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Callaway Apex CF 16 Iron: The Perfect Combination of Control and Forgiveness

Callaway Apex CF 16 Iron: The Forged Iron that Balances Control and


As golfers progress in their game, they tend to look for irons that can deliver distance, accuracy, workability, and feel simultaneously. Callaway understands this demand and has produced the Apex CF 16, a foraging iron that caters to better players and game-improvement players alike.

In this article, we’ll delve into the features and characteristics of the Apex CF 16, its pros and cons, and finally, recommend the best places to buy it online.

Overview of Callaway Apex CF 16 Iron

The Apex CF 16 is a forged iron, which means that its club head is made from a single piece of metal that is heated and pounded into shape, resulting in a more precise and consistent club. Forging is a more traditional approach to manufacturing clubs, but it is preferred by better players because it delivers a better feel and greater control.

One of the most outstanding features of the Apex CF 16 is the weight distribution. The club’s perimeter weighting and tungsten inserts in the sole increase the forgiveness of off-center shots, while the center of gravity is located behind the sweet spot to enhance ball speed and launch.

The CF 16 has a progressive design, meaning that it has different constructions in different irons. This design manner allows for optimized launch and spin rates, balancing the control and forgiveness of any golfer’s game.

The Apex CF 16’s face has Callaway’s proprietary 360 Face Cup technology that provides higher ball speeds across the face, giving you more distance even on miss-hits. The face is also thinner in the long irons, providing more flexibility and launch, while it is thicker in the short irons, providing a better feel and more control.

Pros and Cons

Before deciding on a club, it is essential to consider both the pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of the Apex CF 16:


Distance: The 360 Face Cup technology of the Apex CF 16 produces high ball speeds, resulting in greater distance, particularly on miss-hits.

Forgiveness: The Perimeter weighting and tungsten inserts provide increased forgiveness across the face. Workability: The Apex CF 16 has a balanced construction that caters to players of all levels, from those seeking a draw-biased club to others who want maximum workability for fades and draws.

Sound/Feel: Forged irons offer a better feel and sound than cast irons, and this club fits the bill. The forged construction gives a satisfying sensation and auditory feedback that many golfers find rewarding.


Expensive: The Apex CF 16 is a premium club that comes with a hefty price tag that not all golfers will be willing to pay. Recommended for/Sales Channels

The Apex CF 16 is suitable for golfers who prioritize feel and control while also seeking some forgiveness.

It is a club that combines the features of both better-player and game-improvement irons, meeting the needs of a wide range of golfers. If you’re in the market for the Apex CF 16, there are several online retailers where you can purchase it.

We recommend checking out Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Golf Galaxy, as they offer some of the best prices and customer support.

Quick Verdict

The Callaway Apex CF 16 is a great option for golfers looking for a forged iron that can provide distance, workability, feel, and control. Its 360 Face Cup technology, tungsten inserts, and perimeter weighting all work together to deliver the best possible performance.

While the Apex CF 16 is on the pricey side, it is worth the investment for golfers who value quality and consistency in their game. So if you are looking for a club that can deliver durability, accuracy, and forgiveness all in one, then the Apex CF 16 should be at the top of your list.

Apex CF 16 Iron Review: What Customers and Critics Are Saying

Buying a new set of irons can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re investing a significant amount of money. To make sure you’re making the right choice, it’s essential to look at what customers and critics are saying about the product.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most useful customer and critic reviews of the Apex CF 16 irons.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customers who have purchased the Apex CF 16 irons are thrilled with their performance. The club’s feel and forgiveness are often cited as the standout features, and most of the reviews praise the clubs’ distance and playability.

One golfer writes, “I bought these irons a few weeks ago, and they’re a game-changer. These are the most forgiving irons I’ve ever played.

I’m able to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before.”

Another customer adds, “Since purchasing these irons my ball flight seems to be higher. The ball hits the green and sticks with a soft landing.

The clubs look amazing and have a very soft buttery feel.”

However, some customers did mention price as a downside. One customer notes, “Yes, the price is steep, but they are worth every penny.

These will be in my bag for many years to come.”

