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Drive to Perfection: Golf Cart Riding Etiquette and Safety Rules

Golf Cart Riding and Etiquette Rules

Are you planning to tag along with your golfing buddies for a game of golf? Do you want to join in the fun and ride along on a golf cart?

It’s a great way to experience the sport and catch the intriguing picturesque views of the course. Before living out the dream, it’s essential to learn the rules and etiquette of golf cart riding.

Ride Along Rules

As a non-golfer, it is essential to understand the etiquettes when riding along a golf cart. Some clubhouses permit non-golfers to tag along, given they comply with the golf course’s rules and regulations.

Here are some ride-along rules you need to know:

Etiquette: You need to understand the necessary etiquette when on a golf course. You should maintain decorum, stay quiet, and not distract golfers.

Avoid using the phone and smoking while on the golf cart. Do not leave belongings on the golf cart if not needed while riding along.

Costs: Every golf course has its policy and regulations about riding along with a golfer. Some golf courses won’t charge non-golfers an extra fee for riding along, while some will require you to pay an additional fee.

Enquire about the cost and any extra charges before you set out. Permission: As a rule, it’s polite to inquire if you can ride along with a group of golfers and respect the answer.

If it’s not allowed, hanging out at the clubhouse or strolling around is a better option.

Cart Fees and Structures

Understanding the cost and cart fee structure is essential to know before taking a ride on a golf cart. Here are a few fee structures regarding golf cart fees:

Single Fee: Generally, most golf clubs charge a fee for owning or renting a golf cart.

The rider pays a single fee to operate the vehicle for the day. Per Person: Some golf clubs charge a fee per individual riding on the golf cart.

This fee can be lower or higher, depending on the course’s policy and the season. Group of Golfers: In some cases, the golf cart’s fee is a group rate paid by all golfers.

This typically applies to foursomes, which means each player pays one-quarter of the fee.

Golfing Without Playing

It’s possible to visit a golf course without playing, either to enjoy a stroll or watch a professional game. Here are the golf cart etiquette you need to know when not playing;

Walking: If you intend to walk around the golf course, ensure not to get in the way of golfers, interfere with the game course, or distract players.

Stay on pathways designated for pedestrians and keep a safe distance from golfers. Non-golfer fee: Some golf courses don’t permit non-golfers on the course.

But for those that allow visitors to view the course, you’ll have to pay a fee, which is typically less than the fee for riders. Riding along: If you’re not playing but riding along, stick to riding a golf cart and avoid walking onto the golf course.

It’s polite to contribute to the cart fee of the game if you’re riding along with a group of golfers.

Golfing Etiquette and Safety

Golfing Etiquette and safety are crucial aspects of playing golf, especially when using golf carts. Here are some rules to note when riding on a golf cart.

Common Sense Rules

When you are riding on the golf cart, there are common sense rules to follow:

Safety: Safety should be your priority when riding a golf cart. Always fasten your seatbelt, and ensure that the person operating the cart is sober.

Respect: As a rider on a golf cart, respect the golf course and other golfers by not littering or damaging the course. Remember to repair any damages you cause.

Distraction: Avoid distracting your fellow teammates when playing golf. It’s prohibited to use your phone or engage in a conversation when other players are playing.

Concentration: The primary objective of playing golf is to enjoy the game and improve your skills. It’s essential to concentrate while playing, and not distract others when riding on a golf cart.

Course Protection and Regulations

Golf courses have regulations and rules that players must follow, such as the 90-degree rule, staying on cart paths, or avoiding fragile parts of the course. Here are some course protection measures to keep in mind:

Fragile areas: Golf course areas can be sensitive to damage, especially the greens, fairways, or sand traps.

Do not drive a golf cart on these areas or allow your cart or clubs to cause any damage. 90- degree rule: The 90-degree rule is a rule of thumb that helps protect the course.

It means that golf cart operators should only drive on fairways at a right angle to the golf ball’s landing spot. Cart path: Staying on the cart path is the safest and least damaging way to operate a golf cart.

