel of the ZX7 Mk II driver during their swing. The drivers construction material of Titanium, which has a lower density, allows for a unique feel of the clubhead allowing the golfer a sense of greater control and feedback during the swing.

The driver feels light and responsive in the golfer’s hands, allowing for a smoother and more controlled swing.

Mis-Hit Feedback

While golfers may not want to mis-hit their drives, it’s essential to understand how a driver performs on mishits. The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver provides moderate mis-hit feedback, with the club providing a slight vibration upon impact.

Despite this feedback, the updated rebound frame and variable thickness face in the driver minimizes loss of ball speed, maintaining forgiveness on an off-center strike.

Where to Buy

The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is available at a range of online retailers, including the Srixon website and Amazon. These retailers offer competitive pricing and fast shipping, making it easy for golfers to purchase the driver online.

Customization and Financing Options

When purchasing from Srixon’s website, customers can take advantage of customization options that allow them to personalize the driver to their preferences. The driver can be modified with different shafts, grips, and even paint fill options.

Along with customization options, Srixon offers financing through Affirm, which allows customers to break their payments into manageable installments over time, making a purchase of the top-of-the-line driver easier to stomach for golfers who want the best but struggle to pay it all at once.


The Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver is a well-rounded club that delivers on performance, customization, and affordability. Its responsive impact sound, unique titanium construction material, and moderate mis-hit feedback offer golfers of all skill levels the chance to experience optimal play on the course.

The driver is widely available through online retailers, with the Srixon website offering customization options to golfers who want to personalize the club to fit their game. Srixon’s Affirm financing and customization options, paired with competitive pricing, making it tempting to purchase what is the current best-of-breed driver for golfers of all levels.

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