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Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver: An Overview and Reviews

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game on the course. One aspect that can make a significant difference is the equipment used.

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is a game-changer for many golfers, and it has been recognized by Golf Digest with a Hot List award in 2021. This article will provide an overview of the driver and highlight its features, as well as include reviews from customers who have used it.

Overview of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is part of the new line of drivers from Cobra Golf. The XB stands for ‘xtreme back’, indicating that the center of gravity is placed further back than the standard RADSPEED driver.

This design allows for higher launch and lower spin for increased distance. One of the standout features of the RADSPEED XB is the weight distribution technology.

The driver has an adjustable weight system that includes two interchangeable weights (14g and 2g). These weights can be swapped to customize the center of gravity (CG) location and fine-tune trajectory and spin.

The drivers CG can be adjusted from heel to toe and front to back, allowing for different draw and fade bias options. The driver also has a CNC-milled infinity face, which increases the area of the face that is thinner and more responsive.

This larger sweet spot provides more forgiveness on off-center hits and provides more ball speed across the face. Additionally, the driver uses a carbon wrap crown design that saves weight and redistributes it lower and deeper, resulting in increased forgiveness and ball speed.

Reviews of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

Feedback on the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver has been overwhelmingly positive, with many golfers raving about its performance on the course. Here are some of the comments from golfers who have used the driver:

Positive Reviews

– “This driver has completely transformed my game. The adjustable weights allow me to fine-tune my shot shape, and the larger sweet spot makes me more forgiving on mis-hits.” – John S., 8 handicap

– “My consistency off the tee has improved dramatically since I started using the RADSPEED XB.

I love how easy it is to adjust the weights to suit my swing.” – Sarah T., 18 handicap

– “There’s a reason this driver has won an award it’s simply amazing. The ball seems to just explode off the face, and I’ve gained an extra 20 yards on my drives!” – Matt G., 4 handicap

Negative Reviews

– “While the driver performs well, the sound at impact is quite loud and can be distracting.” – Jack M., 12 handicap

– “I found it difficult to adjust the weights to suit my swing, and I didn’t see a significant improvement in my distance or accuracy compared to my previous driver.” – Emma L. 22 handicap

– “The price point is quite high, and I’m not sure it’s worth the investment for the average golfer.” – Tom P., 16 handicap


In conclusion, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is a well-designed, high-performing driver that has been recognized for its excellence by Golf Digest’s Hot List. The weight distribution technology and infinity face design provide golfers with customization options and increased forgiveness.

The feedback from golfers who have used the driver is primarily positive, with the majority of golfers benefiting from the driver’s increased distance and accuracy. However, there are some negative comments about the price, the sound at impact, and the difficulty adjusting the weights.

In any case, for the serious golfer looking to improve their game, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is worth considering.

Features of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is packed with innovative features that help golfers optimize their golf game. Below are the key features that set the driver apart from the competition.


The RADIAL WEIGHTING technology in the RADSPEED XB driver is a highly effective weight distribution method.

The center of gravity can be adjusted by relocating the weight in a circular pattern around the head of the club. This technology provides a higher launch angle and lower spin rates, making it easier to hit long, straight drives.

2. CNC-Milled Infinity Face

The CNC-Milled Infinity Face of the driver is precision milled to produce a larger sweet spot with extended ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.

The face of the driver is also thinner, providing more flexural strength and overall speed off the face. 3.

T-Bar Speed Chassis

The T-Bar Speed Chassis of the driver is made from titanium and covers the rear section of the clubhead. This feature provides a tremendous amount of stability and helps golfers hit straighter and longer shots.

4. Carbon Wrap Crown

The Carbon Wrap Crown design of the driver is used to distribute weight lower and deeper into the clubhead, which helps golfers hit higher, more penetrating shots.

Additionally, it saves significant weight, which is relocated to strategic positions around the head of the club. 5.

Arccos Sensors

The Arccos Sensors included with the RADSPEED XB driver allow golfers to track their shots with GPS accuracy. The sensors are seamlessly integrated into the grip and automatically register every shot, providing data-driven insights on how to improve your golf game.

6. Comparison to Original RADSPEED Driver

The RADSPEED XB driver is an evolution of the original RADSPEED driver from Cobra Golf.

