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Golf Cart Lift Kits: How to Choose and Install Them

Lifting a Golf Cart: How to Do It

A Golf Cart is a versatile and handy vehicle that can be used for several purposes such as leisure, transportation, and even for carrying equipment or supplies for different tasks. However, in some situations, you might need to lift your Golf Cart to increase its ground clearance or to make it look better.

In this article, we will discuss ways of lifting a Golf Cart using premade kits and without them.

Lifting a Golf Cart Using Premade Lifting Kits

There are several types of lift kits that you can use to lift your Golf Cart. Each type is designed for a specific purpose, and understanding the differences between them will ensure you choose the right kit for your needs.

Spindle Lift Kit

The spindle lift kit is a simple and commonly used kit for Golf Cart lifting. It increases the wheel height by raising the spindle and is ideal for increasing ground clearance.

Drop Axle Lift Kit

The drop axle lift kit is a kit specifically designed for increasing the height of your golf cart. It is a popular choice for those who want to gain more clearance without affecting the ride comfort or stability.

Long Travel Lift Kit

The long travel lift kit is used to make your Golf Cart more suitable for off-road activities. It not only raises the height of the vehicle but also provides more flexibility and smoother riding on rough terrains.

Front Lift Installation

The first step of installing a kit on the front of your Golf Cart is to lift the vehicle. You can use a jack to lift one side of the cart at a time.

Once lifted, remove the lug nuts and the tire. The next step is to remove the tie rods and the socket.

After removing these components, the spindle can be removed, and new spindles can be installed in their place. Finally, reattach the tie rods and sockets, install the wheel hub, and adjust the alignment.

Rear Lift Installation

To install a kit on the rear of your Golf Cart, start by putting the cart on jack stands to take the weight off the rear axle. Remove the axle bolts and ground straps and remove the leaf springs.

Replace the leaf springs with longer ones, attach the U-bolts, and reattach the ground straps and axle bolts. Finally, install the shocks and screws.

Lifting a Golf Cart Without a Kit

While premade kits offer a straightforward method of lifting your Golf Cart, you can also create your lifting kit using several components if you have the necessary tools and knowledge.

DIY Lift Kit

Making your lift kit involves several components such as aftermarket springs, axles, A-arms, longer shocks, a support plate, and all-season wheels. These components can be purchased from hardware stores and automotive shops.

Steps to Lifting Without a Kit

To lift your Golf Cart manually, start by removing the cart wheels and axles. After removing them, the support plates can be added and installed.

Install longer springs, A-arms, and shocks before installing new axles at the proper angle for the best clearance. Proper angle adjustment is crucial to avoid problems with steering or axle wear.


In conclusion, lifting your Golf Cart can be done using premade lifting kits or by making one yourself. Understanding the differences between the different types of kits can save time, effort and money.

Remember to take the necessary precautions when working under your cart and install the kits properly to avoid problems later. By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to lift your Golf Cart successfully and enjoy a more comfortable and adventurous ride.

Key Points to Note When Lifting a Golf Cart

Lifting a Golf Cart can be an exciting and adventurous project that can provide many benefits to the vehicle’s performance, functionality, and appearance. However, before undertaking this task, there are several key points to consider to ensure the lifting process is as safe and effective as possible.

In this article, we will explore some of these critical points, including how to match the right lift kit to your Golf Cart, proper wheel balancing, and potential problems and risks.

Matching Lift Kits to Golf Cart Brands

When choosing a lift kit for your Golf Cart, it is essential to match the kit to the brand and model of your Golf Cart. Purchasing a lift kit that is not compatible with your vehicle can lead to various problems such as incorrect wheel alignments, decreased safety, and even vehicle damage.

One way to ensure compatibility is to look for kits that are specifically designed for your Golf Cart brand. Golf Cart brands like Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, and others all require specific types of kits that match their unique mechanical requirements.

Additionally, when purchasing a premade lift kit, ensure that you select a kit with stronger support plates that can handle the additional weight, rather than welded plates that can become separated or weakened over time.

Proper Wheel Balancing

Proper wheel balancing is critical for any vehicle, including Golf Carts. Balanced wheels ensure stable handling, even tire wear, and improved fuel efficiency.

Ensuring balanced wheels that are properly aligned and balanced is critical after lifting your Golf Cart to ensure optimal performance and function. The most effective method of ensuring proper wheel balancing and alignment is computerized wheel balancing and alignment.

This is a process that involves using specialized equipment to accurately measure the weight distribution and alignment of each wheel, ensuring that they are working together correctly. Proper wheel balancing and alignment after lifting your Golf Cart will ensure excellent handling and stability.

Potential Problems and Risks

While lifting your Golf Cart can be a fun and exciting project, there are potential risks and issues to consider. One of the most critical factors to consider before undertaking this task is your mechanical skills and experience.

A lack of experience in vehicle maintenance and repair can make it challenging to lift your Golf Cart, and even dangerous if not performed correctly.

Another potential problem to consider when lifting your Golf Cart involves costs.

Lifting your Golf Cart can cost money and involve emergency budgets. The cost of premade lifting kits can be expensive, and manual lifting requires purchasing several components, and you may encounter problems or unexpected costs during installation.

These challenges highlight the importance of only undertaking this process if you are confident in your skills and can budget for the additional expenses associated with it.


Lifting your Golf Cart can be a fun and rewarding project, but it is crucial to take into account considerations such as selecting the correct lift kit, proper wheel balancing, potential problems, and budgeting. It is essential to ensure that you have the necessary mechanical knowledge and budget before beginning the process, as well as exercising caution during the process to guarantee a safe and successful outcome.

With the right tools, knowledge, and approach, lifting your Golf Cart can be an enjoyable and exciting experience that adds to the performance, functionality, and appearance of your vehicle. In conclusion, lifting a Golf Cart can be a rewarding and exciting project that can enhance vehicle performance, functionality, and appearance.

However, it is essential to take note of important considerations, such as matching the lift kit to the Golf Cart brand, proper wheel balancing, and potential problems and risks. By following these guidelines, one can ensure a safe and successful outcome and enjoy all the benefits of a lifted Golf Cart.


1. What are the types of lift kit available for a Golf Cart?

– The types of lift kit available for a Golf Cart are spindle lift kit, drop axle lift kit, and long travel lift kit. 2.

Why is proper wheel balancing important for a lifted Golf Cart? – Proper wheel balancing ensures stable handling, even tire wear, and improved fuel efficiency.

3. What are the potential problems and risks of lifting a Golf Cart?

– The potential problems and risks of lifting a Golf Cart include lack of mechanical skills, emergency budget, and purchasing an incompatible lift kit. 4.

How can I match the right lift kit to my Golf Cart? – You can match the right lift kit to your Golf Cart by looking for kits specifically designed for your Golf Cart brand and choosing kits with stronger support plates.

5. Why is budgeting important when lifting a Golf Cart?

– Budgeting is important when lifting a Golf Cart because the cost of premade lifting kits can be expensive, and manual lifting may involve purchasing several components or unexpected costs.

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