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Choosing the Best Golf Bag for Your Game: A Comprehensive Guide

Golf bags are essential for any golfer, regardless of their skill level. They come in various styles, sizes, and features that cater to different golfers’ needs.

A good golf bag will not only protect your clubs but also help you carry them around the course with ease. In this article, we will explore different styles of golf bags, single strap vs.

double strap, weight distribution, and the comfort of the double strap configuration. We will also delve into types of golf bags that are commonly used.

By the end of this article, you’ll be better equipped with the knowledge to choose a golf bag that suits your needs.

Styles of Golf Bags

Golf bags come in four main styles – carry bags, stand bags, cart bags, and staff bags. The type of bag you choose is dependent on how you will be carrying your clubs on the course.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are lightweight and easy to carry with a single strap. They have minimal space, so they are ideal for a golfer who prefers to carry only a few clubs.

Carry bags are great for a quick trip to the driving range or a few holes after work.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are similar to carry bags but have an additional feature – they have legs that pop out to stand on the course. Stand bags are great for golfers who like to walk the course and desire a bag that stands on its own.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are larger and less portable, and they are designed to be used when riding a golf cart. They provide ample space for all of your clubs and accessories.

They have multiple pockets that are easily accessible, making them ideal for golfers who carry many accessories.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are the biggest and heaviest type of golf bag. They are commonly used by professionals and their caddies.

Staff bags are designed for a caddy to carry on their back, which provides maximum comfort for the golfer. Single Strap vs.

Double Strap

Golf bags come with either a single or double strap. Most golfers prefer a double strap which is more comfortable and provides an ergonomic distribution of weight on your back and shoulders.

However, some golfers prefer a single strap because it allows them to wear the bag over their hip, which feels more comfortable to some.

Distribution of Weight

When purchasing a golf bag, it’s important to think about weight distribution. A balanced weight distribution will ensure your clubs and accessories are evenly distributed, making the bag more comfortable to carry.

You may also want to consider the bag’s design, ensuring that there is enough padding to prevent the clubs from rubbing together or damaging each other.

Comfort of Double Strap Configuration

A double strap configuration is more comfortable for most golfers, and the adjustable backplate ensures that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed. The backplate can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of golfers.

The double strap configuration distributes the weight of the bag evenly, which reduces the strain on your shoulders and back. Types of Golf Bags

Carry Bags

Carry bags typically weigh between 2-4 pounds and can carry up to 14 clubs. They have a single strap that you can wear over your shoulder.

They come in various colors and designs and are available at a reasonable price.

Stand Bags

Stand bags have support legs that allow the bag to stand upright on the course. They also have a double strap configuration, which makes them more comfortable to carry.

Stand bags are lightweight, and most bags have 1-2 pounds. They come in different colors & designs.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed for use on a golf cart. They are larger and have more pockets to accommodate more accessories.

They come in different colors and designs.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are large and provide ample space for golfers with many clubs. They are also heavy; when filled with clubs and accessories, they can weigh up to 45 pounds.

They are designed to be carried by caddies, who provide maximum comfort for the golfer. Caddies’ Preference

Most caddies prefer to use staff bags because of the weight distribution and ample space.

They can easily carry all of the necessary equipment. Staff bags are also considered a symbol of prestige and are commonly used by professionals on the PGA tour.


A great golf bag is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. It can help reduce the stress of carrying clubs around the course, protect your clubs, and ensure you have everything you need for a great round of golf.

In this article, we have explored the different styles of golf bags, single strap vs. double strap configurations, weight distribution, and the comfort of double strap configurations.

We have also discussed the different types of golf bags and the preference of caddies. By understanding the different types of golf bags, you can decide which one is best for your needs.

3) Double Strap Golf Bag

Double strap golf bags offer more comfort and support for golfers carrying their clubs and accessories around the course. They are designed to provide an even distribution of weight across the golfer’s body, and the backpack-like design ensures the clubs are in an angled position.

In this section, we’ll explore the features and functionality of double strap golf bags, how they are worn and carried, and their overall comfort and ergonomics.

Features and Functionality

Double strap golf bags come with several features designed to make them more functional and enjoyable for golfers. For starters, they have a backpack-like design, which ensures that the load is evenly distributed across the golfer’s back.

They also have multiple compartments and pockets to hold clubs, balls, tees, and other accessories. In addition, double strap bags come with adjustable straps that allow golfers to customize the fit and angle of the bag.

Effective adjustment of the bag helps golfers experience maximum comfort while carrying the bag around the course. Additionally, most of these bags have zippers and rain hoods that protect the bag from the elements, ensuring that the clubs are safe from water and sun damage.

Wearing and Carrying

The double strap configuration provides a more comfortable option for carrying clubs. Unlike single strap bags that place all the load of the bag on one shoulder, double strap bags distribute the weight more evenly over both shoulders.

Moreover, some bags have lower back support, which ensures that the bag experiences an even load distribution on the upper and lower back. When wearing a double strap golf bag, make sure to adjust the straps so that the bag’s weight is centered on your lower back.

In this position, you can walk comfortably around the course without getting too fatigued. You can also use the straps to angle the bag and ensure the heads of your clubs are in the appropriate angled position.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Comfort is a crucial aspect when it comes to selecting the right golf bag. Double strap golf bags are designed to spread the load of the bag over the golfer’s shoulders and back muscles, reducing the strain on the muscles and preventing muscle fatigue.

