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Golfing Oregon: A Guide to the State’s Top Courses and Hidden Gems

Oregon’s Diverse Golf Courses: A Guide to the Best Golf Courses in Oregon

When it comes to golf courses, Oregon may not be the first state that comes to mind. However, this Pacific Northwest state boasts an impressive collection of golf courses that offer something for every skill level and style of golf play.

From coastal links to desert oases, Oregon’s golf courses showcase the state’s natural beauty along with its diverse terrain. In this article, we will explore the best golf courses in Oregon and provide you with comprehensive information on their rankings, location, fees, and amenities.

Oregon Golf Course Rankings

Oregon is home to some of the best golf courses in the United States, according to various golf publications. Golf Digest, one of the most well-known golf magazines in the world, ranks courses based on a variety of factors such as difficulty, design, and beauty.

According to their latest rankings, Oregon has 20 courses in the top 100 public golf courses in the United States. According to’s 2019-2020 ranking of the best golf courses in every state, the top five public courses in Oregon are:


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Pacific Dunes Course)

2. Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio Course)


Tetherow Golf Club

4. Silvies Valley Ranch (Craddock Course)


Eugene Country Club

Of course, there are various other golf publications that rank courses differently, but these rankings give an idea of the variety of golf courses in Oregon and their different styles of play.

Best Public Golf in Oregon

Oregon boasts of several top-ranked public golf courses that offer excellent value and an unforgettable golf experience. These courses are open to the public and don’t require membership or any special privileges.

Here are some of the best public golf courses in Oregon:


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is home to four world-renowned 18-hole golf courses –

Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old Macdonald.

All courses offer a different golfing experience that’s sure to challenge and delight golfers of every level. The resort’s Pacific Dunes course is ranked as the best public golf course in the United States and the third-best in the world by Golf Digest.

2. Pronghorn Golf Club

The Pronghorn Golf Club is located in Bend, Oregon, and boasts two championship courses, the Fazio Course, and the Nicklaus Course.

Both courses offer breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains and high desert landscape, along with challenging holes and expertly-designed greens. 3.

Tetherow Golf Club

The Tetherow Golf Club, located in Bend, Oregon, is a Scottish links-style course that offers stunning panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains. This challenging course is designed to require distance control, strategy, and shot shaping.

4. Silvies Valley Ranch

Silvies Valley Ranch is a unique golf resort offering luxury accommodations, a working ranch, and golf courses that blend traditional Scottish golf with Oregon’s rugged terrain.

The Craddock course is its standout golf course, featuring exhilarating elevation changes, water hazards, and wide fairways that cut through the dense forest.

Best Private Golf Courses

Oregon also has some of the best private golf courses in the United States. These courses are restricted to members-only, and the membership fees can range from moderate to exorbitant.

However, many golfers believe that the exclusivity, outstanding course conditions, and service make the cost worthwhile. Here are some of the best private golf courses in Oregon:


Eugene Country Club

The Eugene Country Club is a premier country club located in Eugene, Oregon, featuring a classic golf course designed by H. Chandler Egan in 1923.

The course is challenging and requires strategy and skill, but the club’s amenities like tennis courts, a pool, and excellent dining options keep members satisfied. 2.

Waverley Country Club

The Waverley Country Club is located in Portland, Oregon, and boasts of a beautifully manicured course that’s as challenging as it is scenic. This private course is known for its exquisite attention to detail and its welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.

3. Columbia Edgewater Country Club

The Columbia Edgewater Country Club is a private country club in Portland, Oregon, that features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Alister MacKenzie, a world-renowned golf course architect.

The course is challenging and requires precise shot making, yet it remains a favorite of many golfers due to its unparalleled beauty and the club’s other amenities.


Oregon has something for every golfer, from beginners to professionals. The state boasts many top-ranked public and private golf courses that provide a memorable golfing experience, as well as beautiful scenery and amenities.

Whether you’re looking to play golf surrounded by ancient volcanic rock formations in Bend or along the dramatic coastline in Bandon, Oregon is sure to exceed your expectations as a golfer. So, go ahead and plan your trip to Oregon to play some of the best golf courses that this beautiful state has to offer.

Top 100 Golf Courses in Oregon

When it comes to golf courses, Oregon offers a wide range of world-class courses that are sure to please any golf enthusiast. Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and other publications regularly rank the top golf courses in Oregon, and we’ve curated a list of the top 100 courses in the state.

The following is a comprehensive list of the top 100 golf courses in Oregon, ranked according to Golf Digest’s 2021-22 rankings. 1.

