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Master Your Putts with the Mid Mallet Putter

Putting is an essential aspect of golf that can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Great putting can help players maintain their lead, win tournaments, and improve their overall golf game.

The use of the right putter can significantly affect a player’s performance, and one of the best putters you can use is the Mid Mallet Putter. What is a Mid Mallet Putter?

A Mid Mallet Putter to an extent is the perfect combination of the blade and mallet putters, with a design that is larger and heavier than a blade putter but smaller than a mallet putter. Its design features a half-moon shape with a center of gravity that is closer to the face’s front, making it easier for golfers to hit putts straighter and more consistently.

Importance of Putting in Golf:

Putting is paramount to playing great golf. Most shots in a game of golf are taken on the green, where a finesse put can determine whether or not a player can make it to the next round.

Attaining a great putting form helps players save shots, giving them an upper hand in the competition. The perfect putter for the job plays a significant role, and that’s where the Mid Mallet Putter comes in.

Advantages of Mid Mallet Putter:

1. Easier Alignment: The Mid Mallet Putter’s half-moon design allows for easy alignment of shots.

It comes with big sightlines that serve as a guide, aligning the putter respecting the hole. These alignment aids are beneficial, as an incorrect alignment can negatively affect the putt’s accuracy, leading to a loss of strokes.

Correct alignment boosts the confidence of golfers as they line up their shots correctly, which in turn helps them to make successful putts. 2.

Square Clubface: A square club face is crucial to hitting accurate putts. Although some golfers can compensate for an off-square face with their body, it usually ends up making their swing more inconsistent.

The Mid Mallet Putter provides players with a clubface that is appropriately placed on the ground, giving golfers a simple time at hitting the sweet spot. 3.

Smoother Stroke: The added weight of the Mid Mallet Putter gives players a smoother stroke, providing consistency while hitting longer putts. Putters with more weight allow for a more effortless stroke, and the Mid Mallet Putter takes that up a notch.

Its weight distribution makes it easier for players to roll the ball into the hole while giving larger greens a chance. 4.

Increased Forgiveness: Larger-sized putters are more forgiving to off-center hits due to their size. The Mid Mallet Putter is more oversized than a blade putter, making up for off-center hits that end up reducing the accuracy of a player’s shot.

Such putters provide more confidence when hitting longer putts, especially when players are not perfectly centered on the ball. Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Mid Mallet Putter is an excellent option for golfers looking to improve their putting accuracy and consistency.

Its design offers benefits such as easier alignment, square clubface, smoother stroke, and increased forgiveness, all of which result in successful putts. The Mid Mallet Putter is undoubtedly one of the most effective putters in golf, with exceptional performance that can take a player’s game to the next level.

Disadvantages of Mid Mallet Putter:

Although the Mid Mallet Putter offers advantages to players on the green, it also has a few disadvantages that players should consider before purchasing one. 1.

Distracting Compared to a Blade: The Mid Mallet Putter’s bulky design can be off-putting to some players, especially those who are used to a sleek, blade putter. Its size can sometimes be a distraction, leading to less consistent putts.

The design may take some time to get used to, and players may need to spend time adjusting their strokes to accommodate for the added size and weight. 2.

Sometimes Expensive and Lack of Customizability: The Mid Mallet Putter is generally more expensive compared to other putters on the market. Additionally, it offers less customization options in terms of aesthetics.

Players looking to add personal touches to their putters may find it challenging to do so with a Mid Mallet Putter, compared to a blade putter, where customization options are abundant. 3.

Less Control: The added forgiveness offered by the Mid Mallet Putter also means that players may have less feel and control over their putter compared to a blade putter. For golfers who prefer a more tactile experience when putting, the Mid Mallet Putter may not be the best option.

Mid Mallet Vs. Mallet Putter:

Mid Mallet Putter and Mallet Putters are similar in design but differ in size, weight, and design. 1.

