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Navigating the Cost and Convenience of Traveling with Your Golf Clubs

Flying with Golf Clubs: Cost and Convenience

Golf is a favorite pastime for many, and avid golfers often travel with their clubs to play at new locations or for tournaments. If you’re planning to fly with your golf clubs, it’s essential to know the cost and convenience of doing so.

In this article, we’ll explore the primary keywords that can help you figure out the airlines’ costs and compare them with cheaper shipping options.

Cost of Flying with Golf Clubs

When flying with golf clubs, you can incur additional baggage fees, checked baggage fees, oversize baggage fees, and overweight charges. Most airlines have size limits for checked baggage, and golf clubs often exceed these limits.

To avoid hefty fees, it’s essential to research the rules and regulations of the airline you’re traveling with, especially if you’re flying with Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines. Delta Airlines allows one checked golf bag per person, provided it’s within their weight limit.

You can pack golf clubs in a rigid carrying case or a soft-sided golf travel bag, but they must have a limited release form attached. The good news is that you can check your golf bag as the first checked bag within your free baggage allowance, so no additional fees will be charged.

On the other hand, Southwest Airlines has a more relaxed baggage policy when it comes to golf clubs. They allow you to check up to two bags for free, which means you can travel with a hard protective case or a soft side case, including the driver heads, without incurring additional fees.

So, if you’re traveling on a budget, be sure to consider flying with Southwest Airlines. Cheaper Option: Ship Sticks

If you’re looking for a cheaper option for traveling with your golf clubs, Ship Sticks is a great choice.

With Ship Sticks, you can avoid airline baggage fees and ship your golf bag directly to your destination with UPS or FedEx. This service is available worldwide, so you can send your clubs from Los Angeles or any other location. Ship Sticks offers various shipping options to suit your needs, including Next Day Express, 2nd Day Express, 3 Day Express, and Expedited Ground.

Their standard-sized golf bag limit is 42 x 12 x 14, while their XL Golf Bag limit is 47 x 18 x 14. You’ll need to pack your clubs appropriately to ensure they’re safe and secure during transit.

Cost of Shipping Golf Clubs

Shipping golf clubs can be cheaper than flying with them, but the cost varies depending on the shipping distance and package weight. Ship Sticks offers a free quote for shipping your golf clubs, which makes it easy to compare the costs of different shipping options.

Flying vs. Shipping

In most cases, flying with Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines can be more expensive than shipping with Ship Sticks.

However, it’s worth considering the convenience factor. If you’re traveling with a large group or have other luggage to check in, shipping your golf clubs separately can be less of a hassle.


In conclusion, traveling with your golf clubs requires planning and research to avoid any additional costs. If you’re on a budget and traveling with Southwest Airlines, you’re in luck, as they have a more relaxed baggage policy.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper and more convenient option, Ship Sticks is the way to go. Use the primary keywords we’ve discussed in this article to find the best option for your travel needs and enjoy a round of golf at your next destination without worrying about your clubs.

Different Options for Transporting Your Golf Clubs

Golf enthusiasts across the globe take pleasure in playing their favorite sport. Some travel to different locations worldwide to experience new and exciting golf courses.

However, the challenge they face is carrying their golf clubs with them safely and at a reasonable cost. In this article, we will explore different options for transporting your golf clubs, including flying with your golf bag and using services such as Ship Sticks.

Transporting Your Golf Bag at the Airport

Flying with your golf bag is one of the most common ways to transport your clubs. However, it’s essential to check the airline’s baggage policy to ensure you don’t incur additional fees.

Most airlines have weight and size restrictions for checked baggage, and golf bags rarely meet those requirements. Upon arrival at the airport, head to the check-in counter with your golf bag to declare it as checked baggage.

Ensure that your golf bag is adequately packed to protect the clubs from damage during transportation. You can choose to use a hard protective case or a soft-sided bag.

Ensure that your bag has a luggage tag to make it easily identifiable in baggage claim. When you arrive at your destination, head to baggage claim to collect your checked golf bag.

You may need to wait a little longer for your bag to arrive as it may be considered oversize or overweight, requiring special handling. Remember also to check if your golf bag is damaged before leaving the airport and report any damage immediately to the airline.

Ship Sticks – A Convenient Option for Transporting Your Golf Clubs

Another option for transporting your golf clubs is to use a dedicated shipping service such as Ship Sticks. This service is convenient and straightforward and allows you to ship your golf clubs to your destination directly.

The advantage of this service is that it saves you the hassle of carrying your clubs with you and paying for your baggage fees. Ship Sticks provides door-to-door shipping services worldwide, whether you’re shipping to or from the airport or your hotel.

You can ship your golf bag with UPS or FedEx, and the service provides real-time tracking information to ensure that you can determine the exact whereabouts of your golf bag. Moreover, using Ship Sticks is cheaper than using airline services, as the company offers various shipping methods such as Ground, 3-Day Express, 2-Day Express, and Next Day Express.

When using Ship Sticks, you’ll need to ensure that your golf bag is securely packed to protect your clubs during transportation. The service offers protective boxes, which you can use to store and ship your golf clubs.

The boxes come in various sizes to suit different types of golf bags.

Convenience Is Key

The convenience of using a transportation service, such as Ship Sticks, is that it saves you valuable time and hassle, and you don’t need to take your golf clubs with you everywhere you go. You can easily schedule your golf clubs to be delivered to your hotel or the golf course.

Moreover, when you use a transportation service, you’re more likely to keep your clubs safe. Dedicated transportation services are equipped to handle shipping golf clubs, and they have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure your clubs arrive safely and undamaged.



When transporting your golf clubs, it is essential to consider the different options available to you. Flying with your golf bag remains a popular option, and it’s vital to take note of the airline baggage policy and the correct method of packing your golf clubs.

However, services such as Ship Sticks can add convenience and save you valuable time and hassle, especially when shipping your clubs worldwide. Regardless of which option you choose, remember to keep your clubs securely packed and protected during transportation.

In conclusion, transporting your golf clubs can be a hassle, but there are different options that can make this process more convenient. Flying with your golf bag requires careful research of the airline policies and proper packing, while services like Ship Sticks offer a door-to-door shipping option.

Ultimately, convenience and safety are key when transporting your golf clubs, and the right option depends on your needs and preferences. FAQs:


What is the best way to transport golf clubs? – The best way to transport your golf clubs depends on your needs and preferences, but options include flying with your golf bag or using a shipping service like Ship Sticks.

2. How can I avoid baggage fees when flying with my golf clubs?

– You can avoid baggage fees by researching the airline baggage policy and choosing an airline with a more relaxed policy, such as Southwest Airlines. Alternatively, you can use a shipping service like Ship Sticks.

3. How do I pack my golf clubs for transportation?

– You should pack your golf clubs in a hard protective case or a soft-sided golf travel bag, ensuring proper padding and protection. When using a shipping service, you can also use a protective box to securely pack your golf clubs.

4. How long does it take to ship my golf clubs using Ship Sticks?

– Ship Sticks offers various shipping options, including Ground, 3-Day Express, 2-Day Express, and Next Day Express. The time it takes to ship your golf clubs depends on the shipping method you choose.

5. Is it safer to transport my golf clubs using a shipping service or flying with them?

– Both options can be safe if properly executed, but using a shipping service such as Ship Sticks may offer more protection with specialized tools and expertise in handling and transporting golf clubs.

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