Pacific Dunes at

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


Bandon Dunes at

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


Pronghorn (Fazio Course)

4. Chambers Bay Golf Club


Bandon Trails at

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

6. Old Macdonald at

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


Lanai (Challenge) at Kahili Golf Course

8. Eugene Country Club


Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (Witch Hollow)

10. Silvies Valley Ranch (Craddock Course)


Brasada Canyons Golf Course

12. Pronghorn (Nicklaus Course)


Tetherow Golf Course

14. Columbia Edgewater Country Club


Columbia Point Golf Course

16. Salishan Spa & Golf Resort (Links)


Crosswater Golf Club

18. The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course (North)


Black Butte Ranch (Big Meadow)

20. Waverley Country Club


The Oregon Golf Club

22. Illahe Hills Country Club


Tokatee Golf Club

24. Flying Dutchman Winery & Golf Resort


Tualatin Country Club

26. Skamania Lodge Golf Course


Juniper Golf Course

28. Prineville Golf & Country Club


Coulwood Golf Club

30. Oregon Golf Club (West)


Christmas Valley Golf Course

32. Chinook Winds Golf Resort


Stone Creek Golf Club

34. Widgi Creek Golf Club


Diamond Woods Golf Course

36. Aspen Lakes Golf Course


Newport Bay Golf Course

38. Homestead Golf & Country Club


Lake Oswego Golf Course

40. Astoria Golf & Country Club


RedTail Golf Center

42. Diamond Bar Ranch


Wildwood Golf Course

44. Meadow Lakes Golf Course


Creekside Golf Club

46. Woodburn Estates & Golf


McMenamins Edgefield Golf Course

48. Emerald Valley Golf Club


Stone Ridge Golf Club

50. Olive Lake Resort & Golf


River’s Edge Golf Course


Tokatee Golf Club (Santiam Course)


OGA Golf Course

54. Redmond Golf Course


Awbrey Glen Golf Club

56. Spring Hill Country Club


Sierra-at-Tahoe Golf Course

58. Eagle Crest Resort (Challenge)


Hood River Golf & Country Club

60. Highlands Golf Club


Willow Springs Golf Course

62. Red Mountain Golf Course at Mesa Grande


Elk Ridge Golf Course

64. Stone Creek Golf Club


Riverwood Golf Course

66. Langdon Farms Golf Club


Mingus Park

68. Reames Golf & Country Club


Tokatee Golf Club (Mckenzie Course)

70. Eagle Point Golf Course


Alderbrook Golf Club

72. Elk Ridge Golf Course (Meadow Course)


Rose City Golf Course

74. Mingus Park Golf Course


Spring Hill Golf Club

76. Timber Creek Golf Course


Bend Golf & Country Club

78. Lakeview Golf & Country Club


Roseburg Country Club

80. Butte Creek Country Club


Phantom Creek Golf Course

82. The Resort at The Mountain (Foxglove)


The Resort at The Mountain (Thistle)

84. Bandon Crossings Golf Course


The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course (South)

86. Lakeridge Golf Course


Elkhorn Valley Golf Club

88. High Desert Golf Course


Roseburg VA Golf Course

90. Quail Valley Golf Course


Watson Ranch Golf Course

92. Cedar Bend Golf Course


The Dalles Country Club

94. Riverside Golf & Country Club


Myrtle Creek Golf Course

96. Glendoveer Golf & Tennis


Tri City Country Club

98. Wallowa Lake Golf Course


Tuckaway Golf Club

100. Eagle Landing Golf Course

Golf Itinerary Suggestions for Oregon

Oregon is a golfer’s paradise, with over 150 golf courses scattered throughout the state, offering diverse terrain, unique challenges, and breathtaking scenery. Here are some dream itineraries for golf trips to Oregon:

Bandon Dunes

A trip to Oregon isn’t complete without visiting

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, which offers four world-renowned 18-hole golf courses:

Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old Macdonald. The resort is located on the stunning Oregon coast, which gives golfers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean throughout their games.

Day 1: Arrive at

Bandon Dunes, and check-in at the resort. Play Round 1 at

Bandon Dunes.

Day 2: Play Round 2 at Pacific Dunes and enjoy a delicious dinner at the resort’s seafood restaurant.

Day 3: Play Round 3 at Bandon Trails, and enjoy drinks at the lively McKee’s Pub afterward.

Day 4: Play Round 4 at the Old Macdonald Course.

Day 5: Depart from

Bandon Dunes.

Central Oregon

Central Oregon is an underrated golf destination that features a wide range of golf courses, including the beautiful Pronghorn Golf Club. This itinerary includes two of

Central Oregon’s best courses.

