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Revolutionize Your Golf Game with the Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch

Do you love golf but struggle with finding the correct distance to the green? If so, you’re not alone.

Many golfers find themselves frustrated with the range-finder or find the process of measuring the distance time-consuming, which can hurt their game. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem that can not only boost your confidence but speed up the pace of the game.

One such solution is the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch. In this article, we’ll discuss how the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch functions as a range-finder and explain why it’s worth considering.

We’ll also highlight the features that make it stand out from other GPS watches on the market.

Problem with finding distance to green

Golfers often experience difficulties estimating the correct distance to the green. Traditional range-finders can be time-consuming and require additional equipment to carry during the game.

Finding the right club to use becomes much harder if there isn’t an accurate measurement of the yardage. This is where the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch comes in handy.

Unlike traditional range-finders, the Garmin Approach S20 is wearable, making it more convenient and less cumbersome to use during the game.

Wearable GPS watches as a solution

With a GPS watch, golfers can instantly find their distance to the green with the push of a button. This not only saves time, but it also boosts confidence in club selection.

Golfers who know the yardage can aim for better accuracy and take fewer shots. Additionally, the Garmin Approach S20 helps golfers keep up with the pace of play.

By knowing distance without having to spend time estimating, golfers can move from shot to shot faster and, as a result, make the game more enjoyable.

Description of Garmin S20

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of a wearable GPS watch let’s get into the specifics of the Garmin Approach S20. This GPS watch is compact and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear while playing.

The watch tracks stats such as fairway hits and putts per round, which can help golfers identify areas where they need to improve their game. The S20 is not just a watch; it includes features to make it more user-friendly and functional.

Feedback and display features

One of the standout features of the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is its readabilty. The yardages are clear and easy to read, and the watch displays the hole number, outline, and par.

The watch features button-driven technology, which allows easy navigation through the different tracking and display options. The dynamic yardage feature of the watch shows golfers the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green.

The S20 also has an

AutoShot feature, which automatically tracks shots and records where they landed using GPS technology. This feature doubles as a more in-depth tracking technology, while Garmin’s TruSwing sensor offers swing metrics for further analysis of a player’s game.


The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is an excellent tool for golfers looking to improve their club selection and pace of play. The watch’s advanced technology allows golfers to accurately measure yardages, which boosts confidence and leads to better performance.

With its lightweight, comfortable design, and user-friendly interface, the S20 is a great choice for all levels of golfers looking to simplify their game while still being as analytical and statistical as possible.

Basic requirements for users

Before purchasing the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch, it’s essential to know the basic information about the watch. The watch comes with a monochrome LCD screen that displays the yardages, hole number, outline, and par.

This simple design makes the information easy to read and understand, which is essential in a fast-paced game like golf. The user-friendly interface allows for quick button-driven navigation to access all the features of the watch.

Advanced requirements for users

If users are looking for a more colorful and exciting experience, the Garmin Approach S20 has got them covered. The watch has a touch screen interface for quick and easy navigation between different options.

Users can customize the watch face by choosing from different designs and colors that suit their preferences. The watch comes with a colorful

CourseView feature that shows a bird’s eye view of the course and allows golfers to move the pin location on the green for more accurate yardages.

AutoShot feature

The Garmin Approach S20 comes with an

AutoShot feature that detects and records every shot taken on the fairway. This feature connects to the Garmin Connect Mobile app and Garmin Golf app (both of which are free) for golfers to monitor their performance on the course.

With AutoShot, golfers can see every shot recorded and even look at the map afterward to gain insights into where they need improvement. They can also keep an eye on their putts per round to strategize and develop their approach.

Preloaded courses

The Garmin S20 comes preloaded with over 41,000 global golf courses, which is pretty much every notable golf course worldwide. This is a huge benefit since users won’t need to pay for course maps or any additional maps to access their course.

Garmin also provides free updates for golf courses in its network. Regular updates keep the watch up to date with the latest and freshest course maps, ensuring that users always have accurate information about the courses they love.

CourseView feature

The Garmin Approach S20 has a

CourseView feature that updates the watch’s maps and shows frequently played courses. With this feature, golfers can always have access to their preferred courses with accurate measurements and views.

The feature provides automatic updates when the user is nearby a course they play frequently, making preparation for recreational play both quick and easy.

Accuracy of the GPS watch

The Garmin Approach S20 uses GPS technology and additional factors to ensure the accuracy of distance measurement. These factors include weather, vegetation, course conditions, and GPS signal, which can affect the accuracy of the measurements provided.

The watches’ GPS technology ensures that the yardage displayed on the watch is accurate, which is essential in golf. When accounting for all factors, Garmin Approach S20 has a high accuracy rating, measured precisely to a few yards.

Design of Garmin S20 watch

The Garmin Approach S20 has a square-shaped, flat design, making use of a perforated silicone band that ensures optimal comfort and wearability while playing golf. The intuitive golf functionality of the watch is another vital aspect of the equipment designed specifically for golfers.

Golfers will appreciate that the Garmin S20 is a lightweight device, which means it won’t weigh them down on the course. The monochrome LCD screen delivers clear information, even in bright sunlight.

