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Exploring the Impressive SIM2 Max OS Iron: Features and Performance

Finding the right set of golf irons is crucial to all golfers, regardless of their skill level. For several years, TaylorMade has been producing some of the best golf irons on the market.

Their latest introduction to the market, SIM2 Max OS iron, has been on the lips of golf enthusiasts since its release. This article focuses on reviewing the SIM2 Max OS iron, comparing it to the SIM2 Max model, examining its overall performance, and highlighting its features.

Comparison with SIM2 Max

The SIM2 Max OS iron is one of three models in the SIM2 series; the other two models are the SIM2 Max and the SIM2 Max-Draw. The SIM2 Max is TaylorMade’s successor to the successful SIM Max model, while the SIM2 Max OS appeals to golfers who want a more elegant club with a larger head size.

The SIM2 Max has a thinner topline and smaller head size, making it ideal for those who prefer a more traditional appearance. The SIM2 Max OS iron has a larger head size compared to the SIM2 Max, providing more significant forgiveness.

Nevertheless, the SIM2 Max OS iron and SIM2 Max boast similar technologies, including the speedbridge and the echos damping system. The speedbridge technology bridges the bottom cavity with the topline to enhance distance control and stability.

The echos damping system offers a softer feel and improved feedback. Golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and incredible power off the clubface will prefer the SIM2 Max OS over the SIM2 Max.

Overall Performance

The SIM2 Max OS iron is suitable for handicaps of all levels, particularly those who require maximum forgiveness and high launch. The oversized clubhead creates a larger sweet spot that will help golfers to hit better shots on mishits.

Additionally, the SIM2 Max OS produces an incredible ball flight that flies straight and high, limiting the side spin, which can cause the ball to slice or hook. Moreover, with its Cap Back technology, the SIM2 Max OS iron generates significant speed and distance while maintaining accuracy.

The Cap Back technology features a lightweight polymer material that is placed in the back of the clubhead. This technology improves the speed and distance while distributing weight towards the circumference of the clubhead.

As a result, the SIM2 Max OS provides better spin control and stability for a more accurate shot.

Consumer Ratings

The SIM2 Max OS iron received rave reviews from customers. Most reviewers were impressed by its effortless power and feel, which was significantly improved compared to the previous SIM models.

The SIM2 Max OS iron has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on various retail sites. Golfers praised the club’s high forgiveness, maximum distance, and impressive ball flight.

The only drawback some reviewers pointed out was the slightly steeper price.

Professional Reviews

Professional reviews, on the other hand, have been mixed about the SIM2 Max OS iron. Some professionals praised the incredible power, feel and forgiveness of the club, while others criticized its bulky size, which could interfere with a golfer’s swing.

Overall, the reviews of the SIM2 Max OS iron have been positive. Many noted that the club was perfect for golfers who had difficulty launching the ball in the air.


The SIM2 Max OS iron is chock full of innovative features. Some of those features have been outlined earlier, such as the speedbridge and Cap Back technology.

The SIM2 Max OS iron also features a new and improved HYBRAR compression damper, a structural badge, and the progressive inverted cone technology. The HYBRAR compression damper is significantly softer than the one used in previous models, providing a more significant impact response and feel.

The structural badge stiffens the central part of the club to create maximum face flexibility and speed. Finally, the progressive inverted cone technology generates more significant ball speeds and distances, even on off-center hits.


When it comes to golf clubs, each golfer has their preferences. The SIM2 Max OS iron provides excellent forgiveness, improved speed, and incredible control.

From its innovative Cap Back Technology to it’s impressive ball flight, this iron is designed to make playing golf fun and more comfortable. Even though some reviewers had mixed feelings, we can say that the SIM2 Max OS iron will appeal to golfers seeking maximum forgiveness, high launch, and incredible power.

If you’re looking to step up your golf game, choosing the SIM2 Max OS iron will not disappoint you.

What People Like

Distance and


One of the most admirable features of the SIM2 Max OS iron is its exceptional distance capability. Golfers seeking to add more yardage to their shots will find the SIM2 Max OS iron an excellent choice.

The club’s oversized head size, inverted cone technology, and Cap Back technology combine to produce maximum ball speed and a more significant sweet spot. With these features, the club provides maximum launch, trajectory, and spin, resulting in exceptional distance.

Besides distance, golfers value forgiveness in their clubs. The SIM2 Max OS iron delivers plenty of forgiveness, even on off-center hits.