Day 1: Arrive in Bend and check-in at the Pronghorn Resort. Play Round 1 at the Fazio Course.

Day 2: Explore Bend, visit the High Desert Museum, or take a hike.

Day 3: Play Round 2 at the Nicklaus Course at Pronghorn.

Day 4: Depart from Bend. Portland’s Private Golf Courses

Portland also offers its fair share of private golf courses, which are known for their impeccable course conditions, exclusivity, and outstanding service.

This itinerary includes three of the best private golf courses in the Portland area. Day 1: Arrive in Portland and check-in at the Waverley Country Club.

Play Round 1 at the club. Day 2: Visit Portland, shop, or dine at one of the city’s many restaurants.

Day 3: Play Round 2 at Columbia Edgewater Country Club. Day 4: Play Round 3 at The Oregon Golf Club.

Day 5: Depart from Portland.


Oregon boasts a wide variety of golf courses that offer a unique golfing experience, breathtaking scenery, and amenities that cater to all preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer the rugged coast of Bandon, the mountains and central plains of Bend, or the exclusive courses of Portland, there’s no shortage of golf itineraries to explore in beautiful Oregon.

Hidden Gems in Oregon Golf

While Oregon is known for its famous golf courses, it’s also home to some hidden gems that offer a unique and enjoyable golfing experience. These under-the-radar courses often have fewer crowds, lower fees, and more relaxed atmospheres than their famous counterparts.

We’ve explored some of these hidden gems and provided descriptions of three of the best

Tokatee Golf Club,

Aspen Lakes Golf Club, and

Gearhart Golf Links.

Tokatee Golf Club

Located in the breathtaking McKenzie River Valley,

Tokatee Golf Club is a hidden gem that’s worth seeking out. This golf course has been around for over 50 years, but it’s still relatively unknown outside the area.

The course was designed by Ted Robinson Sr. and features 18 holes that meander through the McKenzie River, with the surrounding volcanic peaks making for incredible scenery. The course’s most famous hole is the par-3 3rd hole, which requires a tee shot over the river onto a narrow green.

The course has a slope rating of 123 from the white tees and 135 from the championship tees, making it a challenging but fun course for all skill levels.

Tokatee Golf Club’s fees are also very reasonable, making it an affordable option in a state that’s known for higher-end golf courses.

Aspen Lakes Golf Club

Aspen Lakes Golf Club is an award-winning golf course located in Sisters, Oregon. This course was voted one of the top 10 public golf courses in Oregon by Golf Digest and has been featured on the Golf Channel’s “Golfing the World.”

Aspen Lakes Golf Club is known for its unique red sand bunkers that contrasted with the lush green fairways of the course. Designed by renowned architects William Overdorf and Robin Nelson, Aspen Lakes offers challenging holes that require strategic shot-making and well-executed shots.

The course has a slope rating of 129 from the white tees and 139 from the championship tees, making it suitable for players of all abilities. Despite its acclaim, Aspen Lakes is relatively unknown compared to other top courses in Oregon.

The course is reasonably priced, and the club offers plenty of amenities to golfers, including a driving range, putting greens, and a top-notch restaurant.

Gearhart Golf Links

Gearhart Golf Links is a historic course that’s been around since 1892 and is located in Gearhart, Oregon, just a short drive from the famous

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. While

Gearhart Golf Links doesn’t have the same name recognition as

Bandon Dunes, the course is just as well-designed and features a classic links-style layout.

The course was designed by revered golf course architect Tom Bendelow, who had a hand in the design of over 600 courses, including some famous courses in the Midwest.

Gearhart Golf Links offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, along with challenging holes that require strategic shot-making and attention to detail.

The course has a slope rating of 116 from the white tees and 121 from the championship tees.

Gearhart Golf Links is also relatively affordable compared to other top courses in the state, and golfers appreciate the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.


There’s no shortage of excellent golf courses in Oregon, but some of the state’s best golf experiences are found at its hidden gems.

Tokatee Golf Club,

Aspen Lakes Golf Club, and

Gearhart Golf Links are just a few of the many courses that fly under the radar but offer unique and enjoyable golfing experiences.

These courses offer stunning natural beauty, challenging holes, and reasonable fees. Exploring these hidden gems is a great way to experience the best of Oregon golf and find a new favorite course.

In this article, we explored the diverse and impressive collection of golf courses in Oregon, including the top-ranked public and private courses, rankings from Golf Digest and other publications, top 100 courses in Oregon, dream itineraries for golf trips, and hidden gems. From the stunning coastal courses in

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort to the mountainous terrain of Pronghorn Golf Club and the classic links-style of

Gearhart Golf Links, Oregon’s golf courses

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