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Mastering the Green in the Rain: Tips and Gear for Golfers

Playing Golf in the Rain: Tips and Gear for Success

When the rain starts to fall, do you hang up your golf clubs for the day? As a golf enthusiast, playing in the rain might not be your first preference, but with the right gear and adjustment to your technique, it can be just as enjoyable as any other round on the course.

Let’s explore some tips and gear to keep you dry and playing well in the rain.

Gear for Playing Golf in the Rain

To start off, it’s important to have the right gear to keep you dry and comfortable while playing in the rain. Here are some essential items to consider:


Rain Jacket: A waterproof rain jacket is a must-have to keep you dry during a round of golf in the rain. It should be lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating.


Rain Gloves: Wet hands can make it challenging to grip the club properly, which can affect your swing.

Invest in a pair of rain gloves that offer good grip and prevent slippage. 3.

Golf Umbrella: A high-quality golf umbrella is an excellent addition to your rain gear. It not only protects you from the rain but can also shield you from the wind.


Towels: Carrying a few towels in your bag can come in handy to keep your club grips and golf ball dry.

Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

Now that you’re equipped with the right gear let’s get into some tips to help you play your best on a rainy day. 1.

Be Prepared: Check the weather forecast before heading out and make arrangements in case there’s a sudden downpour. It’s also crucial to dress appropriately for the weather.

2. Rent a Cart: Walking the course in the rain can be uncomfortable and may cause damage to the course.

Rent a golf cart to protect your gear and keep you dry. 3.

Focus on Keeping Your Grips Dry: Keep your grips dry by wiping them with a towel after every swing or using a golf umbrella. 4.

Cover Your Golf Clubs: Use a rain fly to cover your golf clubs if you’re leaving them on the ground. This will keep the clubface dry and prevent your grips from getting wet.

5. Keep the Golf Ball Dry: A wet golf ball can negatively affect your shot’s accuracy and distance.

Use a dry towel to wipe it before teeing up and mark it to identify it quickly. 6.

Stay Positive: Don’t let your round be defined by a few poor shots in the rain. Stay focused and maintain your concentration on every shot.

7. Take More Clubs for Your Shots: The rain can affect your swing and make it hard to hit the ball as far as you usually would.

To compensate, take an extra club or two for each shot and swing gently. 8.

Hit the Golf Ball Lower: A shallow landing angle and more roll can be beneficial when playing in the rain. To achieve this, take a lower loft club and adjust your swing to achieve this.

9. Stay Hydrated: It’s vital to stay hydrated to maintain your decision making and focus on your game.

Carry water with you or purchase some at the clubhouse.


Playing golf in the rain doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. With the right gear and adjustment to your technique, you can play a successful round and maintain a positive attitude.

Be prepared, cover your gear, keep your grips and golf ball dry, take more clubs, and stay hydrated. And remember to enjoy the game, regardless of the weather.

Playing golf in the rain can be a challenging task if you’re not prepared. But with the right gear, you can keep yourself dry and comfortable while focusing on your game.

Below are the essential items that will make up your golfing rain gear.

Rain Jacket

A good quality rain jacket is an essential part of your rain gear. When it comes to choosing the appropriate rain jacket, one of the crucial things that you should consider is its capacity to keep you dry in wet or rainy weather conditions.

It should be constructed with waterproof material, preferably Gore-Tex. This material will keep you dry and eliminate moisture buildup, which will regulate your body’s temperature.

Another essential feature to consider is the jacket’s capacity to stretch, which provides flexibility and a comfortable fit without pulling on your swing. This feature also ensures proper ventilation, which will keep your body cool during rainy weather.

Additionally, choose a rain jacket that you can layer over base clothes and an outer layer easily. It’s also essential to consider the style of the jacket to make sure it fits your budget.

Rain Gloves

When playing in the rain, it’s essential to have a good grip on the club to have complete control of your swing. Wet hands can make it challenging to hold the club correctly, and that’s where rain gloves come into the picture.

These gloves provide excellent grip, even in the wettest conditions. Rain gloves are made of a material that prevents slippage and maintains a good grip on the club.

They also come with a thin lining that provides warmth, and the material highly absorbs impacts, which improves grip stability on wet days.

Golf Umbrella

A high-quality golf umbrella is essential in your rain gear to protect you from the rain. When choosing an umbrella, consider the overall size, which should provide maximum coverage.

It should also be wind-resistant and waterproof. A high-quality golf umbrella should be built with reinforced support system that can withstand heavy winds blowing rain in different directions.

When choosing a golf umbrella, do not compromise on quality because it is one of the most critical pieces in your gear. A golf umbrella that easily breaks down or gets blown away by heavy winds won’t be of any help in rainy weather.


Wet clubs can cause discomfort during the game and interfere with your performance. That’s why towels are an essential part of your golfing rain gear.

They help you keep your hands dry for a comfortable grip on the club, which is crucial in wet weather. Additionally, towels help you wipe clean your golf ball before taking the shot, which can have a significant impact on your shot accuracy.

Choose high-quality microfiber towels that are highly absorbent and easy to access while playing the game. Make sure you have multiple towels so you can quickly grab one for your hands or your gear.

Also, consider a towel with a clip-on feature that you can attach to your golf bag for easy access whenever you need it. In conclusion, having the right gear is crucial for any golfer during a rainy day on the course.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate rain gear, always consider waterproof, wind-resistant, stretch, grip, and easy access features. That way, you can enjoy the game and stay comfortable even in wet weather conditions.

In conclusion, the right gear is crucial for golfers playing in the rain. A waterproof rain jacket, quality rain gloves, high-quality golf umbrella, and multiple microfiber towels are essential for staying dry, comfortable, and confident in wet weather conditions.

With the appropriate gear and a few simple adjustments to your technique, playing golf in the rain can be an enjoyable and successful experience.


Q: How do I choose the right rain jacket for playing golf in the rain?

A: Choose a jacket with waterproof material, GoreTex, and a capacity to stretch.

Q: What are the essentials of rain gloves?

A: Moisture-resistant material that increases the grip stability of wet hands. Q: How important is the size when choosing golf umbrellas?

A: Larger umbrellas provide maximum coverage but should also have a reinforced support system that can withstand heavy winds blowing rain in different directions. Q: How many towels do I need and what should the material be?

A: Multiple high-quality absorbent microfiber towels are recommended. Clip-on towels are also convenient.

Q: Is playing golf in the rain enjoyable? A: Yes, playing golf in the rain can be enjoyable and successful with the right gear and technique adjustments.

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