The club’s larger clubhead allows golfers to mishit and still achieve acceptable distance and accuracy. The speedbridge technology and the HYBRAR compression damper help enhance stability and feel, making it increasingly forgiving.

Cure for Slices

The SIM2 Max OS iron is an excellent solution for golfers who struggle with slices. Slices occur when the ball curves excessively from left to right or right to left for left-handed golfers.

The club’s technology limits the side spin, ensuring that golfers can hit the ball straighter, reducing hooks and slices.

Consistent Ball Flight

The SIM2 Max OS iron is designed to provide a more consistent ball flight. Golfers love the ability of the club to lift the ball in the air and generate optimal backspin, giving them control over their shots.

The club’s progressive inverted cone technology ensures that the clubface’s thickness varies to adjust off-center hits, which means that golfers can achieve consistent ball flight and improved accuracy.

Better Performance Than M6 and SIM Max OS

The SIM2 Max OS iron represents a significant improvement over its predecessors – the M6 and the SIM Max OS. Golfers who have used both clubs and tried the SIM2 Max OS can attest to the club’s superior performance.

Some reviewers indicated that the SIM2 Max OS was easier to hit and offered more forgiveness than its predecessors, while others noted that the SIM2 Max OS produced a more consistent ball flight and more incredible distance.

Help for High Handicappers

High handicappers struggle with the game’s complexities, including issues with ball flight and distance. The SIM2 Max OS caters to this group of golfers.

The club’s oversized head size, wide sole, and perimeter weighting provide more significant forgiveness. Additionally, the multiple technologies incorporated into the club help golfers achieve maximum distance and accuracy, making the SIM2 Max OS an excellent choice for high handicap golfers.

What People Don’t Like

Strong Lofts and Gapping Issues

The SIM2 Max OS iron has stronger lofts compared to traditional irons, which can create some gapping issues. Golfers may need to adjust their club setups to ensure that the distances between their irons are consistent.

Despite this, golfer reviews indicate that with a little adjustment, they were still able to hit the ball the required distance and achieve better control and accuracy.

Challenging Precision Shotmaking

The SIM2 Max OS iron is ideal for helping golfers achieve maximum distance and forgiveness. However, some golfers found it increasingly challenging to make precision shots given the club’s bulkier design and larger size.

Some reviewers pointed out that the club’s playability was better suited for long-range shots than precision short-range shots. Nonetheless, the SIM2 Max OS remains the perfect hybrid club, offering improved forgiveness for average golfers while still producing excellent ball flight and distance.


After carefully reviewing what people like and don’t like about the SIM2 Max OS iron, it is evident that the club’s benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. With its incredible distance potential, high forgiveness, and ability to cure slices, the SIM2 Max OS offers golfers an excellent blend of performance and feel.

Though it has its share of gapping issues and requires a little bit of adjustment, golfers can expect a set of clubs that will deliver consistent ball flight and help improve their game. For high handicap golfers and those seeking improved distance and forgiveness, the SIM2 Max OS iron is an excellent choice.


Cap Back Technology

The Cap Back technology is one of the most notable features of the SIM2 Max OS iron. The technology features a lightweight polymer material placed in the back cavity of the clubhead.

By integrating Cap Back technology, TaylorMade was able to redistribute the mass towards the perimeter of the clubhead and lower the center of gravity. The technology enhances the club’s speed and distance while increasing spin control and stability.

Echo Damping System

Another standout feature of the SIM2 Max OS iron is the echos damping system. The system aims to improve the sound and feel of the club and reduce vibrations upon impact.

The HYBRAR compression damper, which is significantly softer than what previous models had, works in conjunction with the speedbridge technology. The result is a club that provides a satisfying feel satisfying that helps golfers know how solid their shots are.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket


Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is another technology featured in the SIM2 Max OS iron. The speed pocket’s main function is to create a more prominent sweet spot, producing more ball speed on off-center hits.

It helps preserve ball speed and launch, ensuring that golfers get the ball off the ground with ease. The speed pocket is a valuable feature for high handicappers who need all the help they can get.

Inverted Cone Technology

Finally, another excellent feature of the SIM2 Max OS iron is the inverted cone technology. This technology results in thinning the clubface’s perimeter and creating a variable thickness face.

This design helps distribute the weight around the clubhead’s face, enhancing ball speed, and improving accuracy on off-center shots. The technology, combined with the

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, improves forgiveness and increases the sweet spot’s size.

Differences from SIM2 Max

Size, CG Placement, and Lofts

One significant difference between the SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS iron is the size of the clubhead. The SIM2 Max OS has a larger clubhead size, which, in turn, allows for a more substantial sweet spot, providing greater forgiveness and consistency.

