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New Golf Clubs: Latest Releases and Upcoming Iron Sets

Golf enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative golf clubs to enhance their game. While there are already established brands in the market, new and upcoming brands are now offering unique and exciting clubs that catch the eye of passionate golfers.

This article aims to provide information about some of the most trendy new golf club brands in the market, as well as some lesser-known brands that offer quality at a competitive price.

Trendy New Golf Club Brands

Sub 70

Sub 70 is a direct-to-consumer golf club brand which offers premium clubs at an affordable price. They specialize in game improvement clubs, and their 949X Pro Hybrids are their most popular product.

These hybrids are perfect for golfers who struggle to hit their long irons. With a sleek design and various loft options, these hybrids can give golfers the confidence they need to take on those challenging shots.

Their product line features high-quality irons, hybrids, and woods. These clubs are made of chrome steel, giving the clubs a strong and durable finish.

Sub 70’s clubs are great for golfers of all skill levels, especially those who are making the transition from beginner to intermediate.


If you are a fan of Japanese products, then

Vega may be the brand for you.

Vega is a Japanese golf club company that specializes in forging samurai swords.

Drawing on their knowledge of metalworking,

Vega produces irons, wedges, and woods that are unlike any other golf clubs on the market. One of their most popular products is their wedges.

With a unique design and cutting edge technology,

Vega’s wedges offer unparalleled ball control and precision. The wedges are made from high-quality materials, which gives them a durable and long-lasting finish.

Vega’s gold star logo is an iconic symbol of the brand and can be found on the faces of their clubs. The logo represents both the company’s reputation for high-quality products and its Japanese heritage.


Stix is a golf club brand that is all about simplicity. Their clubs are designed to look basic and minimalistic, yet they are high-performing.

Stix offers game improvement clubs that can help golfers of all skill levels enhance their game. Their product line includes irons, hybrids, and fairway woods.

Stix’s clubs are designed with beginners in mind, but they can also be effective for experienced players.

Stix golf clubs are cost-effective and come with great features such as excellent control, increased distance, and superior accuracy.

Best Unknown Golf Club Brands

Orka Golf

Orka Golf is a custom-fitted golf club brand that offers quality clubs at a competitive price. The company offers its customers a free fitting session, where they can test out different clubs and determine the best fit for their game.

Orka’s clubs are made with high-quality materials and can compete with more established brands in terms of durability and performance. One of their most popular products is their Reflex Driver.

The club has a unique design which gives it a sleek and modern look. The driver offers increased distance and accuracy and is perfect for golfers of all skill levels.

Orka Golf offers a full range of clubs, including irons, hybrids, wedges, woods, and putters. Their clubs are engineered to provide exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that you can play with confidence.


KYOEI is a high-class, high-performing, and stylish yet simplistic golfing brand from Japan.

KYOEI’s clubs are designed by some of the best craftsmen in the industry, ensuring that the clubs are of the highest quality.

Their clubs are engineered with cutting edge technology, which provides golfers with unparalleled ball control. The clubs are made with high-quality materials, providing golfers with exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

KYOEI’s clubs are perfect for golfers who are looking for a luxurious golfing experience. Their products include irons, wedges, and woods, all designed to provide improved accuracy and distance.

BombTech Golf

BombTech Golf is an engineering-based golf brand that aims to provide average players with quality golf clubs that can help them hit straighter shots.

BombTech Golf’s clubs are designed to offer maximum performance to golfers of all skill levels.

Their most popular product is their Grenade Driver, which has been designed to provide amateur golfers with more distance and accuracy. The Grenade driver’s unique design, featuring a “trampoline effect,” helps increase ball speed and distance.

BombTech Golf offers golfers a full range of clubs, including irons, hybrids, and wedges. All of their clubs come with a money-back guarantee, providing customers with the confidence needed to give them a try.


Golf club brands are constantly evolving. While there are already established brands in the market, newer brands are now offering unique and exciting clubs that catch the eye of passionate golfers.

In this article, we have provided information about some of the most trendy new golf club brands, as well as some lesser-known brands that offer quality at a competitive price. With so many options now available, golfers can now find the perfect golf club for their game.

