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Revolutionizing Golf: The Top Golf Stats Apps to Improve Your Game

Golf Stats Apps: How They Can Improve Your Game

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. Technology has made it possible to track & measure key data points as players progress and overcome new challenges.

The growth of golf statistics apps has been made possible by the development of devices like smartphones that are easily accessible to millions of players worldwide. In this article, we will dive into the importance of Golf stat tracking and highlight the top 5 golf apps available to players today.

Golf Stat Tracking Importance

It is said that knowledge is power, and that statement is particularly true for golf. When you start to track your game statistics, you can begin to identify your areas of improvement.

Knowing what aspects of your game you need to work on can assist you in developing personalized practice plans to achieve your goals and address areas of struggle.

Another benefit of golf stat tracking is to be able to analyze the improvement in your game.

Tracking how your performance changes over time based on data-driven decisions can help you understand how to progress and become a better golfer.

Top 5 Golf Stats Apps

1. Golfshot

Golfshot is one of the top-rated golf apps available today.

This app features auto-shot tracking, GPS distances, statistics tracking, handicap index, Augmented Reality (AR), swing machine learning, and shot tracking. The augmented reality feature of this app enhances the cart-screen display features while shot tracking options offer video and image measurement, plus a summary of how each stroke has impacted your progress.

Golfshot has a free version, and a Pro version that allows for more advanced functionality. 2.


MyRoundPro is an excellent golf stat tracking app designed for players wanting to have a better understanding of their game. It features post-round analysis, tailor-made insights, stat comparisons, and an easy-to-use interface.

MyRoundPro incorporates the Strokes Gained method developed by Dr. Mark Broadie to offer insights into every part of your game’s performance. This app uses artificial intelligence to analyze your game and gain detailed insights into strengths and weaknesses.

3. GolfNow

GolfNow app is the perfect tool for keeping track of your golfing activities.

It is packed with features like GPS Rangefinder, real-time weather, hole descriptions, digital scorecards, challenges, and a tee-time booking service. This app offers a comprehensive platform to be able to manage a wide range of critical golfing tasks.

4. Arccos Golf

Arccos Golf is an app connected with sensors that can be attached to your golf club, enabling it to track and analyze the player’s game automatically.

The system also provides insightful data on your game, including club performance analysis, historical data, and unique GPS-based hole insights.


The Grint

The Grint is one of the most comprehensive golf apps on the market, combining social media-style interaction with easy-to-understand analytical tools. It features a scorecard that keeps track of your stats on every hole automatically.

The app includes side games, GPS, tournament management, and easy stats tracking.

The Grint is perfect for more advanced golfers wanting to improve their game and enter tournaments while enjoying the social aspects of golfing.

Golfshot pricing

Golfshot offers two versions, free or Pro. The free version provides basic features like GPS annotations, scorecards, and real-time course updates.

With a Pro version, users get to enjoy additional benefits such as more advanced GPS insights, video coaching, and caddie advice. Pricing for the Pro version varies depending on the package you choose, ranging from $4.99 to $199.99 annually.

In conclusion, Golf Stats apps have revolutionized the game of golf by providing valuable, data-driven insights into a player’s game performance. They make it possible for players to identify areas of improvement and tailor their practice plans to improve their game.

Golfshot, MyRoundPro, GolfNow, Arccos Golf, and the Grint are all excellent apps that golfers can use to improve their game. Thanks to innovative technology, we are seeing the evolution of the sport and a better experience for players everywhere.

Golf is a sport that requires practice, patience, and precision. Thanks to modern technology, the sport has evolved and become more engaging and exciting for players.

One of the most significant developments in the sport’s technology space is the introduction of golf apps, which offer golfers a way to track and analyze their game. In this article, we will be expanding on two of the most popular golf apps,

The Grint, and


The Grint

The Grint is a widely popular golf app that provides users with a holistic experience of the game. It includes all the essential features any golfer needs to improve their game.

The USPGA handicap system feature is one of the standout features of this app, allowing you to establish a handicap index and monitor the improvement of your golf game.

The picture-based scorecard feature helps you keep track of your score automatically and categorizes each shot by color-coded categories.

It provides an in-depth analysis of your performance and identifies where you need to improve. This feature is perfect for beginners who want to know where to focus their practice efforts.

The digital score tracking feature is intuitive, allowing you to keep track of your performance with ease.

The Grint allows you to store your scores, monitor your progress and access historical data.

The stats-tracking features provide in-depth analysis of critical performance factors, including putting, chipping, fairways hit, and greens reached in regulation.

The Grint provides access to many analysis tools that can help you improve your game. The app includes features like a club recommendation tool, in-depth analysis of your round, and the ability to view your progress over time.

The Grint’s analysis tool is one of the most comprehensive in the market, providing valuable insights on your game.

The Grint pricing

The Grint offers both free and subscription-based versions. The free version of the app provides access to the essential golfing features, including USPGA handicap system, picture scorecard feature, and stat tracking.

The app also offers a premium subscription option, which includes advanced features such as access to live scoring and GPS tracking. The premium subscription is available at a cost of $39.99 per year and provides users with full access to all the app’s features.


18Birdies is a popular golf app that offers the perfect combination of social networking features, tournament management, and coaching tools. This app is the perfect choice for golfers who want to take their game to the next level.

18Birdies features a score tracking feature which enables you to keep track of your games quickly and easily. The app offers a proprietary AI-powered swing analyzer that provides insights into the quality of your swings.