The main difference between the two versions is the placement of the weight, with the XB version featuring a more back-center CG location, providing Golfers an opportunity to hit higher-launching, and lower-spinning drives. The RADSPEED XB also has additional launch and spin reduction technology, making it more forgiving off the fairway.

Stock Information for the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver comes with a variety of stock features, allowing golfers to customize their club to their unique style and preferences. 1.

Available Lofts and Adjustable Hosel Settings

The RADSPEED XB driver comes in lofts ranging from 9 to 12 degrees, and the MyFly8 adjustable hosel provides eight loft settings and three draw-biased settings, enabling a total of 24 combinations for the perfect fine-tuning of the driver. 2.

Separate Sole Weights for Purchase

Cobra Golf offers separate sole weights for purchase, ranging from 6g to 18g, allowing golfers to further adjust the driver’s center of gravity, ball flight, and shot shape. 3.

Stock Shaft Options

The RADSPEED XB driver ships with a choice of four stock shaft options: Fujikura Motore X F1 and F3, Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue, and Aldila Rogue Silver. Each of these shafts is intended for different swing speeds and launch conditions, delivering a comprehensive range of options.

4. Stock Grip

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver comes stock with an oversize Lamkin Crossline Connect black and red grip that is compatible with the Arccos sensors.

The grip features a proprietary texture design that promotes heightened traction and club stability through impact.


The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is a well-engineered, high-performance club, designed to take your golf game to the next level. With a slew of advanced technologies such as RADIAL WEIGHTING, CNC-Milled Infinity Face, T-Bar Speed Chassis, Carbon Wrap Crown, and GPS-enabled sensors from Arccos, this driver provides golfers with a range of options to boost distance, accuracy, and overall playability.

With multiple adjustable settings in the hosel, sole weights options, and a choice of stock shafts and grips, there is a Cobra RADSPEED XB driver setup for every golfer.

Performance of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is one of the best golf drivers out there known for its performance. Below are areas where the driver excels and how it compares to the original RADSPEED driver.

1. Distance

One of the most significant benefits of the RADSPEED XB driver is its increased distance off the tee.

The driver’s COR (Coefficient of Restitution) technology is designed to maximize ball speed, resulting in increased distance. The larger sweet spot of the CNC-Milled Infinity Face and the redistribution of weight lower and deeper into the clubhead, courtesy of Carbon Wrap Crown, further contribute to distance.

2. Forgiveness

The RADSPEED XB driver is also highly forgiving.

Its weight redistribution technology provides a lot of stability and accuracy through contact with the ball. Golfers will notice an increase in forgiveness on thin or off-center hits.

Also, the driver’s RADIAL WEIGHTING system gives the driver a good level of forgivability on off-center hits. 3.


The T-Bar Speed Chassis of the RADSPEED XB driver gives a lower spin rate, and the adjustment of the driver’s center of gravity improves the playability of the club. The driver’s adjustable hosel and sole weights give golfers the ability to customize ball flight and trajectory to fit their specific needs.

The RADSPEED XB driver can hit a more penetrating shot than the original RADSPEED driver and can flight the ball at a lower angle with a low spin rate. 4.

Comparison to RADSPEED driver

The RADSPEED XB driver has a more back-located CG and is more forgiving than the original RADSPEED driver. It also has a higher launch with lower spin rate than the RADSPEED driver, which translates to more distance.

Look of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

Along with delivering commendable performance, the RADSPEED XB driver delivers a modern and visually appealing look to the golf bag. Below are some of the details that set the driver apart.

1. Design and Colour Schemes of the Driver

The RADSPEED XB driver has a sleek and aerodynamic design highlighted by Cobra Golf’s signature yellow and black colors on the sole, crown, and grip.

Additionally, the driver comes in two other color schemes: black and white, or white and black, to appeal to a broader range of golfers. 2.

Alignment Aid and Raised Crown Accents

The driver’s top alignment aid serves as an excellent visual aid for golfers while setting up to their shots. The alignment aid is a black chevron on the crown of the driver, and it is used to ensure that golfers align correctly with the ball.

The raised crown accents on either side of the chevron serve to aid players who prefer a more conservative look.


In summary, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is a high-performance driver with attributes that appeal to a wide range of golfers. The driver’s generous sweet spot, great playability, and lower spin rate result in an improvement in distance, forgiveness, and overall playing experience.