Differences in Size and Weight: Mallet Putters are typically larger and heavier than Mid Mallet Putters. Mallet Putters tend to have a more prominent rounded or square/rectangle shape resulting in higher Moment of Inertia (MOI).

MOI measures how resistant a tee clubhead is to twisting when struck away from the sweet spot. The Mid Mallet Putter, on the other hand, is smaller and less heavy compared to Mallet Putters.

2. Differences in Design: The Mid Mallet Putter has a half-moon design, offering players the best of both worlds, a mix between a blade and a mallet putter.

Mallet Putters come in various designs and shapes, such as square, circular or a combination of both. However, with the design variations, resulting MOI tends to differ.

3. Popular Mid-Mallet Putters: The Mid Mallet Putter market is highly competitive with its fair share of popular models such as the Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie Stroke Lab Putter, TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback, and Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.

Each of these putters offers their unique features and benefits, which golfers can explore before selecting the one that best suits their needs. Conclusion:

The Mid Mallet Putter has fewer disadvantages than advantages compared to other putters in the market.

Depending on the player’s experience and preferences, it can provide a more consistent and accurate putting experience. However, players should take into account the putter’s design, the added weight, and the lack of customization options before making a purchase.

On the other hand, Mallet Putters offer greater MOI, forgiveness, and stability on off-center hits, making them an excellent choice for those that seek such features. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide which putter works best for them to enhance their putting game.


Choosing the right putter is essential for golfers who want to achieve consistent and accurate putting on the green. It is imperative to keep in mind that the choice of a putter is a personal one, and players should consider their preferences, putting style, and skill level when making a choice.

Importance of Proper Putter:

Having the right putter is just as important as practicing consistently to improve your putting game. Golfers should spend time researching, testing, and selecting the putter that suits them best.

While what works for one golfer may not work for the other, putting techniques used with the putter should come from proper practice and finding the right rhythm. The Use of Mid Mallet Putter:

The Mid Mallet Putter can be an excellent addition to a player’s golf bag if they are looking for a good mix of weight, forgiveness, and smooth strokes.

With the added weight, players can achieve smoother and more consistent putting strokes, allowing them to hit longer putts more accurately. Also, its larger size and forgiveness can help offset off-center hits for good greenside outcomes.

The Mid Mallet putter is an excellent option for golfers who want to balance the accuracy of a blade putter and the forgiveness of a mallet putter. Players can adjust their putting styles to match the putter, and with proper practice, they can achieve excellent results.

In the end, golfers should keep in mind that their performance on the green goes beyond selecting the right putter. Consistent practice and a good mindset are equally essential in honing one’s golf skills.

In summary, selecting the right putter is crucial for golfers who want to improve their putting game. The Mid Mallet Putter offers benefits such as easier alignment, a square clubface, smoother stroke, and increased forgiveness.

However, players should also consider its disadvantages, such as its distracting design, lack of customizability, and less control. Ultimately, golfers must choose a putter that works best for their personal preference, skill level, and putting style.

Remember, consistent practice and a positive mindset are equally as important as selecting the right putter. FAQs:


What is a Mid Mallet Putter? A Mid Mallet Putter is a putter design that offers a mix between a blade and a mallet putter, with a larger and heavier design featuring a half-moon shape.

2. What are the advantages of using a Mid Mallet Putter?

The advantages of using a Mid Mallet Putter include easier alignment, a square clubface, a smoother stroke, and increased forgiveness. 3.

What are the disadvantages of using a Mid Mallet Putter? Some disadvantages of using a Mid Mallet Putter include its distracting design, less customization options, and less control compared to a blade putter.

4. How do Mid Mallet Putters compare to Mallet Putters?

Mid Mallet Putters tend to be smaller and less heavy compared to Mallet Putters, with a half-moon design, while Mallet Putters feature larger and heavier designs with variations in shape. 5.

Why is practicing regularly important for improving putting skills? Practicing regularly is crucial for improving putting skills as it helps players build muscle memory and develop consistency in their stroke.

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