Additionally, the center of gravity in the SIM2 Max OS is lower and positioned deeper than in the SIM2 Max, providing a higher launch angle and increased stability throughout the swing. Moreover, the lofts on the SIM2 Max OS iron are stronger compared to SIM2 Max.

In simpler terms, this means that the SIM2 Max OS iron has a lower loft angle in its clubhead, which produces longer distances.

Draw Bias for Slicing

The SIM2 Max OS iron features a draw bias design, making it suitable for golfers who tend to slice the ball. Slicing is a prevalent problem among golfers, but the draw bias in the SIM2 Max OS iron helps reduce the side spin and produce straighter shots.

The club’s design and inherent weighting help produce the draw with less effort, reducing the chances of slicing significantly.


TaylorMade tried to improve its SIM line of irons to create the SIM2 Max OS. With its Cap Back technology, Echo damping system,

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, and Inverted Cone technology, the SIM2 Max OS iron is built to provide golfers with improved distance, direction, and forgiveness.

Additionally, the club’s size, lower CG placement, and stronger lofts make it an impressive performer on the course. Despite having a draw bias, the SIM2 Max OS iron is an excellent choice for golfers looking for increased consistency, feel, and performance.

Stock Info


The SIM2 Max OS iron is widely available for purchase at retail stores and online shops. With a growing demand for the club, customers can expect the SIM2 Max OS iron to be in stock frequently.

Shaft Options

TaylorMade offers several shaft options to fit different golfers. Depending on an individual’s swing type, tempo, and playing style, customers can choose from various shafts.

Some of the stock shaft options include the Fujikura Ventus Blue graphite, KBS Max MT 85 steel, and the Mitsubishi Tensei graphite.


TaylorMade also offers custom fitting and customization services for golfers who want their clubs precisely fitted to their needs. Through the TaylorMade custom fitting process, customers can expect their clubs to be customised for shaft length, grip size, and lie angle.


Distance and Distance Control

The SIM2 Max OS iron provides unmatched distance potential. With its Cap Back technology, THRU-SLOT speed pocket, and Inverted Cone technology, the club produces incredible ball speed, launching the ball high into the air with impressive distance.

The SIM2 Max OS iron also provides excellent distance control, thanks to the structural badge that enhances face flexibility and ball speed. Golfers should expect a club that delivers maximum distance and forgiveness.


Golfers who suffer from mishits will find the SIM2 Max OS iron to be an excellent addition to their clubs. The clubhead’s oversized size, low and deep placement of the center of gravity and the speedbridge technology combine to provide maximum forgiveness.

Even off-center hits will produce acceptable distances and accuracy. The HYBRAR compression damper and echos damping system also enhance the club’s soft feel, adding to the club’s levels of forgiveness.

Playability and Trajectory

The SIM2 Max OS iron is designed for playability and trajectory consistency. The progressive inverted cone technology and

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket produce a large sweet spot providing consistent launch angles and spin rates.

The club’s draw bias helps straighten out slices and produce more controlled fades or draws based on the golfer’s swing style. Additionally, the clubhead’s low center of gravity provides stable, high-launching trajectories for impressive flights that allow shots to stop quickly on greens.


The SIM2 Max OS iron is a well-constructed club with impressive technology and playability. With its availability and multiple shaft options, golfers of various skill levels can expect to purchase the club that cater best to their needs.

The SIM2 Max OS iron is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness, with impressive playability and trajectory control.

Customizations are also available to ensure that golfers can tailor their clubs to fit their specific needs.

For golfers seeking a well-constructed club with a focus on distance, forgiveness, and playability, the SIM2 Max OS iron is an excellent choice.

Look, Sound & Feel


The SIM2 Max OS iron boasts a sleek and modern design. The club’s silver finish combined with its black and green accents give it a futuristic look in the golf bag.

The SIM2 Max OS iron’s appearance is sure to turn heads on the golf course, especially among golfers who love attention-grabbing clubs. The club’s topline is thinner compared to its predecessor, giving it a sleeker look that appeals to golfers who want a more refined appearance.

Sound and Feel

The SIM2 Max OS iron offers a fantastic sound and feel. When struck correctly, the club produces a satisfying and crisp sound.

The club’s echos damping system enhances the feel of the club, providing a softer and more responsive impact. The club’s large sweet spot and low center of gravity provides excellent feedback and feel, giving golfers a more responsive feel on their shots.

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