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Get Your Putting in Line: The Importance of Putter Fitting for Your Height

Putter Fitting and Its Importance

When it comes to golf equipment, there is no denying the importance of a good putter. It is the club you will be using the most, and it has a significant impact on your scores.

However, not all putters are created equal, and getting the right one requires more than just picking one off the shelf and hoping for the best. That’s where putter fitting comes in; it’s a session where a professional analyzes your size, stroke style, and natural putting stance to determine which putter will suit you best.

In this article, we will dive deeper into putter fitting, its relevance, and the factors to consider when choosing a putter. What Is Putter Fitting?

Putter fitting is a process whereby a professional analyzes your size, stroke style, and natural stance to help you choose the right putter. During the session, a fitter will observe your putting technique and use AI tools to measure critical factors such as grip, stance, ball position, and stroke path.

With this data, they can identify putter head types and shaft lengths that will be most compatible with your putting style. In summary, putter fitting aims to ensure you have the right equipment to help you make the most of your putting skills.

Honest Golfers Putter Fitting Chart

A reliable source of information is the

Honest Golfers Putter Fitting Chart. The chart provides recommended putter lengths for players based on their height.

Ideally, you want a putter that allows you to stand comfortably in your natural putting stance. For players between 5’1″ to 5’7′ in height, the chart recommends putter lengths between 32-34 inches.

Players between 5’8″ to 6’2″ should use putters within the range of 34-35 inches, while those over 6’2″ should consider putter lengths of 36 inches or more. Using this chart can help you narrow down your search for a putter that will fit comfortably.

Do I Need to Get Fitted for a Putter? Many golfers often wonder if they need to get fitted for a putter.

The simple answer is yes. Putter fitting can help you improve your game by ensuring that your putter’s design and size match your putting stance, grip, and technique.

By doing this, you reduce the likelihood of fatigue, which can lead to poor performance on the green. A fitting session can also help you choose the right putter that suits your natural motion.

So if you want to improve your scores, getting fitted for a putter is a smart investment.

The Role of

Height in Putter Selection

Height plays a vital role in club selection and can significantly impact your comfort, precision, and performance on the green. Tall golfers will need longer clubs, while shorter players need shorter ones.

Similarly, when it comes to putters, height should be a factor considered to optimize your stroke. A good putter should allow you to stand upright in your natural stance and address the ball comfortably.

If you’re bending too much over or reaching for the ball, it can lead to backache and discomfort. A putter that’s too long may lead to inaccuracy, and one that’s too short could cause you to hunch over the ball for better posture, a putter that matches your correct height makes your performance on the green more efficient.

Factors Considered in Putter Fitting


Putter fitting doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to prepare for budgetary expenses. While it’s tempting to go for a high-end putter with all the fancy features, it’s essential to strike a balance between features, quality, and affordability.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good putter that works well for you. It’s ideal to establish a budget, then shop around for putters in that price range.

A fitting session would include recommendations based on your budget, so you’ll still have options.

Putting Stroke

The main goal of putter fitting is to find the right club that suits your putting stroke style best. A fitter may ask questions to gain insight into your stroke style, such as if you move your arms in a straight line or follow a circular path.

These answers, coupled with observation and AI data, can help identify the best putter head type that correlates with your stroke motion. The grip and stance can also play a role, so you’ll need to keep an open mind and provide feedback during the fitting session.

Stroke Controlled vs La Putt

Putters are broadly classified into two categories- stroke-controlled and la putt. Stroke-controlled putters are better suited for players with minimal wrist flexion and a straight stroke motion.

In contrast, la putt putters work well for players who prefer a curved stroke and more significant wrist action. A fitting session will help you determine which putter category works best for your playing style.


As stated earlier, height is a crucial factor in putter fitting. A taller player should use a putter that’s longer than average, while a shorter player needs a shorter one.

Ideally, the putter’s length should allow a comfortable and stable posture, not lead to backache or poor putting technique. In conclusion, putter fitting is an essential part of golf equipment customization.

A perfectly-fitted putter can help you perform better on the green, leading to improved scores and an overall increase in enjoyment of the game. By taking factors such as height, budget, and putting style into account, players can make informed choices when selecting a putter that helps them get the most out of their time on the golf course.