The Apex CF 16 irons have an overwhelmingly positive customer rating, with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars from the customer reviews on the Callaway website.

Critic Reviews

Professional reviewers have also had a lot of good things to say about the Apex CF 16 irons. One of the most highly-regarded features of these clubs is the Face Cup technology, which gives the clubface a greater area to flex and generates more ball speed on off-center hits.

According to Golf Digest, the Cup 360 technology gives the Apex CF 16s an impressive COR (coefficient of restitution) that produces higher ball speeds across the face. The cup shape is deeper in the long irons to enhance the spring-like effect on the face and thinner in the short irons to allow for greater control.

The Progressive Trait design is also praised, which features varying sole width, offset, center of gravity, and tungsten inserts in the long irons. This design provides a higher launch angle and more forgiveness in the long irons, and better compactness and control in the mid and short irons, resulting in an overall consistent trajectory.

The multi-piece engineering and forged construction that is used to make the CF 16 also received praise from reviewers. A unique engineered face plate is bonded to the clubhead, allowing for better weight distribution, increased distance, and consistent performance across the face.

The 1025 mild carbon steel and advanced forging process provide a powerful strike with a soft but responsive feel.

Stock Info

The Callaway Apex CF 16 irons come with two stock shaft options: True Temper XP 95 in steel or UST Mamiya Recoil 760/780 in graphite. Both shafts have good quality and offer a smooth and responsive feel.

However, additional shaft options are available to fit any golfer’s swing speed, and preferred feel and flexibility. Some popular options include KBS Tour, Project X, Nippon Modus, and Dynamic Gold, just to mention a few.

The Apex CF 16 irons come in both right and left-handed configurations, and a 4 through PW set is also available.

Final Thoughts

Overall, customers and critics agree that the Callaway Apex CF 16 irons are a top-performing set of irons. The Face Cup technology, Progressive Trait design, and multi-piece construction all contribute to the clubs’ forgiveness, distance, and accuracy.

While the price may be a deterrent for some golfers, those who choose the Apex CF 16 irons will see their investment pay off in better performance on the course. With so many positive reviews and Callaway’s reputation for quality, these irons are worth considering for any serious golfer looking for a premium iron set.

The Apex CF 16 Irons: Unmatched Performance, Feel and Control

The Callaway Apex CF 16 irons are an excellent choice for golfers who demand superior performance in their iron set. These clubs provide players with high ball speed, forgiveness and consistent shot-making ability that they can count on.

Let’s take a closer look at the Apex CF 16 irons’ performance in terms of distance, forgiveness, trajectory, playability, and the club’s look, sound and feel.



One of the most noticeable features of the Apex CF 16 irons is the hot face and strong lofts that generate significant ball speed that can help golfers get more distance. The Cup 360 technology used in these irons helps the clubface flex more across the face, even on mild to moderate mis-hits, reducing distance loss for more consistent yardage.

Reviewers have noted that the CF 16 irons produce a high and stable ball flight that travels efficiently through the air, even on windy days, providing golfers with consistent ball flight that they can trust.


Golfers looking for more forgiveness in their iron set are likely to be pleased with the Apex CF 16’s Face Cup technology. This innovative technology, which is used in the irons’ construction, enlarges the sweetspot which makes the club more forgiving.

Even on slightly askew hits, the ball can still travel straight and far.


The Apex CF 16 irons deliver a more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air and produces additional rollout on the green. This shot shape is also useful in the wind, where the ball’s lower trajectory and resulting roll can make a substantial difference in distance and accuracy.


The CF 16 irons offer a balanced combination of control, workability, and playability for competent golfers who want the best of both worlds. The club’s construction and design cater to players’ unique needs, with long irons providing greater forgiveness and a higher launch, while mid and short irons offer enhanced playability and ball control.

This balance gives players confidence, improved ball flight trajectories, and the ability to shape shots in any golfing situation.

Look, Sound, and Feel


The Apex CF 16’s design is a hybrid with a classic blade style but includes a slight offset, which looks good at address and offers a balance between blade and game improvement. Its top line thickness is relatively thin, which is appealing to golfers who prefer traditional-looking irons.