Avoid driving off the designated path unless indicated. Slow Pace: Playing golf is meant to be a relaxing and calming experience, so avoid rushing from one hole to another.

Observe the pace of play and wait for other golfers on the course.


Golf cart Etiquette and safety are essential topics for non-golfers and golfers alike to learn. Understanding the golf cart riding rules, fees, and regulations will help make the experience better for everyone.

Be courteous, mindful, and cautious while operating or riding golf carts, and always adhere to regulations surrounding golf course etiquette. The knowledge and adherence to these rules and regulations will make your golf experience more enjoyable and safer for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are non-golfers allowed to ride golf carts? How much does it cost to rent a cart?

And, what are the club rules surrounding golf cart usage? These are some questions non-golfers often ask.

Here are some frequently asked questions, categorized into subtopics related to golf cart riding and etiquette.

Non-Golfers and Ride Alongs

Non-golfers may want to ride along on a golf cart to spend time with their significant other or enjoy the picturesque golf views. Here are answers to some questions that non-golfers may have:

Q: Can my wife ride on my golf cart?

A: Yes, most golf courses allow non-golfers to ride along with their partners on golf carts. However, it’s essential to check with the golf course about their policies and fees before inviting someone to ride along.

Q: Can I walk with my husband during his round at Pinehurst or Pebble Beach? A: Generally, walking is not permitted at courses like Pinehurst and Pebble Beach.

It’s advisable to contact the course in advance for permission to walk and learn about their walk-along fees or policies. Q: Can non-golfers walk along with the group during the round?

A: Yes, non-golfers can walk along with a group if the golf course has allowed spectators. However, you may be required to pay a fee for walking the course or riding along.

Rules and Fees

Golf cart usage is governed by the golf course’s rules and regulations, with fees that vary from course to course. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions related to fees and rules surrounding golf cart usage:

Q: Do golf courses charge non-golfers a fee for riding along on a golf cart?

A: Yes, some golf courses charge non-golfers a cart fee. It’s advisable to check with the golf course in advance about any extra fees for non-golfers.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a golf cart? A: The cost of renting or owning a golf cart varies from one golf course to another.

Some golf courses charge a single fee for the day for a cart rental, while others may charge per person or per round. It’s best to check with the course beforehand about their policies and prices.

Q: Is there a spectator fee to watch a round of golf? A: It depends on the golf course’s policies.

Some golf courses allow spectators for free, while others may charge a fee for non-players or require a pre-purchased ticket.

Additional Information

Here are some additional questions and answers about golf cart etiquette and usage:

Q: What policies and regulations do golf courses have about riding on golf carts? A: Golf courses have various policies about riding on golf carts.

These policies may include staying on paths, observing the pace of play, and avoiding fragile areas; it’s crucial to observe these rules carefully while riding on golf carts. Q: How does one rent a golf cart?

A: Some golf courses offer rental carts on a first-come, first-serve basis, while others have made advance reservations. Most courses require an adult driver of at least 18 years old to operate the golf cart.

Q: What is a green fee? A: A green fee is the fee charged by a golf course for playing a round of golf.

It includes the cost of using the golf course facilities, staff expenses, and upkeep costs. Q: Why is the pace of play an essential consideration when riding on a golf cart?

A: The pace of play ensures that golfers and other players can complete the game efficiently and enjoyably. Riding on golf carts shouldn’t disrupt the pace of play on the course.

Benefits of Golf Cart Riding

Golf cart riding provides a unique and exciting way to experience the sport, whether as a player or a non-golfer. Here are some advantages and considerations of golf cart riding.


Fun: Golf cart riding is a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed with friends, family, or by oneself. The excitement of riding on a golf cart can be a unique addition to the experience of playing golf.

Social activity: Golf cart riding can be a social activity that connects players and non-golfers alike. It provides an opportunity for people to interact with one another and bond over the sport’s enjoyment and beauty.