3) Finding the Perfect Putter for Your


As a golfer, it’s essential to use equipment that suits your individual characteristics. Finding the perfect putter for your height can greatly improve your putting stroke and reduce any discomfort you may experience.

In this section, we’ll explore various methods of selecting the ideal putter based on your height.

Ask the Store Clerk

When shopping for golf equipment, engage the sales staff at the golf-supplies store for recommendations based on your height. The store clerk should be able to recommend various putters that suit your height from their inventory or rental rack.

Sales staff often have keen insight into the type of putter that provides customers with the best results. Nevertheless, there may be bias in their suggestion, mainly if they work on a commission basis.

It’s advisable to complement this method with research on putters that suit your height.

Eye Level Test

The eye-level-test is a popular method for testing putter compatibility. For this test, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the putter between your hands with the club’s face pointing straight up.

Ensure your eyes are level with the golf ball. If the putters sole is touching the ground, the length is perfect for you.

Supposing the sole is not fully touching the ground, try putters with differing lengths until the correct size is found. The measurement can be done in a golf store or on the golf course.

This method can be used in conjunction with other measurement techniques for better results.

The Ideal Shaft Measurement

Determining the ideal shaft length can involve measuring the wrist-to-ground distance with the help of a friend. To measure, stand upright with your arms straight down, and the measuring tape at the wrist bone.

The friend should measure the distance to the ground. This distance is the ideal shaft measurement for a putter that suits your height.

Once you have this measurement, it’s easy to select a putter based on that length. Supposing the measurement is not standard, custom fitted putters suit golfers who request bespoke equipment.

Putter Selection and Expert Opinion: Do You Really Need It? Putter fitting sessions with a professional may not always be feasible for every golfer.

Hence, many golfers rely on self-reports and equipment fitting data to select a putter that suits their height. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to seek expert opinion when exploring available options.

Consulting a professional fitter can provide insight into the types of putters ideal for players with your height range and play style. However, consistently consulting an expert for each purchase can be costly.

Therefore, self-reports and equipment fitting data are excellent and affordable alternatives.

4) Conclusion

In conclusion, finding the perfect putter for your height is more than just grabbing the first putter that looks right from the shelf. Buying the right-sized putter allows you to maintain a comfortable position and execute your stroke correctly.

Eye-level tests, seeking recommendations from sales staff, and even asking a friend to help with measurements are all methods to choose the ideal putter for your height. Taking expert opinions and equipment fitting data into consideration can also help make informed decisions.

Keep in mind that the average height of an American Golfer is around 5’9″. When height influences your putter selection, its worth noting that its not the only factor.

Find the putter that suits your playing style, swing speed, balance, and feel. Ultimately, selecting the best putter for your height will help contribute to a pleasurable and enjoyable game.

In conclusion, finding the right putter for your height is crucial to improve your putting stroke and make your game more enjoyable. Putter fitting is a process that can help you determine the ideal putter size, type, and head that is compatible with your height, putting style, and budget.

Using methods like asking the store clerk, the eye-level test, measuring your wrist-to-ground distance, and consulting experts can help you make informed decisions when selecting a putter. It’s vital to remember that selecting the right putter can enhance your performance on the green and increase your enjoyment of the game.


1. What is putter fitting?

Putter fitting is a process where a professional analyzes your size, stroke style, and natural stance to help you select the right putter that suits your individual characteristics. 2.

Why is it essential to select the right putter for your height? Choosing the right putter for your height ensures that you maintain the correct posture, execute your stroke correctly, and reduce discomfort while playing.

3. What are some methods of selecting the ideal putter based on my height?

Methods of selecting the ideal putter based on your height include the eye-level test, consulting experts, measuring your wrist-to-ground distance, and asking the store clerk for recommendations. 4.

How can I find the ideal putter that suits my budget? It’s crucial to establish a budget when looking for a putter.

You can find putters that suit your budget and needs by shopping around for options or consulting experts for recommendations. 5.

Do I need to consult an expert to find the right putter? While consulting an expert can be helpful, self-reports, equipment fitting data, and using measurement techniques like the eye-level test and wrist-to-ground distance can help you find the right putter.

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