Independent Golf Club Brands

While established golf club brands have been around for decades, there are a growing number of independent golf club brands that offer a fresh and innovative take on the game. These independent brands are characterized by their direct-to-consumer models, unique designs, and unconventional marketing strategies.


PXG is a direct-to-consumer luxury golf club brand that was founded by billionaire Bob Parsons. The brand has gained popularity in recent years due to its innovative designs and high-quality products.

With drivers, irons, wedges, and putters in their product line,

PXG has a lot to offer for golfers of all levels. While

PXG’s clubs may come with a high price tag, their high-end quality, and unique designs are highly sought after.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic,

PXG has also made a name for itself for pivoting to create ventilators. The crisis has shown a different side to the company’s values and capabilities.


PXG is a leading independent golf brand that provides golfers with high-end luxury golf clubs that provide the performance they need to take their game to the next level.

Sub 70

Sub 70 is a relatively new independent golf club brand that has taken the industry by storm. This brand is known for its vintage feel and custom-built irons and milled putters.

The company’s unique approach to golf club design sets it apart from other brands on the market.

Sub 70’s irons are handcrafted using premium materials such as carbon steel and titanium, making them lightweight yet strong, while their putters are milled to perfection for enhanced precision. The brand’s unique approach to golf club design, combined with a direct-to-consumer model, has allowed

Sub 70 to offer high-quality, bespoke clubs at an affordable price.

This combination has led to the brand’s increasing popularity in recent years.

Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf is another independent golf club brand that offers high-quality golf clubs that are custom-crafted for golfers. The companys direct-to-consumer model enables them to offer their high-end products at a more affordable price.

Ben Hogan Golf’s unique approach to golf club design focuses on traditional values. They work to create clubs that provide players with the right club for their unique needs, keeping in mind the classic aesthetics of golf.

Their product line features a range of irons and wedges made with high-quality materials like soft carbon steel. These clubs offer a consistent feel and enhanced control for golfers of all levels.


Ben Hogan Golf is a classic independent golf club brand that offers premium-quality products that cater to a wide range of golfers.

Trendy Technology

The use of technology in golf equipment design is becoming increasingly popular among golf club manufacturers. Two of the most notable technologies being used in the golf industry are computer-assisted design software and the CNC milling method.

AI in Designing Golf Clubs

Computer-assisted design software allows golf club designers to create new designs at a faster pace than ever before. With this technology, designers can ideate and test new designs quickly, ensuring that only the best designs make it to production.

This technology provides better accuracy and control, which leads to better-performing golf clubs. Many of the latest golf clubs exhibit designs that incorporate complex curvature and intricately placed weighting systems.

These designs would have been impossible to create without the aid of computer-assisted design software. The technology is also used to analyze various performance parameters and optimize them for golfers of all levels.

CNC Milling Method

The CNC milling method is a precision machining method that is used to create intricate designs for golf clubs. This technology allows designers to manipulate the shape and surface of golf club heads in ways that were not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

This technology has been highly popular with pro equipment manufacturer Scotty Cameron, who uses it in their premium putters. The CNC milling method is also used by Cobra Golf to mill the face of their latest drivers.

One of the biggest advantages of the CNC milling method is its ability to produce golf club heads that exhibit high levels of precision and accuracy. The method can create tiny details on the clubface which can lead to better ball speed and ultimately, better performance.

Overall, golf club manufacturers continue to explore and incorporate technological advancements in their equipment designs and manufacturing processes to create golf clubs that provide golfers with exceptional performance-enhancing qualities. The world of golf is constantly evolving, and golf club manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their products.

In this article, we will explore the latest and upcoming golf club releases that are sure to capture the attention of golf enthusiasts.

Latest Golf Clubs

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Putters

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters are recent releases that have been designed to improve golfers’ short games. The putter’s microhinge face provides enhanced control over ball speed and distance, allowing golfers to putt with more confidence.

These putters also feature a sleek design with a black satin finish which creates a beautiful contrast with the green. Overall, the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters are a great option for golfers who want to improve their accuracy on the green.