The watch interface is intuitive, making it easy to select the right item from the menu and navigate. The watch face is easy to customize, allowing users to choose from a variety of watch faces that suit their style.

Battery life of Garmin S20 watch

Golfers typically require a robust battery life, especially when they’re playing 18 holes. The Garmin S20 delivers up to 15 hours of battery life in GPS tracking mode, making it an ideal wearable to get users through the entire course.

The watch also features a power-saving mode that increases the battery life to give users up to eight weeks without GPS usage, but with still working clocks, timer, and other related features. Fitness, health, and activity tracking capabilities

Outside of golf, the Garmin S20 offers full fitness, health, and activity tracking features for users.

The watch can monitor the user’s daily activities, including steps, sleep patterns, heart rate, and calories burned. The associated Garmin Connect fitness-tracker program allows users to view and track their progress over time and set goals that mesh well with their golfing and overall lifestyle.

Portability of Garmin S20 watch

Simplicity is always best, and in the case of a golf GPS watch, this means a great balance between function and portability. With this, the Garmin Approach S20 weighs only about 1.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest watches in the category.

With its small size and convenient design, golfers can wear the watch without feeling encumbered, even when making full swings.

Water resistance of Garmin S20 watch

Golfers must have a watch that can withstand any potential weather hazards that may come their way, which is why the Garmin Approach S20 has a water resistance of up to 5 ATM. The watch is well-designed to remain under submersion for extended periods,making it one of the most endurable golf GPS watches on the market today.

Users won’t have any worries about damage to their watch while playing the game they love.

Warranty for Garmin S20 watch

Lastly, in addition to all the features stated above, the Garmin S20 is backed up by a 1-year limited warranty for consumer defects in materials or workmanship. Users will have peace of mind and an excellent warranty coverage period that they can use to assist them in the rare case that their Golf GPS Watch has a problematic issue.


In conclusion, the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is a great addition for golfers of all levels. Features such as accurate measurements, ease of use, and highly updated course maps make the watch an asset to any golf game.

Additionally, the fitness and health tracking capabilities make it an ideal wearable for any fitness enthusiast. Indeed, the Garmin Approach S20 is a great all-round device that golfers will love to use both for on and off the course daily.

Touch screen feature

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch boasts many advanced features, but one that it doesn’t have is a touch screen. This is beneficial, as it eliminates the need to regularly clean the screen every time it becomes smudged.

A simple button-driven interface makes it easier to interact with the watch, even while wearing gloves during fall and winter months when the temperature is colder. A button-driven interface also ensures that golfers won’t accidentally activate a feature while in the middle of their game due to accidental screen touches.

Backlight feature

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch features a backlight that makes it easy to read the information displayed on the screen. To activate the backlight, users simply press down on any button, and the screen illuminates.

The backlight feature is particularly useful during early morning or late afternoon hours when the sunlight is weaker than at other times of the day. Additionally, the backlight is useful when playing in low overhead light or in the shadows of trees, providing clear visibility no matter the lighting conditions.

Alternatives to Garmin S20 golf GPS

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is highly functional, but some golfers might prefer a more modern and contemporary look to their golf GPS watch. A suitable alternative for such golfers is the S40 golf watch, which comes with advanced functionality and contemporary appearance.

With the S40 golf watch, golfers will benefit from an aerial view of the hole, color touch screen, pin position indications for precise placement, and AutoShot automatic tracking. Its aesthetics and technical functionalities make it a great option for golfers looking to impress on the golf course.

Basic distance information

At its most basic level, the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch users are in a better position to make good club selection decisions, regardless of skill level. The watch helps golfers pull the right club every time by delivering accurate yardage and continuous updates about their current position on the course.

Comfort and readability

The compact and lightweight design of the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch ensures that golfers enjoy comfortable wear throughout their game. The easy-to-read display makes it easy for golfers to see data, including the hole number, yardage, and par.

The user-friendly interface can also assist golfers in switching between modes when necessary, giving them interactive access to the entire functionality of the watch.

Battery life

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch has an excellent battery life when in use. The watch can last for around 15 hours in GPS mode, enough to play multiple rounds of golf.

The watch also has a long battery life of up to eight weeks without GPS usage, giving users the freedom to use it daily for general fitness tracking.

Comparison with other golf GPS

In terms of overall functionality, the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is undoubtedly one of the best out there. The watch features golf course maps for over 41,000 golf courses worldwide, preloaded courses, regularly updated courses, and the convenient

CourseView feature.

Moreover, the watch offers health and fitness tracking features and is available with an affordable price point.

The competition, the S40 Golf Watch, for instance, offers advanced functionalities, such as an aerial view of the course, a larger and more colorful touch screen and pin position, and AutoShot automatic tracking.

Its advanced functions may justify its higher price point.

In summary, the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch, and its alternatives, each has its unique sets of features and functionalities, which golfers can personally decide whether or not they prefer those features over others.

The Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch is one of the most highly recommended devices in this category, given its accuracy and user-friendly design. Ultimately, the choice of picking a golf GPS watch is subjective, as the so-called best golf GPS watch is individual to each golfer based on their personal preferences.

Discontinuation of Garmin S20

Garmin has confirmed that it is no longer manufacturing the Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch. Despite no longer being in active production, there’s still a considerable number of Garmin

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