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Decoding Golf Cart Battery Indicator Lights: Troubleshooting Tips

Golf Cart Battery Light Troubleshooting

When it comes to golf carts, the indicator lights on the battery can often cause confusion and frustration. Knowing what each symbol means can help you ensure that your golf cart battery is performing at its best, allowing you to enjoy seamless rides around the course.

Indicator Light Codes

Golf cart indicator lights vary in colors and symbols. They communicate the status of your battery to you, usually via the visual display on the cart.

There are several primary keyword(s) that you should be familiar with to understand the codes, including indicators, drained battery symbol, visage, motor controller, charging cable, and power connection. One of the most common symbols to appear is a drained battery symbol with a question mark within it.

This means that your batteries are below your desired voltage range and the motor controller has entered “Sleep Mode.” To resolve this issue, disconnect the battery pack from the motor controller, wait for a few minutes and then reconnect the cables. If the indicator light persists, the batteries are still in a low state of charge.

Another symbol is a black lightning bolt enclosed inside a drained battery symbol. This symbol indicates that the batteries are charging.

Check your charger, power connection, and charging cable to ensure they’re working correctly. If these components are working fine, your battery pack may be the cause of this issue.

If you see a white lightning symbol inside a green battery, that symbol means your battery is operating smoothly. The power connection, battery, and motor controller are functioning above normal requirements.

A full green battery symbol means your battery is fully charged, while a yellow battery with a percentage symbol is indicative of drained batteries or a low power situation. This symbol tells you that your batteries have less than 25% power remaining, and you should consider recharging them.

If you see a red battery symbol with a percentage symbol enclosed within, you’re dealing with an imminent battery failure. The battery charge is down to 10% or less, meaning that you should recharge immediately or replace the batteries as soon as possible.

Finally, an orange bar with a numerical value is indicative of battery voltage levels. Some carts come with a yellow and red light system, while others use this orange bar method to tell you when and how to charge your batteries.

Troubleshooting Flashing Battery Lights

Flashing battery lights can indicate a range of issues, including improper charging, battery cables, installation, underperforming battery, and the battery light flashing when the cart is not running. It is essential to troubleshoot any flashing battery lights as leaving it unaddressed can result in more serious problems.

Improper Charging

Improper charging of your golf cart battery is the most common reason for flashing battery lights. This problem can arise when the battery charge drops below 90%, causing the onboard computer to shut the system down.

When this happens, you can reboot the onboard computer by using a black cable with a minus sign. The FNR switch should also be in the neutral position for this to work, and be sure to go through an equalization charge if this is the case.

Another issue that can occur when charging is the improper connection on the positive side. This problem occurs when battery cables are loosely connected to the battery pack.

If you’re having difficulty charging your battery, it’s essential to check that there are no loose connections.

Improper Battery Installation

New battery installation is prone to issues such as connecting the wrong cables, battery cables that are too short or too long, and uncleaned battery terminals. Age-related battery problems are also common.

If your battery is old, the internal parts might not be working as they did when it was new, resulting in subpar performance.

Underperforming Battery

Finally, an underperforming battery can lead to issues such as flashing battery lights. Old batteries with low voltage will not perform to their maximum capability, and the battery readings will reflect the drop-in voltage.

Battery replacements are typically recommended in cases such as this.


Understanding the indicator codes of your golf cart battery can help to ensure that your battery is always functioning at its peak. With regular maintenance and proper charging techniques, you can keep your golf cart running and performing well for many years to come.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned in this article, you should have no problems keeping your golf cart battery in excellent condition. Battery Light Flashes When the Cart Isn’t Running

Seeing a flashing battery light when your golf cart isn’t running can be concerning.

This issue can cause significant damage to your golf cart’s battery if left unresolved. The reason for this issue is commonly caused by either overcharging the battery or a weak battery.

Fortunately, you can troubleshoot both of these problems and identify the root cause.

Overcharging the Battery

Overcharging your golf cart battery is a common reason for flashing battery lights when your cart isn’t in use. When you overcharge your battery, you run the risk of frying the cells, causing significant damage to it.

Some newer chargers come with safety measures such as an overcharge protection system designed to prevent this type of issue from occurring. However, its still essential to monitor your batteries to ensure that they are not overcharging.

To address this issue, you can start by disconnecting the charger. If you notice any signs of corrosion, replace your charger with a new one.

If the charger is working appropriately, the problem may be with the battery. Disconnect the battery and let it cool before testing its voltage.

If the voltage level is too high, you may need to replace the entire battery or consult with a professional technician for their input.

Weak Battery

Another problem that can cause a flashing battery light is a weak battery. When batteries lose their charge, they tend to become weaker, manifesting in the form of flashing battery lights even when the cart isn’t in use.

To fix this issue, you will need to recharge the battery. However, before recharging, check to ensure that the battery is not depleted beyond repair.

If the battery is significantly depleted, you’ll need to replace it. In case the battery isn’t too low, consider recharging it.

A slow charging process will help the battery regain its charge gradually, but be sure not to overcharge as overcharging can harm the battery as well.


Resetting the Battery Light

If you are noticing constant flashing battery lights on your golf cart, you may need to reset the battery light. This process involves disconnecting the battery cables, waiting for 30 seconds, and then reconnecting them.

Follow these instructions:

1. Turn off the golf cart.

2. Flip the F/R switch to neutral.

3. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first then the positive cable.

4. Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting the cables.

5. Reconnect the positive cable first followed by the negative cable.

This process should reset the battery light. However, if the flashing battery light persists, further investigation is necessary.

Why is My Golf Cart’s Battery Light On? Several factors can cause the battery light to come on, which include low battery voltage, loose connections, faulty chargers, old batteries, or electrical issues such as issues with the motor or controller.

A professional technician can inspect and diagnose the problem for you. If the issue is with the voltage, it could mean that you need to charge or replace your battery.

Loose connections on your wires can also cause battery issues, so ensure that all cables are connected securely. If problems persist, have your golf cart checked by a professional technician, preferably one familiar with golf carts.

Most importantly, remember to keep your batteries charged, and always monitor the indicator lights to ensure that the batteries are not overcharging or underperforming. In conclusion, troubleshoot any battery problems promptly to prevent further damages to your golf cart’s battery system.

Remember to perform regular maintenance and have your cart checked by a professional to ensure optimal performance. In conclusion, understanding the indicator codes and addressing any battery issues promptly is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of your golf cart battery.

Overcharging and weak batteries can cause significant damage, and its vital to troubleshoot any flashing battery lights and resolve them as quickly as possible. To reset the battery light, disconnect the battery cables, wait for 30 seconds, and then reconnect them.

Its recommended to consult with a professional if you experience persistent battery issues. Remember to keep your batteries charged and perform regular maintenance, and your golf cart will have a long and reliable life.


Q: How do I reset the battery light? A: Disconnect the battery cables, wait for 30 seconds, and then reconnect them.

Q: What causes overcharging, and how do I fix it? A: Overcharging can damage your battery by frying its cells.

You can fix it by disconnecting the charger and testing the battery’s voltage. Q: What should I do if my battery is weak?

A: If the battery is significantly depleted, replace it. If not, then recharge the battery slowly to regain its charge gradually.

Q: Why is my golf cart battery light on? A: Your battery light could be on due to low voltage, loose connections, faulty chargers, old batteries, or electrical issues.

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