Titleist T-Series Black Irons

Titleist’s T-Series Black Irons are the latest release from the company. Inspired by Titleist’s 620 CB and MB irons, the T-Series Black irons feature a sleek design with a black finish that adds a touch of elegance to the club.

These irons are crafted to provide golfers with increased ball speed and maximum forgiveness. The irons feature advanced technology such as the Max Impact technology which increases ball speed and the high-density tungsten weights which cause the club to have a high moment of inertia.

Cleveland Frontline Series Putters

The Cleveland Frontline Series putters are another recent release that golf enthusiasts should check out. These putters feature unique technology that moves the club’s center of gravity forward, leading to better stability.

The putters include options for blade and mallet style putters in a variety of finishes, including black satin and silver chrome. Golfers who are looking to improve their short game accuracy will find these putters an ideal option.

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Mizuno’s ST-Z 230 fairway woods and hybrids are the latest in the company’s line of high-quality golf clubs. The ST-Z 230 products feature advanced technology such as the carbon composite crown, which provides an improved sound and feel at contact.

The clubs feature speed-enhancing technology, such as the cortech face design, which improves ball speed across the face. These clubs are sure to be popular with golfers looking for maximum distance and control.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges

Cleveland’s CBX Full-Face wedges provide golfers with increased spin and control. The wedge’s full-face design allows golfers to hit high-quality shots with maximum stopping power.

The CBX Full-Face wedges are designed with advanced technology such as the Rotex face, which provides maximum spin and feel. Golfers will also appreciate the wedge’s sleek design, which adds a touch of elegance to their golf bag.

Wilson Staff Dynapower Irons

Wilson’s Staff Dynapower irons have been around for over fifty years and remain one of the most popular options on the market. These irons feature precision craftsmanship and advanced design techniques that provide golfers with exceptional performance.

The irons feature a midsize blade design and a sleek chrome finish, giving them a classic look. These irons are perfect for golfers who are looking for quality and precision in their game.

Cobra King Tec Hybrids


Cobra King Tec Hybrids provide golfers with a unique combination of distance and control. These hybrids feature a hollow body design that provides maximum ball speed, along with advanced weighting technology for improved accuracy.

The hybrids feature a sleek black finish and a classic look that will quickly become a favorite in any golfer’s bag. Overall, the

Cobra King Tec Hybrids are a fantastic option for golfers looking for dependable and precise hybrid clubs.

New Golf Clubs Coming Soon

Honma BERES Nx

Honma’s BERES Nx is an upcoming release that includes drivers and fairway woods, marketed as perfect for golfers who are looking to improve their performance on the course. The company’s focus is on the creation of golf clubs crafted from high-quality materials, such as the BERES Nx’s carbon crown and the titanium body.

These clubs are anticipated to provide exceptional control, speed, and distance. The company’s focus on only producing a limited number of clubs every year also ensures that each club is made with exceptional precision.

Titleist TSR1

The upcoming

Titleist TSR1 series includes drivers, fairway metals, and hybrids. The company has made use of the latest technology to design golf clubs crafted to provide maximum distance and control.

The driver features advanced aerodynamic design, allowing golfers to achieve high ball speed with minimal effort. The fairway metals and hybrids are crafted to provide golfers with maximum forgiveness and improved launch.

The clubs feature a classic Titleist design, with a sleek black finish and simple lines.

Vokey SM9

Vokey’s SM9 wedges are the upcoming release from the renowned club designer. The SM9 series will have superior spin capabilities, with more extensive, sharper grooves and edges, a more substantial CG and enhanced stability.

With eight different loft/bounce options on offer, there is likely to be a

Vokey SM9 wedge to suit every golfer’s swing style. Overall, these new golf club releases are sure to excite golf enthusiasts looking to up their game on the course.

Each of these upcoming products provides a unique combination of precision, distance, and performance-enhancing qualities. As the golfing community eagerly anticipates the release of new iron sets, club manufacturers have started to announce their upcoming releases.

In this article, we will explore some of the most anticipated new iron

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