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From Luxury to Affordable: The Best Golf Brands for Every Budget

Luxury golf brands have become an essential component of the game of golf. Players want to look good and feel comfortable as they hit the greens.

The right golf attire can improve your performance, confidence and overall game. This article aims to highlight the best luxury golf brands for men and women that offer high quality and fashionable golf attire.

Luxury Golf Brands for Men


Peter Millar:

Peter Millar offers the best in performance and luxury golf attire. The brand prides itself on its Crown Soft fabric technology that ensures its apparel is breathable, lightweight, and stays on-trend.

The brand offers a great range of performance polos that are perfect for the golf course. The performance polos are made from a blend of premium polyester and spandex, which improves the overall flexibility and mobility of the shirt.

The four-way stretch technology ensures that the polo fits snugly and doesn’t hinder movement. The polos come in various sizes, colors, and designs, so golf players can choose something that suits their taste.

2. Travis Mathew:

Travis Mathew offers modern and trendy golf attire that is perfect for the individual who likes to stay up-to-date with emerging fashion trends.

Travis Mathew’s golf collection features four-way stretch technology that ensures that the attire is flexible and lightweight, leaving golf players feeling comfortable on the course. Their golf shirts are constructed with moisture-wicking technology that offers dryness and breathability on the hot and humid days.

The brand offers a range of modern designs that include items such as patterned shorts, jackets, and vests. 3.


Lacoste is a brand that has been around for decades. This French brand is known for its classic, preppy style and trademark crocodile logo.

Lacoste offers a range of golf attire that keeps golfers looking stylish and fashionable on the course. Their apparel primarily features moisture-wicking fabrics that keep golfers cool and dry.

The shirts are available in a range of classic colors that can easily be paired with khaki or navy shorts on the course. Lacoste polo shirts are made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, making them perfect to be worn on hot days on the course.

Luxury Golf Brands for Women

1. RLX:

RLX is Ralph Lauren’s sports performance line that offers premium quality and fashionable golf attire for women.

Their iconic polo dresses are the perfect way to look elegant and feminine on the course. The polo dresses feature moisture-wicking technology, ensuring that golfers remain comfortable on the course.

RLX also offers quarter-zip sweaters that keep the upper body warm in colder weather. The brand offers a range of fashionable prints and colors that are perfect for the golf course.

2. Tory Burch:

Tory Burch is a brand that offers feminine and elegant golf attire for women.

Their golf collection features the pleated collar and ruffled skort style that enhances the feminine look and adds flair to the attire. Tory Burch designs their golf attires with premium quality materials that are durable and stretchy.

All their golf apparel comes with moisture-wicking technology that ensures that golf players remain dry and comfortable on the course. Tory Burch golf attire is designed to allow full range of motion during a swing, so golfers can expect their attire to be flexible and comfortable.

3. Abacus Sportswear:

Abacus Sportswear is a Swedish brand that offers golf attire designed to brave every weather condition on the course.

They have a range of weatherproof sweaters made from warm and comfortable wool blend materials. Their stylish vests are perfect for layering and keeping the core of the body warm on cold days on the course.

Abacus Sportswear golf attire is designed with premium quality materials that offer flexibility and mobility on the course. The brand’s golf skirts are made from four-way stretch fabrics, ensuring that there is no restriction in movement.


Golf attire has a massive impact on a golfer’s confidence, performance, and overall game. It is important to choose golf brands that offer premium quality and fashionable attire that keeps golf players comfortable, dry, and looking stylish on the course.

The golf brands mentioned above offer high-quality, premium golf attire for both men and women. Golf players can be assured of top-quality performance polos, classic colors, and modern designs to outfit their game.

Luxury golf brands have become a must-have for high roller golfers around the world. These brands strive to provide premium golf apparel designed to increase performance and make players feel like royalty on the course.

Here, we highlight the most expensive golf shirts for those who want to take their game to the next level.

Most Expensive Golf Shirts

1. Prada:

Prada’s golf apparel is the ultimate in luxury golf gear.

The brand prides itself on its Piqu line, which offers golf apparel made with high-quality materials. Their golf shirts are designed with exclusive fabrics, adding a touch of elegance while improving the player’s experience.

The collection features vibrant colors and classic designs that are perfect for golfers who want to add a touch of luxury to their look. Prada’s brand name is enough to make any golfer stand out on the green.

It is no surprise that this brand is popular among high roller golfers. 2.

Fashion over Function:

When it comes to golf apparel, the search for functional, high-quality apparel is often the primary objective. However, there are some brands that focus on fashion over function, offering golf shirts that are designed to look good on the course.

Nike’s dri-fit golf shirts are one of these brands. Although Nike is known for its sportswear, their dri-fit golf line is designed to be more stylish and fashionable than functional.