Adjustable hosel options to change loft; separate sole weight purchase options, and a choice of stock shafts highlight the flexibility that the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver gives golfers. Finally, the color schemes and contemporary design of the driver, as well as its visual aids, such as the alignment aid and raised crown accents, add another layer of value, so the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver represents an excellent option for those looking to improve their golf game and their golf bag’s aesthetics.

Sound & Feel of the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

The sound and feel of the RADSPEED XB driver are essential factors to consider when choosing a driver. Below are the driver’s details and how it stands concerning sound, feel, mis-hits, and stability.

1. Feel and Sound of the Driver

The RADSPEED XB driver has an excellent balance of weight, which contributes to a crisp feel and sound.

Many golfers describe the impact of the driver as having a solid, satisfying sound and an excellent feel. The driver has a muted, satisfying sound upon impact that golfers will appreciate.

2. Stability Through the Hit and Feel of Mis-Hits

Another crucial factor the RADSPEED XB driver excels in is stability through the swing.

With its RADIAL WEIGHTING technology, the driver’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the clubhead, giving golfers a stable, consistent feel through contact with the ball. The Carbon Wrap Crown adds additional stability through the swing, and the driver does a good job of minimizing backspin and side spin on miss-hits, making it more forgiving for off-center hits.

Where to Buy the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

When looking to purchase the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver, there are multiple options available to potential buyers. 1.

Options for Purchasing the Driver Online

Cobra Golf’s online store is the most direct source of getting the driver, but other vendors like Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods offer it. The RADSPEED XB driver can also be found at various brick-and-mortar golf shops.

2. Considerations for Choosing a Vendor

When considering which vendor to purchase the RADSPEED XB driver from, there are several factors to keep in mind.

Here are a few significant ones:

– Price: Although the cost of the driver is uniform for all vendors, shipping cost and discounts can vary, depending on the vendor. – Warranty: The driver comes with a standard one-year warranty, but some vendors also offer additional coverage for a fee.

– Customer Service: Consider vendors with accessible and competent customer service that can handle questions about the driver, processing orders, and returns. – Availability: Check each vendor’s stock availability, as some may have limited stock or pre-orders only.


The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver offers golfers exceptional performance with its innovative features and adjustable settings for loft, weight, and center of gravity. The driver’s sound and feel are a crucial element in providing the necessary feedback on each swing, and the RADSPEED XB driver hits all the right notes in this regard, providing a solid feel and pleasing sound.

Additionally, the driver offers great stability on mis-hits, reducing spin and providing forgiveness at different stroke speeds. Finally, there are plenty of options for buying the RADSPEED XB driver, and buyers need to consider factors such as price, customer service, and availability before making a purchase.

Overall, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is an excellent option for golfers looking for a driver that can help maximize their potential on the course. In conclusion, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is an excellent club that delivers exceptional performance and aesthetics to the golf bag.

The driver features innovative RADIAL WEIGHTING and CNC-Milled Infinity Face technology, which creates a larger sweet spot, incredible forgiveness, and impressive distance, along with versatile customization through its adjustable hosel and sole weight purchase options. This driver’s design and alignment aid is an appealing feature to golfers looking for an attractive club to add to their collection.

It’s available through a variety of online and in-person vendors, so golfers can quickly get their hands on this excellent club. Overall, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is an ideal option for golfers looking to improve their game while looking good doing so.


Q: What makes the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver different from other drivers in the market? A: The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver stands out for its RADIAL WEIGHTING technology, CNC-Milled Infinity Face, T-Bar Speed Chassis, Carbon Wrap Crown, and Arccos Sensors that work together to increase ball speed, forgiveness, and distance.

Q: How does the driver compare to the original RADSPEED Driver? A: The RADSPEED XB driver has a more back-located CG, is more forgiving, and has improved launch angles with lower spin rates compared to the original RADSPEED driver.

Q: Can the RADSPEED XB driver be customized to my preference? A: Yes, the RADSPEED XB driver comes with adjustable hosel and separate sole weight purchases, providing maximum customization for golfers.

Q: Where can I purchase the Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver? A: The Cobra RADSPEED XB driver is available for purchase from various online

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