Picturesque scenery: Golf courses are known for their beautiful greenery, scenic views, and calm environment. Riding on a golf cart provides an opportunity to enjoy the course’s aesthetic appeal, taking in the beauty of the surroundings and nature.

Quality time: As mentioned, golf cart riding can be an excellent opportunity for players and non-golfers to spend quality time together. It provides an escape from the daily routine and helps create lasting memories.


Club regulations: Before golf cart use, familiarize yourself with the golf club’s regulations. Different golf courses may have various policies about golf cart safety, route restrictions, and usage time.

Group size: When renting a single golf cart, it’s crucial to consider whether to ride along with another person or go solo. It’s essential to adhere to the golf course policies if there are specific requirements regarding group size.

Cart size: Golf courses may provide different sizes of carts, and it’s crucial to adhere to the cart size policies. If you’re renting a golf cart, choose a size that suits your needs, whether you want additional storage space, comfort or mobility.

Golfing activities: Golf cart riding is a unique way to enjoy playing golf, but it’s crucial to consider how much golfing you aim to do on your trip. For example, if you’re playing a casual game, you may want to take your time and soak in the course’s beauty, whereas taking part in a competitive game requires more focused attention.


Assuming that golf cart etiquette and safety knowledge is essential to anyone intending to use them. Familiarizing yourself with the golf course’s regulations, costs, and fee structures is essential for golf cart users.

Non-golfers can join in the fun by taking a ride through courses and witnessing the picturesque beauty golf courses are known for. Golf cart riding, therefore, provides entertaining and enjoyable experiences for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Closing Remarks

Golf cart riding is an excellent way to experience the game of golf and its stunning surroundings. Whether you’re a player or non-golfer, taking a ride on a golf cart provides an exciting and fun way to interact with the game and nature’s beauty.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of golf cart riding and non-golfer participation, as well as details on a valuable resource for golf enthusiasts – TellMeMoreGolf.


Golf cart riding is a unique way to experience the game of golf, from the beautiful scenery to socializing and bonding with others. It provides golfers with a chance to make their round more enjoyable, and for non-golfers, it creates an opportunity to take part in the sport and connect with friends and family.

Enrich your golf experience by including golf cart riding in your rounds. TellMeMoreGolf is an excellent resource for golf enthusiasts and players who seek to learn more about the game.

It provides detailed information on golf courses, fee structures, and policies, as well as other golf-related information that affords players a better golf experience.

Well Wishes

By taking a ride on a golf cart, you can experience the beauty of golf courses’ surroundings and the game’s amazing features. Whether you’re playing competitively or for fun, golf cart riding provides an opportunity to connect with others and create lasting memories.

We hope that you have a great time on the golf course and continue to enjoy the challenging and unforgettable game of golf. In conclusion, golf cart riding provides an entertaining and unique way to experience the game of golf and its stunning surroundings.

Be sure to check with the golf course about their policies and regulations before using a golf cart, as well as take advantage of resources like TellMeMoreGolf for other information about the sport. Enjoy a great golfing experience while taking advantage of every opportunity to ride on a golf cart and soak in the beauty of the game.

In conclusion, golf cart etiquette and safety is an essential aspect of playing golf and riding on golf carts. It’s vital to observe the rules and regulations of golf courses, adhere to the pace of play, and respect the course and other golfers.

Non-golfers can also join in the fun and ride on golf carts, providing an opportunity to connect with others and enjoy the beauty of the game’s surroundings. TellMeMoreGolf can provide valuable resources to complement your golf experience.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

– Can non-golfers ride on golf carts?

Yes, non-golfers can ride on golf carts at most courses, but policies and fees vary.

– How much does it cost to rent a golf cart?

Golf cart rentals vary and could cost a single fee or charge per person or round.

– Can non-golfers walk on a golf course?

Some courses allow non-golfers to walk on courses but may charge a fee.

– How do I ensure my golf cart ride is safe and enjoyable?

Observe the rules and regulations of the course and always prioritize safety and courtesy.

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