This feature helps golfers of all skill levels get the most out of their game. The AI-powered swing analyzer identifies areas where you need improvement.

The coach feature provides customized coaching tips based on data derived from your swing analyzer. It helps you improve your swing and ultimately improve on your score.

The coach feature is invaluable to novice and advanced players alike.

18Birdies app also offers golfers access to course reviews, which allows you to read reviews of golf courses submitted by other users. It provides golfers with useful information about unfamiliar courses.

The app is also equipped with tournament management features, which allow you to manage and organize tournaments quickly.

18Birdies pricing


18Birdies app offers a free version that provides users with access to essential features like score-tracking, tee-time bookings, and GPS rangefinder. The app also offers a premium subscription that allows users to access advanced features, including the AI-powered swing analyzer, analytics dashboard, and advanced GPS mapping.

The premium subscription is available in two tiers, $4.99 per month for the Pro version and $9.99 per month for the Pro Plus version. The Pro Plus version includes lesson plans from professional golfers and upgraded tee-time scheduling.

In conclusion, both

The Grint and

18Birdies are high-quality golf apps offering an array of features to golfers looking to improve their game.

The Grint’s primary focus is on providing detailed statistics and analysis tools, while

18Birdies provides golfers with social networking features, tournament management, and a proprietary coach feature.

With these apps, golfers can analyze their game better, improve their skills, and connect with other golfers around the world. For many golfers, understanding which aspects of their game to work on is one of the foremost challenges.

A helpful coach can provide valuable insights to enhance the experience, regardless of skill level. Golf Stats Coach is an app that provides unique tools for coaches and golfers alike.

In this article, we will explore the app’s features and its pricing structure. Golf Stats Coach: Features for Coaches and Golfers

The Golf Stats Coach app offers golfers and coaches valuable insights that can be used to improve their game.

By providing remote coaching, the app makes it possible for coaches to coach players regardless of their location. Additionally, the app provides coaching reviews for individual players, providing an opportunity for self-improvement.

Golf Stats Coach is equipped with a customizable coach app feature that lets coaches customize their app interface. This ensures that players receive a tailored coaching experience, allowing for personalized feedback.

Additionally, the app comes with filming angles that are essential for capturing video footage of your swings and identifying areas that need improvement. The app’s messaging feature enables players to communicate with their coaches quickly.

From simple questions to detailed feedback, this feature allows for efficient and precise feedback from coaches to players. Golf Stats Coach also provides payment options, enabling users to support their coaches financially.

For coaches, Golf Stats Coach offers an easy-to-use, streamlined system they can use to share tips, provide drills, and schedule remote coaching sessions. The app provides a convenient way to stay in touch with your students and advance their learning no matter their location.

Golf Stats Coach: Pricing

Golf Stats Coach is free for golfers to use, providing essential game analysis tools, filming angles, and messaging. The app’s subscription-based system is only available to coaches, providing a range of tools to help them manage their students.

Coaches can opt into several subscription plans, starting with a single coach plan that includes basic features such as messaging and remote coaching, priced at $39.99 a month. There is also a premium plan available that includes more advanced features like customized coach apps and payment management options.

Planning to use the app for a golf academy or have multiple coaches on staff? The Golf Stats Coach’s bulk subscription program covers a group of coaches working together under one plan.

This program offers tools tailored to group coaching and training, ensuring all coaches have access to the more advanced features such as customized coach apps and personalized payment management options. Additionally, coaches using the app to offer remote online coaching can set their own prices by applying their guidelines.

This allows coaches to determine how best to structure their pricing while managing their business from the comfort of their device. In conclusion, the Golf Stats Coach app offers an exceptional experience for golfers and coaches alike.

With the customized coach app feature, coaches can provide tailored lessons to their students while communicating feedback with golfers via the messaging feature. The payment options on the app also make it great for coaches looking to monetize their skills.

Golfers can access the app free of charge, providing them with valuable insights into their game that can help them improve their skills. Whether you’re a golfer or a coach, the Golf Stats Coach app is an excellent tool to enhance your golfing experience.

In summary, golf stats apps have become indispensable tools for players looking to improve their game. Apps like Golfshot,

The Grint,

18Birdies, and Golf Stats Coach provide essential features such as auto shot tracking, GPS distances, statistics tracking, analysis tools, and coaching features that enable golfers to track their progress, identify areas to work on, and receive valuable insights from coaches remotely.

The apps offer free versions with essential features and premium subscriptions with advanced features, making them accessible to all players regardless of skill level or budget. Using these apps provides golfers with a personalized game analysis that can help them improve their skills and become better golfers.


1. Are golf stats apps only suitable for professional golfers?

No, golf stats apps are suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from novice to professional. 2.

Are golf stats apps free? Most golf stats apps offer a free version with essential features, while premium subscriptions with advanced features are available for a fee.

3. How do golf stats apps help golfers improve their game?

Golf stats apps provide essential features such as analysis tools, statistics tracking, coaching features, and shot tracking that enable golfers to track their progress, identify areas to work on, and receive valuable insights from coaches remotely. 4.

Can golf stats apps be used for coaching? Yes, some golf stats apps such as Golf Stats Coach provide coaching features that enable coaches to provide lessons and feedback to their students remotely.

5. Are golf stats apps easy to use?

Yes, most golf stats apps are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear instructions and concise features that can be easily navigated.

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