These high-end golf shirts are made with high-quality fabrics and feature iconic Nike designs that are popular among golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Trendiest Golf Brands

1. Malbon Golf:

Malbon Golf is a brand that is fast becoming known for its trendy and fashion-forward golf apparel.

Founded in 2017 by a team of designers who wanted to create a brand that fused LA street culture with golf. Their logo featuring a cursive M with a golf club as the middle stroke has become synonymous with the brand.

Their apparel includes a range of hoodies, bucket hats, t-shirts and golf bags. They have even partnered with leading brands such as Nike and Callaway to create exclusive ranges like the Nike Air Jordan IX golf shoe.

Malbon Golf is perfect for golfers who want to add an avant-garde style to their game. 2.

Eastside Golf:

Eastside Golf is the embodiment of sleek, clean, and modern designs. The brand has quickly gained popularity for its stylish apparel that perfectly combines streetwear and golfwear.

Their minimalistic designs are unique, stylish and attractive to the new generation of golfers. The brand focuses on creating golf apparel that is functional, stylish, and modern.

This four-year-old company is slowly but surely gaining recognition in the golf community and what sets them apart is their commitment to keeping the game accessible to everyone. That is why all the items in the collection are offered at an affordable price.


In conclusion, whether you are looking for high-end luxury golf wear or trendy golf brands, the golf apparel market is saturated with options. Prada, known for its Piqu line golf collection, is perfect for those who want to showcase their wealth while on the course.

Nike is famous for its dri-fit golf shirts, which are designed to look great on the course while remaining functional. Malbon golf and Eastside golf are perfect for golfers who want to keep the game stylish, modern and affordable.

Whatever your preference, finding the right golf apparel that fits your style, budget and requirements will impact your performance and overall experience on the course. Choosing the best golf attire brands can be overwhelming.

In this article, we aim to provide insights on the brands that offer high-quality golf apparel that enhances a golfer’s performance and adds to their overall experience.

Best Golf Attire Brands

1. Upscale Brands:

When it comes to upscale golf attire,

Peter Millar and Travis Mathew are two brands that golfers around the world trust.

Peter Millar’s golf collection has performance-driven designs that feature the latest technology in fabrics and construction to enhance the golfer’s experience. Their collection includes everything from polo shirts, pants, shorts, and jackets.

The brand uses premium fabrics like Crown Soft and Performance Blend to deliver golf attire that offers unmatched comfort and style. Similarly, Travis Mathew offers modern and trendy golf attire that is perfect for the contemporary golf player.

Their golf collection features shirts, pants, jackets, and vests that are great for on and off the course. The brand’s four-way stretch technology ensures maximum movement, while their moisture-wicking technology keeps golfers comfortable and dry during play.

2. Best Women’s Golf Gear:

When it comes to women’s golf gear, RLX and Abacus Sportswear are two brands that are worth considering.

RLX offers premium golf attire that is designed to be stylish and functional. Their collection includes golf dresses, sweaters, jackets, and pants.

Women golfers can choose from a range of fashionable prints and colors, making this brand perfect for golfers who want to add some style to their game. All of their golf apparel features moisture-wicking technology that keeps golfers comfortable and dry during play.

Abacus Sportswear is a brand known for its weatherproof golf wear that keeps golfers dry and comfortable during play. Their collection features rain jackets, sweaters, and vests made with high-quality fabrics designed for harsh weather conditions.

Women golfers can trust their golf apparel to protect them from the elements while staying fashionable on the course.

Abacus Golf Clothing Reviews

Abacus Sportswear is a brand that provides high-quality golf attire for golfers looking for protection from various weather conditions. It is no wonder their golf line has received positive reviews from various sources.

1. Company website:

The Abacus Sportswear website features a review section where customers can leave comments on the quality of the golf apparel.

In this section, customers rave about the perfect fit, high quality, and stylish design of the golf attire. The materials used in constructing the apparel are praised for being durable, durable and able to survive harsh weather conditions.

2. Amazon:

Amazon also provides a platform for customers to leave reviews about the product they buy.

Abacus Sportswear’s golf attire has received positive reviews from Amazon customers. Customers have praised the golf attire on the Amazon platform for being fashionable, durable, and excellent at keeping golfers dry in wet weather conditions.

3. Golf blogs:

Golf bloggers offer trusted opinions and reviews about golf apparel and equipment.

Several golf blogs have reviewed the Abacus Sportswear golf attire, with golf bloggers praising the golf apparel for its durability and ability to weatherproof golfers from harsh weather conditions. 4.