The even weight distribution ensures that golfers can walk the course without any discomfort. Furthermore, double strap bags come with an adjustable back plate that can increase or reduce the load by changing the angle of the bag.

This feature is particularly important for golfers that carry a lot of accessories, ensuring that weight is distributed evenly across the back muscles. Overall, double strap golf bags provide a high level of comfort and support, making them the ideal choice for golfers who love to walk the course.

4) Golf Bag Styles

There are four main styles of golf bags – carry bags, stand bags, cart bags, and staff bags. Each type of golf bag has its design and functionality, making it important to understand their individual features and benefits when choosing the right bag for the course.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are minimalist bags designed for golfers that prefer to carry a few clubs around with them on the course. They are lightweight, usually weighing between 2-4 pounds, and this makes it easy for golfers to carry them around.

They are also commonly referred to as “Sunday bags.” As their name suggests, they are best suited for casual Sunday golf outings.

Stand Bags

Stand bags, also known as “golf stand bags,” are versatile golf bags that stand independently on the course. They have retractable legs that come out from underneath the bag base, holding the bag at a 45-degree angle.

This angle makes it easier to locate the club that you need to use when getting ready for your shot. Stand bags are lighter than cart bags but have more space than carry bags.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed to be used on a golf cart. They have more storage space than stand and carry bags, making them suitable for golfers who carry more clubs and accessories.

They have a flat base that allows them to sit securely on a cart so that they can be easily accessed. Cart bags are ideal for golfers who do not want to carry around their clubs but prefer to ride in a cart when playing.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are luxury golf bags designed with premium materials and often seen being used on the PGA tour. They are heavy and large, with plenty of storage space for golfers who carry multiple clubs and accessories.

They typically have single straps, which makes them uncomfortable to carry around for extended periods. Staff bags are the largest and heaviest bags available in the market and are typically used by caddies during competition.


Choosing the right golf bag is an important decision for any golfer. The bag should be comfortable, functional, and fit the golfer’s specific needs.

When considering which style of bag to purchase, it’s important to understand the features and benefits of each type. Double strap bags provide superior ergonomics and weight distribution, while the different types of bags each serve specific purposes, depending on whether you’ll be walking or riding on the course.

Take the time to research and find the appropriate bags for your golfing needs and preferences.

5) Tips and Suggestions

When it comes to golf, choosing the right golf bag is just as important as selecting the right clubs. Your golf bag is essentially your companion on the course, and it’s essential to select one that suits your preferred method of play.

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you choose the perfect golf bag, the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a bag, and some club caddy etiquette tips.

Choose the Right Golf Bag

There is a wide range of golf bags available on the market today, each with its unique features and benefits. Choosing the right bag is paramount to ensure that you have all the necessary clubs and accessories at hand while not impeding your game.

When selecting a golf bag, consider your preferred method of play – walking or riding the course. If you prefer walking, a carry bag or stand bag is your best bet since they are lightweight and easy to carry around the course.

If you plan to ride the course, a cart bag is suitable because it has more storage space, making it a great option for golfers who like to bring along more accessories.

Considerations for Choosing a Bag

When choosing a golf bag, weight distribution is crucial. A good golf bag should have even weight distribution to make it more comfortable to carry around the course.

Golfers who wish to carry their bags should choose lightweight bags to avoid straining their back and shoulder muscles. With inadequate weight distribution, support becomes an issue, and you might have to take a break in between holes.

Club Caddy Etiquette

If you have a personal club caddy, it is important to be considerate of them. Here are some etiquette tips to observe when it comes to club caddy support:

Emptying The Golf Bag

At the end of your game, ensure that you empty the golf bag of all clubs and accessories. This simple gesture reduces the weight of the bag, making it easier for the caddy to store it.

An empty golf bag is also easier to clean and maintain.

Be Considerate

Always be considerate of how much weight you are asking your caddy to carry around the course. A full golf bag, coupled with other accessories, can be incredibly heavy and strenuous to carry around.

In conclusion, choosing the right golf bag is a key consideration for any golfer. Consider your preferred method of play, weight distribution, and the amount of space and pockets in the bag when making a selection.

And if you have a personal club caddy, it’s important to be considerate of them to ensure an enjoyable golfing experience for everyone involved. In conclusion, selecting the right golf bag is crucial for any golfer as it can impact your game’s comfort and functionality.

Options range from lightweight carry bags to larger cart bags and luxurious staff bags, and double-strap designs offer better support and comfort regardless of the chosen style. It is also important to consider the weight distribution, especially when carrying it around the course, and to show consideration for caddies for a positive golfing experience.

In summary, taking time to research, evaluate options, and make an informed choice of a golf bag can help improve performance, prevent fatigue, and enhance the overall golfing experience. FAQs:


What are the most common types of golf bags? Answer: The most commonly used golf bag types are carry bags, stand bags, cart bags, and staff bags.

2. What are the advantages of a double strap golf bag?

Answer: Double strap golf bags offer better weight distribution across the body and even load support, which can reduce muscle fatigue and provide the angle positions of your clubs. 3.

What should I consider when choosing a golf bag? Answer: When choosing a golf bag, it is important to consider the preferred method of play, weight distribution, and additional factors such as pockets, zippers, and material quality.

4. What is club caddy etiquette?

Answer: Club caddy etiquette involves being considerate of your caddy, such as emptying the golf bag and being mindful of the weight they carry around the course.

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