The brushed chrome finish adds a touch of elegance and class, which enhances the premium feel. Sound & Feel

Forged irons give golfers a more premium sound and feel, and the Apex CF 16 iron set is no exception.

Golfers often describe forging as a buttery and smooth feeling, which translates to a crisp and satisfying sound at impact. The engineered face plate technology used in the irons’ construction ensures consistency and better control that carries throughout the iron set.

Final Thoughts

The Apex CF 16 irons are engineered to meet the needs of golfers who are looking for a premium iron set that delivers performance, feel, and looks. The Apex CF 16 iron set delivers magnificently on all counts, providing consistent performances with high forgiveness, accurate distance, and a penetrating ball flight.

It has the workability to cater to various players, from beginners to advanced. The design aesthetics, including the Hybrid design, brushed chrome finish, thin top line, and offset, give the clubs a traditional look.

It is no secret that the Apex CF 16 irons have premium sound and feel, further adding to their impressive overall quality. In conclusion, this set of clubs is an excellent choice for experienced golfers seeking unparalleled quality, control, and consistent results.

Conclusion: Apex CF 16 Irons – A Great Investment for Golfers of All Levels

For many golfers, finding an iron set that delivers top quality performance, forgiveness, and feel is essential. Fortunately, the Apex CF 16 irons meet those criteria and more.

With its face cup technology, progressive design, multi-piece construction, and premium look and feel, the CF 16 set is an outstanding choice for golfers of all levels.

Performance Summary

The Apex CF 16 irons provide golfers confidence-inspiring results. The hot face and strong lofts of the irons generate high ball speeds, allowing the ball to travel greater distances with less effort without compromising control.

Golfers also experience great forgiveness with the Face Cup technology across the clubface, even on mild to moderate mis-hits. The Apex CF 16 irons deliver a more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air, resulting in a balanced trajectory that adds extra yardages on greens.

The workability and playability of the irons cater to golfers of all skill levels, with long irons offering reliability and consistency in launch, mid-irons providing versatility in distances and shot shape, and short irons delivering precisely targeted shots with outstanding control. The set’s design is not only visually striking, but it also provides significant benefits in terms of feel and control.

The club’s overall engineered construction allows golfers to shape shots at will, enhancing their overall game. The premium feel and sound of the Apex CF 16 irons are unquestionably luxurious and reassuring, making these irons some of the best on the market today.

Final Thoughts

The Callaway Apex CF 16 irons are constructed with quality materials and top of the line craftsmanship that delivers consistent, reliable performance across the entire set. These irons are not only visually appealing but also have great playability, offering golfers of all levels the opportunity to elevate their game to the next level.

The combination of forgiveness, distance, feel, workability and playability make the Apex CF 16 irons an excellent investment for golfers who seek exceptional performance from their golf equipment. The CF 16 irons’ hybrid design, brushed chrome finish, and diamond details are a nod to the classic Blade design, yet the slightly offset feature symbolizes and focuses on modern technology that perfects and satisfies the modern player.

The Apex CF 16 irons are a perfect combination of traditional design and innovative engineering. In conclusion, the Apex CF 16 irons are an excellent choice for golfers seeking top quality irons that are forgiving, deliver distance, have a great look and feel, and are versatile and consistent.

Callaway has once again delivered an impressive product worthy of every golfers consideration. The Callaway Apex CF 16 irons are an outstanding choice for golfers who want a premium iron set that balances playability, workability, and forgiveness.

The multi-piece construction and innovative Face Cup technology generate great ball speed, distance, and a penetrating ball trajectory. Additionally, the iron set offers a classic blade design with modern technology that results in a great look and feel.

With different shaft options and configurations available, golfers of all levels can find the perfect fit for their game. One final thought: investing in high-quality golf equipment can result in a substantial and positive difference in the overall golfing experience.


Q: What is the Apex CF 16 iron set’s standout feature? A: The Face Cup technology used in the set’s construction is the primary standout feature, providing golfers with increased forgiveness and

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