Various influencers have taken to social media platforms like Instagram to offer their opinions on the Abacus Sportswear golf attire. Influencers like golf personality Paige Spiranac have praised the brand for its stylish designs and ability to protect golfers from the elements, making it perfect for golfers who love being fashionable on the course.


Choosing the right golf attire brands is key to the success of your golf game. Quality brands like

Peter Millar, Travis Mathew, RLX and Abacus Sportswear offer high quality, functional, and stylish golf apparel that caters to every golfer’s needs.

Positive reviews from trusted sources are proof of the quality of golf attire from these brands, assuring golfers of the value for their money. Golf brands have become an essential component in the fashion world.

With countless brands and designs, it’s important for golf enthusiasts to know the best options available. In this article, we explore the luxurious

Peter Millar brand, as well as celebrities that have ventured into the golf world.

Peter Millar

Peter Millar is a golf brand that epitomizes classic American style and tradition. The brand prides itself on its use of upscale performance clothing made from high-quality materials.

With collections that feature everything from performance polos, pullovers, shorts, and pants,

Peter Millar aims to offer golfers attire that is both fashionable and functional. The brand is a go-to choice for golfers who prefer a touch of sophistication and elegance on the course.

Their performance apparel is designed to provide comfort, breathability, and durability, and their apparel is perfect for golfers of all levels.

Luxury Golf Brand

Peter Millar dominates the world of luxury golf brands, with exclusive collections that add both glamour and style to golfers’ attire. The brand is known for its attention to detail, quality materials, and timeless designs that exemplify the relaxed yet refined look of the golfer.

With an emphasis on performance,

Peter Millar golf apparel is designed to provide golfers with a functional and comfortable fit, making it perfect for golfers who demand the best on the course.

Celebrities with Golf Brands

1. Bill Murray:

Bill Murray is an actor, comedian, and avid golf enthusiast who has ventured into the world of golf brands.

His brand, William Murray Golf, reflects his personality and provides golfers with eye-catching golf apparel that is both comfortable and stylish. The brand is perfect for golfers who want to add some fun and humor to their game.

William Murray Golf takes pride in its recognizable designs and bold prints that reflect Bill Murray’s uniqueness and creativity. 2.

Greg Norman:

Greg Norman is a golf legend known for his impressive career as a professional golfer. The Greg Norman Collection is a brand that caters to golfers looking for economical golf apparel without compromising quality.

The collection features affordable golf attire designed for both men and women. The brand’s clothing designs are known for their simplistic and minimalistic approach, which ensures that golfers can stay comfortable and cool while playing.

The Greg Norman Collection is perfect for golfers who demand high-quality, affordable golf attire at a fair price. Conclusion:

Golf brands have become an integrated aspect of the game, with countless options available to golf enthusiasts.

Peter Millar stands out in the luxury golf brand category, providing golfers with quality, timeless, and elegant apparel. Celebrities like Bill Murray and Greg Norman have ventured into the golf world by presenting their unique brands that cater to different audience tastes.

William Murray Golf appeals to golfers looking to add creativity and humor, while the Greg Norman Collection focuses on delivering high-quality, affordable golf attire. Golf enthusiasts can now enjoy their game with style, comfort, and functionality thanks to the various golf brands available.

The demand for luxury golf wear has grown significantly over the years. Golfers are demanding fashionable and functional attire that allows them to perform at their best while also looking stylish on the course.

In this article, we explore the reason for the growing demand for luxury golf wear and the importance of trusted and established brands for golfers on a reasonable budget.

Growing Demand

Golfers are looking for attire that’s not only functional but also fashionable. The growth of the fashion industry has had a significant impact on the golf industry, causing many golf brands to merge fashion and function.

Golfers want to look good on the course and create a great impression while also being able to perform at their best. This has resulted in the creation of upscale golf gear that is designed to meet the growing demand for luxury golf wear.

Golf brands are becoming more creative and innovative, using high-quality materials and modern designs to create golf attire that is not only comfortable but also stylish.

Trusted and Established Brands

While golf enthusiasts are looking for luxury golf wear, they also want brands that they can trust. Established brands have a track record of reliability, quality, and functionality.

However, not all golfers have the resources to invest in luxury golf wear. This is where trusted and established brands come in, offering high-quality golf attire to golfers on a reasonable budget.

These brands aim to provide golfers with affordable but functional golf attire that still meets the quality standard of expensive golf brands. These brands are perfect for golfers who want quality golf attire without breaking the bank.

Fashion and Function

Functional golf wear is crucial for golfers, but fashionable golf wear is equally important. Golfers want to look good while playing, thus creating a great impression on and off the course.

With the merging of fashion and function, golfers can now have it both ways. Brands now offer golf attire that is designed to enhance a player’s performance while also keeping up

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